Tsunami Soundcar Decoder installation ExactRail UP Trinity 64 TRINCool PH I Reefer Part 2

pretty cool it’s come on yeah works ok no kidding hi there this is a key some of you guys know me as a crazy Russian with DC train store in cincinnati ohio so today I’m back to twitch also and the reason i’ll tell you in the second I need to fix couple things the reason when I’m broadcasting on twitch great on youtube by restream okay it just generates generic broadcast or whatever and no name and I have to adjust everything so I’m supposed to be starting like 20 minutes ago but I didn’t do it for a long time means on both platforms the reason i’ll tell you right now just one thing I want to check so we should be good cruising yeah it’s working on that on twitch at school and their creative streaming creative electronics i’ll check that later so i have a chat room open you just go to our stream break now on the YouTube okay right there good and be on the watch page yes and I just need a lower resolution in your tap yes so today I’m going to do part to continue that tsunami tsunami sound car okay that’s very started project because i have a lot of questions you ask me about how it’s working it’s supposed to be working very well because we sold by themselves kinds of those cars means from mom ethnic believe so yes yeah geniuses they did it and they did it very good they did boot alright one thing I want to check that should do it yeah i don’t think so i need a really broadcast here i’ll just go to youtube looks like it’s working yeah i’m not expecting anybody cuz that guy’s schedule change a little bit so about which I connect with some internal create creative team at which ask them to create maybe ask too much but that’s what i did that community for model trains and I thought I will invite my youtube bodies and everything but I’m broadcasting under electronics and sometimes it’s not really like me and silly mostly stuff I’m doing with electronics of course but anyway people coming to twitchin see that model trains under trying skype of both work also asked for skill modeling I have more more people we can broadcast together like do like a bridge from famous scale models you know nothing well today I got survey from twitch asking i don’t know what why they even get it to me because I’m not lately active on twitch why I’m not broadcasting it from creative team so if you guys watching me again from creative team team on twitch please create community for me i will bring more people because what I’m doing right now it’sit’s model trains its electronics that model change so mostly people figure out the in electronics but they far away from model trains ok they maybe even not thinking about your trunks and model change but it’s big deal for us ok so model trains community on twitch and scale modeling if it’s not too much trouble please alright so here we go happy new year hopefully you’ve got very good new year celebration I get good one I almost slipped over the that Christmas at christmas new year stuff but I i got it so finally which is go 1 144 alright so i tried to do those broadcasts on wednesday at eleven-thirty closer to make it in between like 1130 and midnight eastern standard time right now ok so it’s really good for gays in their West Coast because it’s only nine but i hope i will get more viewers from from there one thing i want to check and should be good yeah just real quick on twitch and we’ll we’ll get started right away our house which putting me in that electronic computer electronics community alright so I believe you have tons of projects on your plate with the new layouts guess whatever you’re doing it’s probably a lot of fun I i got couple of installations a lot of you guys asking me about Thomas with the sound I just don’t want to make something and quick i’m still fighting with the better speaker ok so the sound will be better quality crispier it’s good now but I want to put bigger speaker that that’s my goal alright let me check one thing real quick if you have questions about that installation go ahead and ask me if you have a questions about something else means multi-chain related obviously you’re welcome to my new cooking channel in English 88 AK boost barbecue in a crazy russian state channel for my Russian speaking friends your subscribers alright so one thing we coming but that’s should be ok oh no it’s good alright let’s see my processor on the computer very fast i think the whole thing just getting it slow yeah so I’m going to check that community three people three live events so yeah no kidding right so some interesting stuff but will focusing on our stuff ok so good time where am i warm up a little bit the first time I’m doing that car I don’t think so arm what they did they did the smaller or refers but that’s a big one in its exact trail okay i don’t think so i were open like exact real before so how you opening me get my gloves because it’s white them nice and clean I’m not sure what’s the customer and doing for the customer so i’m not sure what what customers are going to do it may be whether put some graffiti today actually at the store we saw I so like Rob start that rail stream thing and it was great I think it was something like referred to with like extremely good graffiti really piece of art so what we have here so yeah you can touch here it’s not big deal so I took the roof you can watch the previous video ok and what I’m going to do I’m going to put that speaker that’s what i’m going to do today not really mounting this because i need to do more holes but and I don’t think so I really hard to hear we’ll see so I want to just test the corner today with the speaker from I’m doing sorry logitech camera come on Alex yeah so those speakers from Bobby railmaster hobbies ok and you didn’t miss much case with the video i think i make like four holes here right inputs mount speaker against that wall so it will be able to heat the the sound coming from