tsunami nuclear bomb russia. Military

russia tests poseidon nuclear torpedoes
contribute deadly tsunamis Russia included Poseidon in the list of new
sophisticated weapons taken from the name of the sea god in Greek mythology
Poseidon is a long-range submersible torpedo that can travel underwater at
high speed because it is powered by a mini nuclear reactor ok buddy
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Tuesday the 25th of December 2018 Poseidon previously dub status 6 or
Canyon was officially announced the development in March 2018 along with a
number of other Moscow weapon systems in the future the aim is to counter the
development of anti-ballistic missile technology by the United States
according to Russian Defense Ministry sources quoted by task Poseidon is
currently undergoing underwater trials as part of its development the Poseidon
drone nuclear propulsion system is currently being tested in a sea area
that is protected from surveillance by the opposing party the source said the
opponents he meant were the United States and its allies in NATO the source
added that Poseidon was taken to the test site by a nuclear-powered submarine
owned by the Russian Navy the torpedo development project is expected to be
completed before 2027 even though it is still in the development stage Poseidon
has triggered many people’s worries that said the weapon could trigger a tsunami
as quoted from the British website expressed co uk Poseidon is reportedly
armed with conventional weapons and nuclear warheads totaling 100 megatons
Vladimir Putin who called the drone a fantastic weapon said that Poseidon
traveled under the sea to a speed of 70 knots without sound according to experts
his silent maneuvering underwater meant that Poseidon could sneak close to shore
and then trigger destruction experts also say the type of underwater
explosion release could trigger a tsunami whose strength is equivalent to
the 2011 Japan tsunami which killed 10,000 people there is also concerned
that nuclear torpedoes can catapult sediment into the air producing a deadly
radioactive dust cloud Rex Richardson a physicist told Business
Insider that nuclear weapons placed at a distance of 20 meters to 50 meters near
the coast can certainly trigger enough energy to match the effects of the 2011
tsunami maybe even much greater Los Angeles or San Diego will be very
vulnerable to Falls because of the prevailing land wind patterns there he
said meanwhile former US State Department senior adviser Christian
Witten acknowledged that such an explosion would
create a very radiant wave however for fox news he said it was far worse
affected by a multi Megaton nuclear explosion than waves caused by nuclear
weapons the cost Witten explained that water can absorb a lot of power created
by such explosions meanwhile as quoted by British media Mirror Russia’s
sophisticated weapons are claimed to be able to trigger a super tsunami the
plane was published in an article in a tabloid that discussed military problems
in Russia according to the publication Russia has the ability to blow up mounts
Nara fell circle in Iceland with thermonuclear weapons an explosion in
the 4470 four foot high mountain will have an impact on the creation of a
tsunami which is said to be able to hit the US capital of Washington DC okay guys that’s information about
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