Tsunami Store interview with Jacky Garcia, anime products, Doramas, choco pie and more

Hi, Nice to meet you! My name is Jackeline Garcia I’m the owner of Tsunami Store and So Sweet. How did you come up with the idea of an Asian product store? The idea came up because of one my daughters; her name is Tsunami. She is my oldest one. His dad and I were anime fans. There was this time where we visited an anime event and there was only one store. Hence, the idea started to emerge; we thought we like this! So we started researching about the products; how to get the products to Nicaragua because it was really difficult back then. We started 10 years ago and it was really hard to ship things here. Nowadays, there are so many different options to get products here In the beginning, it was hard, we only had Naruto headband. People tagged us as the Narutos because we only sold products related to this anime. Since customers were requesting more from us, we started to look for other series and mangas. They were asking for Bleach or another series. So every time clients requested for things, were would search on the web about the anime; what it was about and so on. We had to watch the anime because you cannot only sell the product. You cannot just simply sell a product. You have to know about the product that you are selling to the customer. That is one of the particularities of the store because people go to our store and you’re not lost. You tell us what you want and we explain you about it; specially, if it is a gift. Sometimes, people want to get their friend a gift and they tell us, we want X, but I have no idea about it. But, their friend, they want to give it to wants exactly that. So there we guide them through it. You won’t be lost! Since it is easier to bring products to the country, how long does it take get it here? J: If it comes by plane, it’s 15 days and if it’s by ship it is 30 days. Before, it took as long as three or even four months. Was there a time where you had a negative experience with customers due to a delay? Yes! In fact, it tends to happen that in our order, we have one missing product that we actually ordered. So, we do have new clients and they get angry because of this type of issues. We solve it in a way that the client doesn’t leave with a sour taste. We give them a plus in our service in exchange of what he/she ordered. For example, if there is a delay in the order, we give them a gift in exchange. However, some clients don’t wish to wait for their products and we give them a full refund. Our purchases have insurance, so you will not lose you money. Even if the product doesn’t arrive on time, we’ll either do a refund or give you a different product The client will never lose How is the demand for Asian products in Nic? I mean, you been in this for 10 years now. Ten years ago… Let me tell you, ten years ago, people wouldn’t give one dime for a Dorama. Speaking of asians, we also include Doramas I’m a Doramaniac! In the beginning, they would tell me: why do you like those Chinese? And I was like, they are Koreans not Chinese! I’m telling 8 years ago, I started watching Doramas and no one knew about it. I was actually the first one to bring t-shirts of each Dorama to an event. People were like ah.. C: They were like what is this? J: So, I started to explain them about it… Nowadays, there are more stores that sell not only this type of products, but also K-Pop. For me it was very touching to see this because I liked this from years ago and not it is the trending topic. It is kind of scary to think about it because everyone knows who BTS and Big bang are. Before, people would ask me: How is Big bang?… My favorite band is Big bang Please, listen to them! 😀 C: Orielka is full Bigbang!!! 😀 J: You’re VIP!
O: yes, I’m VIP Yes, my favorite band is Big Bang What is you best selling product? My best selling product now? C: yes J: K-pop, everything related to K-pop …and Korean and Japanese candies, Snacks are very important Thai candies coming soon Now, in the K-pop festival If you didn’t watch this video, I’m going to put it in here I saw had the Japan Crate, tell me about it! For that one, we have the subscription, it’s $38 a month. There’s a premium and a standard box. The premium box is completely full and has more than 25 candy bags. 100% Japanese candies! How does the subscription process work with your store? You come to the store…We have two different boxes, Japan Crate & Snack Japan. We have two different boxes We take credit card and money transfers or deposits. What snack could you recommend us? J: Korean? C: both (korean or Japanese) I would recommend the choco pie…It is super yummy I can eat a full box of choco pie (12 bags) watching Doramas. One interesting point about the store is that we have a snack testing day for free when we get new products We choose a day randomly to give away soju, for example. We only sell soju to adults So, the days we get new products, we do the testing with customers. (soju or snacks) For example, we have corn candies. This are Thai candies Last Saturday, we did the activity C: are those the ones in a square plate? J: No We did the tasting and we run out of candies the same day they are really yummy. It was a success because clients already ordered theirs. There are people who say, ah it’s the same as maruchan… No, they are two different flavors So I tell them, that I can prepare the maruchan and the ramen… Trust me, they are two different things Same applies to candies, their flavors are different to our candies Recently (02 June), we were in another festival with the people from BTS army Nicaragua. We were one of the stores sponsoring the event and the stores were right at the entrance. Ten years and it hasn’t been easy! It has been really hard. Two years ago it became more popular. Before, I had to put from my own money to keep the store going (pay the rent, keep new products in stock) I was a young girl. Now, I’m a 30 something woman. In the beginning, I was into the rock style, then punk. Then, I didn’t like that and I liked pop. I think it is a phase that every girl has to go through, There are parents who buy products for their kids but they make them feel bad about it first. I’m not saying that parents have to give everything to their children because you’ll turn them into spoil kids. But, as a parent you can tell them: ok, you like x like my daughter… My daughter is 14 years old and she is a huge BTS fan. She sings and I give a space in the house to do so. On Saturdays, the living room is her stage. Her siblings watch her perform. I’m not going to take that away from her because she enjoys doing those things So parents sometimes come here and first they say something mean to the kids and then they buy them the gifts. I’m there like.. oh sir have patient… Sometimes, I have a talk with parents. I try to explain to them about this world There are many clients that stay with us because of our particular customer service. It isn’t only buying the product and bye! If you can interact with clients so they can buy what their kids want and let them know that their kids aren’t into dangerous things. It’s nice to be knowledgeable abour your products so you can share that experience to the clients There was this mother; she was picky, She would stay like 5 steps away from the store One day, I encouraged her to try some korean snacks… they’re so yummy The lady is now a top client. If we run out of her fave snack, I have to order it just for her xd One has to be 5050 with your kids. Patient and don’t just let them like whatever You have to understand what you son/daughter likes. You have to be informed about what they do. Then, you can give them a proper advice You have to always listen to them, as well I hope you enjoy this interview We are going back inside to buy the snacks Orielka might go for the soju… We have to see if we don’t lose her at midnight xd J: Let me tell you something curious about soju.. it hits you fast but it goes away easily.. But, you have to mixed it with something else… otherwise, it will hit you hard You know the recommendations!!! We have to see if Orielka follows them hahaha xd Otherwise, I’ll lose her today xd

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  1. Muy buen video (: yo solo quiero mis chapitas de BTS 🤭🤭

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