that area looks like really air conditioning working so you like me or air conditioning unit that’s the idea so that took me awhile to figure out because I’m thinking about like a couple of different projects at the same time and that’s what I’m I kind of God so today we going to assemble speaker real quick and just get the speaker’s no no we will just use the color test it see how it’s working just here assembled real quick and if i have time depends how long it takes will output those wires because i just finished webcamera what camera i just finished video camera wireless video camera with the N scale and then take the and going to take the video where’s my yes those too I got extra just in case okay two things the West this is so far the best way I already talked about why a sparky me and what’s going on i’m good how are you tried to use different trucks equipped like exactly exactly exactly my goodness holidays horizon ethin right and actually they’re great and what’s the other one rail engineering of a those are good but they not painted I can paint them that’s fine but they don’t have those unique numbers as i told you before we can look again it’s so cool so the number on the hopes the number on the car i think it that camera here from see that’s the number on the car and the same number on the truck that’s cool alright Sparky man schedule is actually on about about like youtube on my youtube schedule over there gay so it’s I tried my best wednesday evenings Saturday morning Saturday morning and saturday evening for model trains ok can be changed a little bit for but that’s what we’re doing the little bit problem with that which means if I’m boy going to do on both platforms i really cannot announce it so that’s the trick anyway let me disconnect that from camera you okay and switch the logitech yet get rid of that alright so cool Oh check double-check one yes so out of focus mmm do that save yes sometimes autofocus working sometimes when them pretty like lightning situation change it’s changed to so we like on fixed-focus one more time i’m using a real master hobby speaker and time to get it out so tsunami sound car i have like three sets will just take 1 i’m very positive it should work because it will be two pickups two wheels on one side and two wheels on the other side ok so power and if it’s has a big gaps or something the truck is not super good you know you guys want you putting track you need to put it very well ok so then you don’t need extra money to spend on all those fancy-schmancy cat current keepers and all that jazz is that just me I understand when when layouts built hopefully it’s right Oh populates right housing but we’ll figure out something ya understand when layouts built from different modules and stuff over the years yes that’s fine but if you’re building like from scratch you know put your track like good it should be good I’m not going to go or doing create which I just put it assembled like simple on the go yeah that’s how it’s going that’s how it’s doing yeah yeah because i think i need to work a little bit more clean it or whatever usually I don’t remember i’m using those speakers a lot ya think i’m right that’s only one way to do yeah this way looks like is so I assembled but again long time ago usually i’m using those big ones with the subwoofer but that should be working very good to think let me see what I’m doing that’s not correct thousand actually yeah that’s it something like that I’ll double-check but for testing purposes we should do it hi Mexico hello Mexico excellent thank you for coming days i’m back onto which so if you like prefer to watch him to which that which is at a crazy Russian yes some people just like to which better I don’t know why and and vice versa too yeah it’s not going fully assembly down but that’s ok we just use it to gift sound good little bit cool clear just like that that’s fine okay my friend i’m not sure if he’s going to invite me to his he he born in and his parents definitely from Mexico but oh so there hello so there where is it sometimes crazy stuff happening on my workbench now come on my man should do yeah you can you can grab it to just look around here by I wash my hands like twice before i start even working on it today brilliant so anyway we might go to Mexico for wedding when also have my no idea they just got my friend proposed so it’s cool all right now because I i I’m moved my with the different my new soldering station of course a a xfer gotta move it at not begin alright let’s open the guy here so obviously should be big deal from here keep these guys together and go and that will do it I definitely need more shelving stuff so i can put my extra step because at the store it’s almost identical set up but I have another desk near me like a huge twice longer but the other one here is it’s a little bit different so obviously speakers let me turn another night that should be better obviously speakers for more and pickups or black and red Zemo decoders they have oh interesting interesting wire so tsunami-like make everything new that’s that reminds me type of that’s good but very hard to have to take it out that should do it for today i have a different Clippers for the wear here we go and I just got my fingernails years we’re just doing my fingernails cutting it app but the better insulation some different vinyl very slick extra stuff don’t need it when I’m going to install of course i will cut the wires much sure okay do you all some decoders for all cars need the address for DC and they do work with DC layout this is that what we’re going to figure out case because with all my installations and stuff Rob installed few of them okay he just installed and give it to the customer and that’s it so I don’t think so i’m going to cover it today and I have a quote and I have another question from Facebook I need the answer also i don’t have the answer right now but definitely goes out figure out