Tsunami Rips thru Japan, Possible Nuclear Crisis

Hello internet it is the Friday show and what I want to talk about to today is the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan this morning. Now the earthquake alone did a ton of damage by itself. And the resulting aftershocks that were as strong as 7.0 did that damage too. But the reason there is such a crisis in Japan right now is the resulting tsunami from the earthquake some sources saying 13 foot waves some sources saying 30 foot waves. These waves rush to the shore of Japan, resulting in this sort of damage. And it’s hard to even describe what’s happening in this video. Those things that are on fire that looks small are boats! You even see driving and fleeing the city that’s about to be wiped out by the tsunami and there’s tons of raw TV footage flying around on the web right now many people Japan waiting to be rescued. Reports are coming in that there are hundreds bodies being washed up on shore. A specific story about a ship with a hundred people that was just swept away. And probably the most terrifying things is that a nuclear facility in Japan, has been unable to cool down because of the earthquake. There was a rumor earlier that there was a leak in the nuclear facility but that turned out to not be true. But what has actually happened is 28,000 people have been evacuated because the nuclear facility has been unable to cool down The quake triggered a power failure and then the back up generators didn’t work which means that right now the nuclear facility can not get the water in there to cool it down. Japanese officals saying that they are on a heightened alert and they’ve evacuated everyone in a nearby area. But the story doesn’t just end with Japan. The tsunami is travelling at 500 miles an hour across the ocean, which is kind of terrifying if you think of a 6 foot to 15 foot wave moving at the speed of a jetliner. And warnings even some evacutions have been made for Hawaii and western United States. I’m making this video as a the first waves are hitting Hawaii and they don’t seen that big. Hopefully they stay that way, though it could change in the next two hours Oregon and a few other places in the United States are beginning to evacuate people in small areas, specifically lower evelation areas. And when you see something of this magnitude there’s not really not much to say. This morning there was a hashtag pray for Japan and that’s what everyone kept saying pray for Japan, keep Japan in your thoughts and that’s true. And also hoping that the worst is over and of course if you do want to help disaster relief in any way you can, the Red Cross specifically taking donations as of now to go directly to this. So if you can give, I say do give. If you can’t give please just raise awareness for it, though I’m sure many people are going to know about this. You know, I can’t help but think the only reason I knew about this, this morning and the only reason I woke up this morning was my Mom called me because she didn’t know I was out here in Austin Texas for SXSW SXSW She thought I was still at my place in Venice and she called me crying and she just wanted make sure I was was safe and she didn’t believe me at first because she thought I was just lying to make her feel better that I was still actually there but that I didn’t want her to know and I thought “Wow! it’s these terrible things that that make people cherish what they have um it’s these terrible things that make people um I don’t know, human.” And… it mad me sad think this morning in whatever language, um… where ever in the world, some people made that call and no one answered. And that’s what sticks in my mind when I think of this and uh I don’t know I hope it sticks like that in your mind as well. um There’s no giveaway or anything today because I feel like that would be in bad taste and uh I don’t know people in Japan and everyone affected, you are in my thoughts and uh uh I yeah I I hope for the uh the best where ever you are.

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  1. @Optimus754 I'm not trying to be on any high horse here, as I said I am just stunned by you're lack of compassion. Yes, I do honestly think other countries would help us, and no I'm not asking or telling you to send money to the relief effort, I am asking you to at least be civil. I respect your opinion, I ask that you respect that I dislike it, and I ask that you respect those who have been effected by this terrible event.

  2. What you said really connected with me…I was crying by the end because what you said is really true and heartfelt. The situation in Japan is painful to watch, let alone experience.

  3. Wow, Phil. You're right, though. I can't imagine how many worried mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters made that call to a loved one, only to have no one answer. It's heartbreaking, the distruction that the world that protects us and keeps us alive can dole out so unsuspectingly. My thoughts go out to Japan, and all the family members that made the unanswered call.

  4. When I first heard about the tsunami, it was during Spring Break and I got the text while I was literally on a beach…..in Florida. So even though I was safe, I kept imagining, as I looked out into the Gulf of Mexico, a giant wave racing towards land and how terrifying that would be to actually witness. To know that in about two minutes you will be engulfed with water and you won't make it. It was 80 degrees outside and I was shivering…

  5. wow, such a serious video, totally had that moment where u could really feel ur emotions… thank you for ur words! I have a lot of friends in Japan, thankfully they're ok, but my friends' families are affected by the nuclear crisis, and one friend hasn't heard from her family from Sendai, the place that was directly hit by the tsunami… thanks

  6. my thoughts and prayers go out to those in japan especially those brave people trying to fix what they can and putting their lives on the line for others. its amazing to see such heroism.

  7. You know how he has had the lottery contests in past videos and you have to like and favorite to be in that? Well I'm not really big on entering the lottery, but after seeing this video, I liked it and added it to my favorites because it touched my heart. Thank you Phil, and pray for Japan.

