Tsunami Stories: Mohamed Yoosuf, Maldives

I suddenly saw the water on the horizon being whipped up violently. I had no idea what was going on. The sea flooded in so quickly. At that point I heard an extremely loud noise. It sounded like the crunch of dried leaves when you step on them. It was really unusual. And when I looked properly, the water had risen to a good 14 feet. There were times when I could barely breathe. But I couldn’t do anything. I had these two children, clinging on to me. I found gaps in the walls and made my way along… by holding on to them, like a bat flying from tree to tree, I made my way to my house. I was exhausted. For 48 hours, I didn’t have a morsel of food. I didn’t feel like eating, not until I got to see my wife and daughter. By God’s grace, my wife was safe and had returned. We went to Guraidhoo to the children. I can truly say that that was the happiest moment in my life, seeing my four children. Because I couldn’t find any work on the island, now I have started fishing. It is giving a good income. If we can go every day, we might even get six to ten thousand rufiyaa per week for everyone in the boat. The tsunami was the biggest catastrophe we have faced in our lifetime in the Maldives. But we may face bigger natural disasters in the future. But being ready for a disaster? What can we do? I’m not really sure, but the government and organisations like the Red Cross can make people more aware of how to be prepared. That can be useful to everyone.

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  1. I was wondering what happened to the Maldives during the tsunami

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