Tsunami hits without warning in Indonesia, at least 222 killed

more than 200 people have now been
confirmed dead after a tsunami struck Indonesian coastlines over the weekend
it happened in the dead of night as well for more on this tragic story and other
news from around the world let’s turn to our no I dam so Adam just walk us
through the latest well are these tsunami struck coastal towns on the
islands of Sumatra and Java on Saturday almost without warning it is believed to
have been triggered by the infamous anak Krakatau volcano it’s volcanic activity
is thought to have set off under seen landslides which in turn generated the
deadly waves at least 220 people have been killed hundreds are injured and a
couple dozen people are still missing officials fear the death toll could also
rise hundreds of homes and other buildings have been heavily damaged and
thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate to higher ground they have
also been warned to stay away from coastal areas such as beaches amid fears
the volcano could trigger new tsunamis it was the second a deadly tsunami to
hit Indonesia this year but the one in September was accompanied by a powerful
earthquake that gained presidents a brief warning before the waves struck
there was no seismic activity before Saturday’s tsunami catching many people
off guard rescue workers meanwhile are desperately looking for any possible
survivors but their access to affected areas is being blocked by fallen debris

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