  8. @jaj5138 i'm assuming 997 people felt the aftershock and missed the like button.

    not that i think a dislike or a like means anything to a video, but for a serious matter like this, if you have the twisted mind to dislike this intentionally, than by golly god, i hope the rest of your life is a living hell and that you will never see the light, and live the suffering of these people, and when your problem airs, we'll all be here to dislike it.

  9. I'm in Tokyo. The quake was big here but we were all fine. However, there has been so much going on that to be honest, I haven't really watched much youtube since 3/11. It's only really now that I am going back through my RSS to see what vids people made at the time.

    Sxephil is the first channel I ever subscribed to on YT and inspired me to start my own channel. I always thought he made good vids, but I really appreciate this one more than any other. Allow me to proudly fave it.


  10. You could tell that when Phillip mentioned the phone call with his Mum that he really did not want to continue this video…….. but he did.

    This is not a kudos to Phill, more a Kudos to Mankind. This shit hits us all in some ways.

    Phill, you're a good man, love ya for it. Keep them coming.

  11. @moronplanet why would you think it is even smart to say he's ignorant on a video where he's speaking in remorse? You're the only ignorant one here and whatever country you're from…you're a poor example of them and I wouldn't want you representing my country if I were them

  12. @haroonfunny94 Why would she think he was in danger though if she thought he was in Venice CA?

  13. "no one answered" just hearing phil say that gave me chills; my heart goes out to japan, and to all of those people who couldn't hear their loved ones voice one more time.

  14. @XxNostroxX we need to start a fb groop or something of that sort on the interner to get this guy his own tv show

    Check my other posted Prophecies from 700 Club Asia
    Just TYPE 700 Club Asia then find Prophecy page 2 you will find Earthquake 9 & Nuclear Explosion,Tsunami before it happens its been posted.
    Thanks & God Bless!
    Prophecy from Church of Jesus Christ The Lord & Savior!

    Check my other posted Prophecies from 700 Club Asia
    Just TYPE 700 Club Asia then find Prophecy page 2 you will find Earthquake 9 & Nuclear Explosion,Tsunami before it happens its been posted.
    Thanks & God Bless!
    Prophecy from Church of Jesus Christ The Lord & Savior!

  17. @XxNostroxX i made an account, just to Like your comment. – what a down to earth guy!

  18. I've been working my way backwards through your videos. Each one was fucking hilarious. I got to this one and was immediately sobered. I have so much respect for you.

  19. my uncle died in that tsunami… it's a serious thing and it's still going on. I hear ya phill

  20. i always feel bad when i see this video in my favorites, with a headline like that :/

  21. for some reason, seeing phil go for so long without a cut, seeing all of his "um"s and "uh"s, and watching him turn off the camera was really really touching.

    like a lot of other people have said, it was good to see your sensitive side. thanks for this.

  22. @jaj5138 что этот больной чувак доказывает?

  23. Nemesis : from the Greek mythology, it means Divine Justice and its for the thousands dolphins and whales that you have killed…

  24. My favorite of all his videos even though its not funny, its real.

  25. Wow the ending made my hairs stand on end nice to see some raw emotion in a news broadcast.

  26. I love how he ended this video. It really stood with me and shows a side of him he's not yet shown or that I've seen. And @TheZaurchik who are you talking to??

  27. 大きな悲しみ私たちはあなたと七面鳥の私の愛を聞いて

  28. @rustygrtom If they got this just cause of a few fucking dolphins….then I can't imagine what some other countries will have to face when their Nemesis arrives….

  29. Thank you so much for making this video, I've only recently left Japan to go to a boarding school in the UK and some of my friends are unfortunately leaving Japan permanently. It's heart wrenching because even if you haven't lost your immediate family and friends there is always someone nearby whose livelihood has been destroyed. My friend lost her grandparents to the tsunami in Fukushima and to think that there are many experiencing the same tragedy is awful. Arigato 🙂

  30. I just watched this video today, May 28th, because I realized I hadn't when it was put out and I wanted to hear what you had to say about it.
    When you mentioned the call from your mother I had to stop the video and let my mind wrap around that thought. Because I got a similar call, from my own parents on Skype, asking if I was okay, because I was in Japan when the earthquake hit, three hours from the epicenter.
    Thank you for this video Phil, and reminding everyone to cherish loved ones.

  31. @thebigplop ever think their not ads but just pictures saying to donate?

  32. @thebigplop well i have ad-blocker and if thats true then he is kinda a douche bag.

  33. @Magykei I was about to go off on thebigplop for being a dumbass but i think the way you said it was much better. Thank you for not being stupid

  34. gosh, it got really silent and serious real quick. that last comment really stick to my mind thanks phil for reminding how fortunate many of us are.

  35. It is pretty tasteless that the Next Video is "Olivia Munn & Hot Asians". One second your feeling really sad about all the tragedy and the video that pops up next ruins it all. Just my opinion.

  36. @valdemarsc you fucking loser, how much much did you do for japan huh? did you donate a heap of your income like phil did? could you even see the emotion he put into this video? bloody hell their are some stupid people on this site

  37. @ZekeZeke80 You're a prejudice idiot. No one deserves to have their home wrecked like this.