okay and we’ll test it all she want and because looks like it has a function’s output again I’m like with you that’s what the reason I’m doing those live broadcast on stuff i don’t know and I’m with guys learning with you okay usually usually those the quarters working with them and just need to move the car on the other side click careful here yeah what it was like here we go yes they supposed to be but again you need like food not food juice but a lot of power at least at least 8 to 10 volts so that that sound system start working you know if not it just will be making candles play clicking noises you know like broken speaker stuff or like broking output yeah the address okay so you can put here go that’s the answer yeah I thought about it yeah that’s that’s the point so you can control them exactly but again guys I’m learning with you and you can put on concerts that’s even better see I’m sound guy for the locomotives but that’s a additional Stefan campaign was kind of wacky ok that’s fine for testing purposes we should be good should be good interesting interesting where’s very interesting add spider ok yes so you need the kind of maybe twist it around finger like this then pull it because if you pull it you can rip that part i’m not sure if it’s going to work yeah it’s oh man very tough tough tough it’s ok we have good to kind of in angle trip it or I have another 1i have like small player especially with with the diameter for like smaller where it’s kind of very unusual if it gets good quality like overkill the installation part man oh man yeah and that and that plastic it’s not like shrinking you know some cheap wires you know you touch it with a soldering gun in that the whole thing just to all right what is your opinion on is you like sound select sound recorders only only only only good opinion some stuff they recorded new ok some stuff they synthesized are synthesized or something so for particular locomotive especially for steam alright selecting train control system but again I like just back EMF and the bunch of features of the ESU it my personal opinion case ok what’s too much oh yeah that’s the deal and just get need to get my other strippers on stripper 21 yeah rock mentioned something about those but mostly in sculpt just boards you know too so they’re not hardwired guys that the new york i mean the economic but whatever boards the they have yeah maybe even older I don’t remember guys mostly I’m i’m using lately i did couple of installations with them TCS Wiles who could actually for steam so i will probably suggest start with them you can listen everything start with key if it’s team start with pcs ok and then you can go and then check the other ones ok so what we need we need to connect my oh I know words hold on this one sick not sure if what’s the name radioshack still selling them but those are great just drink many crocodiles so I saw they’re like why like this with them mark on one where so I know if it’s I need to plus or minus i can still from the transformer or whatever yeah extension let’s test it unfortunately i don’t have my DC transformer here but we sold last one so i brought my pic to the store that was really funny somebody is some guy just like oh I needed for Christmas trees I’m something like this yeah we’re always in trouble schedule buying up thing that it’s good one alright so we have here system here the voltage should be shooting out good up just connecting it right here has some kind of white noise right now it should be under address three i believe so but obviously yes it’s alright so one should be test you know that’s one function too short Bell short whistle it’s online he was some AC that speaker has a lot of bass you can hear pretty cool so nine here so what so i actually use my shift I’m using Rock oh ok that was 14 13 15 16 17 18 19 and 20 Rocco has the the small command station up to 20 functions anyway hello from Russia Nikolai restrictions that are our video on the DC trained in English sir so welcome to come to my channel in Russian a key crazy russian that’s very nice it’s not super loud supposed to be the same sees so I can I can I know what to do next time i’m going to hook it up to the computer with Jim RI and just go the whole shebang okay I have to go all right hunter my man thanks for coming uh-huh i see thanks have a good one man come back on saturday for art pardesi pardesi yes we’re doing our GC that’s really cool i don’t want to put it in the car yet means even to test it i know it will be like because this is great speaker i will use another speaker for testing purposes ok sorry the we’re right on your way gays it’s okay uh-huh shuts off automatically so it was like what three something minutes that’s cool that’s cool all right no I’m very happy with this I think I’m in the mood for how long and broadcasting let me check anybody Oh start again nice nice nice nice 37-minute something ok i just show you what i’m doing in with the one truck okay done perfect very nice unfortunately I cannot use a lot of music sometimes I’m listening a lot of guys music but youtube crazy about copyright music and stuff so some get right give me advice like putting the Russian music i think i got like immediately for something and you probably check the creative common license however every time so let’s not do it okay Mia tronix bars led bars I think good idea to bring a little bit closer let’s go it’s cool it’s cool here we go can I just reduce it yes your logic is good so those wires its special special kind of bronze bronze with something else in it it’s very it’s not almost like not accident it’sit’s good spring you know at the same time it’s like very sturdy i should say yes so the they selling with those LEDs bars for them cars like lights in the course and this site that’s how it’s done ok that’s it pretty much ok let’s see what’s the other angle will do on phone camera yeah has a little bit delay it’s like for clothes are