Tsunami Stories: Khun Paradee – Thailand

I remember it was around 10 o’clock. My sister called to ask if I had heard about a big wave in Patong… taking the cars to the sea, and I said I had not heard anything. When I finished talking with her, I saw all the water around my office… and many people saying a big wave is coming. I saw the tourists run out with blood all over them. At that time I was really shocked because I did not know where my husband was, or my son… But after 5 or 10 minutes I found them and we were OK. We were together. We tried to get up the hill to safety, but we did not really know what was happening. After the tsunami, the thing that makes me
sad is that I have lost five friends, five friends, my neighbour and also tourists, who came to my travel agency every day. They often came to my office to make a call to England and I really remember their faces. They also did not survive, so I am missing
some people. This is really sad for me… Fo five years I have worked with the Finnish Red Cross. I feel very proud to work with them… Because they always come to help our country. In the worst hit place – Phang Nga – they provided nine ambulances. These helped to get patients to the hospitals very quickly. Before the tsunami I didn’t know how to swim properly. Today I am confident even in deep water… because I have taken a swimming course with the Finnish Red Cross. The people of Phang Nga and Phuket are better prepared and know… that if something like the tsunami happens again, we must get to a place of safety as quickly as possible. We should not stop to get anything from the house or any assets, because our lives are most important. We can just build those kind of things again when our life goes on.

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  1. My heart breaks every time I hear a tsunami story all I pray for is let there be a tsunami warning in the future

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