  38. @gust3r3u1 I see no ads, but even if I did, I see no reason to begrudge Phil for them. This channel is part of how he makes his living.

  39. @ZekeZeke80 Yeah maybe the Japanese people during the WW did those things, but what these tsunami victims do to deserve such " treatment ".. It's like saying GERMANY IS EVIL THEY HAD NAZIS! NO! The Nazis were evil not German people in general..

  40. i was watching this i started crying at the end god y u make me cry phililp defranco

  41. thank you phil. i know it's been several months since you made that video (obviously) – but i still wanted to tell. (;_;) i was in sendai during that time and i think it's great that seemingly unrelated people – like you and many others – were paying attention, raising awareness and helping from the other side of the world. although the video also made me remember stuff i try not to think off most of the time .. o.O

  42. @ZekeZeke80 This was all done by the Japanese military. The men, women, children, innocent civilians who lived in Hiroshima and Nagasaki never deserved to get hurt at all. I doubt the children in Japan bayoneted, beheaded, or raped the Chinese in Nanking. Why should you even mention the nuclear attack done by America in this video anyways, the Japanese did nothing wrong at all for 66 years. How dare you complain about Japan's racism when you are obviously no better.

  43. @ZekeZeke80 They DESERVED to get nuked? Did hundreds of thousands of people DESERVE to die? Did little kids (Including my grandmother) DESERVE to get shot at by american planes on their way to SCHOOL? Did Tokyo DESERVE to get fire-bombed? World War II was a terrible time, and all countries did bad things.

  44. @ZekeZeke80 not Chinese idiot Japanese go get an education before you start humiliating
    yourself with your ignorant mouth

  45. @ZekeZeke80 obviously if they're terrible people, they would have done something terribly wrong in the last 66 years right? oh wait, they havent… Do you feel no sympathy for anything? You're a sad sap…

  46. I remember that day so clearly. I remember about to leave for school when I got a phone call from my mother sobbing. Half of my family lives in Japan and I have many friends there too. I was lucky enough that no one I knew got hurt, but this was very emotional to me and my family.

  47. @ZekeZeke80 bastards like you are the reason that there are wars and stupid conflicts. My grandfather in Japan was forced in the military where he has horrible stories about what it was like. If you could just think about being just 18 and being forced into a war, maybe you wouldn't be close so close minded

  48. Your closing statement definitely stuck. It's been over a year since you uploaded this video, but disaster happen around the world all the time and I think this will always be true – there are people suffering, and to remain uninvolved is careless because before you know it those people scattered and suffering could be the people YOU love. Beautiful sentiment, Phil. Thank you.

  49. Me too, and I've been watching him for years. I re-watch this from time to time. His closing statement about no one answering gives me chills every single time.

  50. wishing death upon a person who just doesn't understand? I think you may want to reconsider your application of your hypocritical insult.

  51. I agree that that other guy was a jerk, but please don't say you know what Rape is like…it is horrible. I have been through it and don't wish it on my worst enemy. I know you were just upset with what that one guy said and I agree with you, but please don't compare one trauma/tragedy to another as they are both horrendous. That's like comparing Cancer to Aids…they are both terrible in different ways….

  52. I'm really sorry about that…..you're right. Traumatic events can't be compared. In the end it's a loss for everyone. No matter what side you're on, we're still people. We need to show some respect for the people who lost their lives in events like this.

  53. It's ok hun and that guy was a jerk so I totally see why you got upset. Some people are just dumb and ignorant and that one guy clearly doesn't have a brain or a heart. I know you didn't mean what you said about the rape thing and were just trying to make a point to that idiot guy :-D.

  54. Thank you 🙂 Yeah..people like him frustrate me a lot…I'm sorry again.

  55. i am japanese. ur a fucking idiot. although i live and love america we have plenty of things we are not proud of that we have done in our past. UGLY THINGS ex.slavery,segregation,atomic bobmbs,etc.every country has things theyre not proud of. that happened to be japans.what happened to japanese civilians is SAD to people with a soul. nobody deserves that to happen to them. those people were innocent. those things done were government choices. so just shut the fuck up so we can make world peace

  56. This show was so tasteful and respectful for the time. You could look back on this and be very glad you acted this way.

  57. This is true, I am Japanese too, people need to accept horrible things happen to everyone, and not just one nation.

  58. I looked at your facial expressions at the end of this video and I can't help but cry. Phil, you are a great person and you care about everybody else when a lot of people don't and I just wanted to say you bring back hope for me in the human race. <3 Please keep the news going.

  59. Phil, you are easily said as one of the sweetest, kind and caring people I have ever seen. Faith in humanity has been restored a little :')

  60. Finally saw this video after two years. Didn't see it when it came out because I was there in Japan. I lost power, water, and gas and huddled in the cold as the aftershocks hit time and time again. I was one of the lucky ones to actually get a hold of my family in the US (somehow got a cell phone signal at 4 in the morning). Your words in this video meant a lot me. I do consider myself one of the lucky ones. Thanks for making this video.

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