you okay like that one part the other part so i’m i’m going to benefit here a little bit let’s go to the logitech so I’m going to bend just barely hear I have an extra always because i don’t know why but I had they putting maybe like extra what I have like maybe 20 of them extra because I did a lot of those cars installations so I’m thinking a little bit here painting a little bit here to on the truck and not on that bar ok so make it nice and i think i think not sure again it’s all projects from scratch case and I’d like to think before i messing up actually yeah that will do it so I’m banking group flying chapstick bending here so that make straight bending around here and finishing right there ok how I’m doing it I’m doing it very easy the band actually when i’m going to put the that part here that raw ok it will be pretty much position so with the pliers event it over just that almost at the end and that’s it it will still be rolling very well yeah they were all very well and then i can just them with the players they have different players so i’m using a lot of Swiss Army knife surprise surprise those flyers on believable quality and I have that knife long time and it’s important shape stainless steel ok so i have just standard premier players they’re very very cool good quality too I went through my tools before I think we can do it again it’s no big deal and those are actually for each metal it’s the media also but they very strong in that they not super like they kind of expensive but again i have another one with the longer like noses or whatever so here we go take that out ok then I just everything by I I’m current kind of measuring around here i may be messed up with the in scale car i just did with the camera I I screwed up but i still i use only one broad and fix it because the N scale was like twice smaller you know so why I then I have those guys okay those are very inexpensive like Pakistan something it’s not like brand or anything just so bring like that the center of the actually the top of the axle will be almost the same nickel Peter but again i can add it i can adjust it after I’m done anything moving here the other 1i will do just eight identical put together and make it make it you may be like that okay the diameter is also by close enough maybe a little bit bigger like that make sure its parallel not part of like that think straight vertically right one more thing measuring and again i have feel them not big deal frame as messes up maybe just a little bit if you’re doing it every day it’s very easy ok so I kind of holding it and now I’m thinking it over here like that I’m not done that’s what it is right now I want to see how it looks like okay it looks good it looks so good alright well i’m not gonna make that fancy shmancy the end of it ok my hand will be just simple like that and i am going to unbend to cut it here unbent it so i can put it on the truck and get it done get it done all looks good for this and using all their players which is a destroy a little bit i got almost to the end of the nose or whatever it is and now that damage done and i’m using i’m using for everything but there is nothing to break and here anymore at your day like that up done see I think I have the other part i think i can make it from that piece ok so just going to assemble it for you guys because the second one I’m not to make right now I just show you one not wasting wasting a lot of time you know so oh yeah I need to bend in the middle just a little bit both side I symmetrical like that for that bar something like that up that’s completed product ok and again it will pick up a good contact because I i know i did a lot of them armed what what what you can do you can take one wheel and actually install it okay see how it goes trucks very nice very nice next next the other one you need to be careful not putting those pickups against the plastic insert here ok so that’s good oh that’s plastic insert not good that’s the other part up see knife I put it here and just so good so good yes perfect almost perfect lets assembled and i will do adjustment of the stream broadcast okay here we go that’s one the those trucks good plastic is good exact real i don’t know what they going to do in the future are they really going to bring dealers back or whatever but you guys DC train here we go see that’s the back bc train is ready done that’s it so to make a little bit seat I just need to play with the players here to make those wheels free yeah that’s maybe a little bit tough so I need them and then this guy is good this is just a little bit too much so those nice the catching kids i think i’m going to install keep-alive is that current keeper and keeping forgetting sorry but days if Miss here ago yeah oh yeah good so probably the advantage just a little bit back hearing out yeah that’s that’s that’s perfect okay if you guys have a questions I am I ready to answer few if not we’re wrapping up that’s all good that’s good turns very nice so here we go it’s probably too late for east coast but it’s only is it 9 930 at the west coast ok looks sounds good let me check one thing know if we should be good spicy but Nikolai thanks hunter sparking my man yo gbg 39 42 for Mexico excellent i’m and i can wait to come a call hopefully he he will invite us to the wedding hour or sometimes we I never been to Mexico so anyway guys cool cool cool saturday morning rdc rdc review we’ll hook it up here put it understand run all sounds whatever i will do definitely one installation is done I test that sound what’s the name of it tsunami sound car for you will just go through all mostly old cds what major main series i will do some learning for myself so I’m not going to waste your time guys okay it’s cool it’s cool cool quote i need to bend it over a little bit just a little bit okay that will be all for today thanks for coming and have a good one bye

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