Tsunami Preparedness Preparing Your Emergency Kit

An evacuation kit should contain those items that you feel are necessary to sustain you for 24 hours. A kit is very basic: a small first aid kit, medications you or your family might need in 24-hour period, food such as granola bars, bottles of water. Remember, this may be something you have to carry on your back. You don’t want to pack it too heavy: maybe a space blanket – one of those little silver aluminum blankets. That kind of thing. Possibly if you have kids, a change of clothes, diapers. Every family needs to think this over carefully and make plans that are suitable specifically for their family. It’s very difficult to create an emergency kit that serves everybody, because everybody is at different stages in their life and has different needs. The only other thing I would say is that if you are elderly, or have elderly neighbors or mobility impaired folks in your neighborhood, I’d ask that you get in touch with your neighbors. Find out if there’s some way you can assist them by having what they need at your home, or assist them in the process of evacuation.

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