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Hey, hello friends! Whoops! Oh no!
I guess that’s a tsunami! Come, let me tell you all about it. Zoom In! Tsunamis are caused by sudden movements
of the ocean floor, due to earthquakes.. ..landslides on the sea floor.. ..land slumping into the ocean.. ..large volcanic erruptions.. ..or a meteorite crash on the ocean floor. When an earthquake, a landslide or
a volcanic erruption.. ..occurs on the sea or ocean bed
a vertical jolt is created. Which displaces the bed and causes
extreme tension in water. The water is pushed upwards but
gravity tries to pull it down. This causes an upsurge in the water levels. And the waves start moving
away from the point of tension. Tsunamis are barely felt as a
ripple on the ocean surface.. ..as the water is quite deep. But, as and when those waves reach the land,
the water becomes shallower. And the waves constantly increase in height. They hit the shore and oh my,
cause a lot of destruction. It is said the first wave of a
tsunami is not the strongest. But the successive waves are
bigger and stronger. And tsunamis can travel at a speed of
about 500 miles per hour. Which is almost as fast as a jet plane. And that’s why, tsunami waves
are called killer waves. Deadly, isn’t it? Trivia Time! Did you know, that a tsunami wave can
be less than 30cms in height.. ..and can pass of unnoticed? If you get stuck in a tsunami
don’t swim.. ..becuse the currents will pull you in
the opposite direction. Just hold onto a floating
object and be safe. So here’s the deal, go watch this video to
know more about earthquakes. After all, that’s one of the major
causes of a tsunami. This is me zooming out! Tune in next time for more fun facts.

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