Tsunami Trail Deer Valley | first 2 runs on a big flow trail in Utah

Oh! All right, we’re cruising up the lift and we’ve got Tom and (Oh, remind me of your name) [Ashley] Tom and Ashley and Bryan, and we are having so much fun, so Deer Valley, yea! We’re good. Ok, you gotta pedal hard into the first one OKAm I behind you? Do you wanna go behind him or… After the first one, unless we have the wind in our face (which maybe we do) you’ll have to feather a little bit brake feather? Yea On the second one, but the first one go as fast as you can? First one as fast as you can, second all out, everything after that feather except the brake bumps [ready?] I’m not at all nervous [don’t be] Oh shoot! Tsunami! OH! Oh, K Oh! Dang, OK! I forgot to feather that Oh yea! Dang! Whoooo! Heck yea! [Did you get them?] Ohhhhhh! That was so fun! You weren’t kidding, that first one has to be a five figure effort Yea I cased the first one but I sent it a little deep on the rest All right, pedal hard through here and keep as much a speed as you can K, pedal as hard as we can as hard as you can Oh! My knee!!! shoot! my knee popped Oh! Cased! Holy cow my knee popped Oh that scared… Oh shoot! You all right? [ Yea] Rider down, rider down! Rider down, shoot You ok? Yea, I’m good. Dude, my knee popped on that first one [ did it? ] My knee popped out of place, yea wow, I overshot Oh, bad! Brake bumps uhhh wow gotta carry way more speed through that oh shoot! Yea, I need a little more speed on that last little part Fun! way fun! All right, Zach’s gonna follow-cam me, so hope it’s not too bad lemme wipe that lens real quick that’s us, but let’s hang for a sec Tsunami! wow! I tried to time it on the last one… I nose manualled in… I saw one that you got… I sent it way deep on that second one I tried to time it after the second one (because you had more speed going in) so that we were in the air at the same time hopefully it took, I don’t know [whatever] definitely need a tuneup hang a right you good? when I need to get more speed I drop it, but it keeps dropping the chain woo, my shock is toasty! all right, cool, thanks, should we keep going? Yea, I’ll follow you, go you ok? Yea arm pump bad just the arm pump is so bad right now [woo!]

12 thoughts on “Tsunami Trail Deer Valley | first 2 runs on a big flow trail in Utah

  1. You were catching some serious air there! That looked really fun! Hope your knee will be better. Do you need surgery on it?
    I've done one trail out there last year. Really wanted to try more trails. Unfortunately, recent events have made it that so I probably won't be able to afford going there. ?

  2. Tom still rides dirt! Dang, that looks fun. I'm going to turn my kids into groms and take them to DV this next week.

  3. Yes! So good! Sad I didn't make it. Way to throw some style into those jumps on the only the 2nd run! I've hit it 3 times and still just dead sailor it, lol. Clearing those jumps feels so good though! That step down is the craziest one IMO. The last time I did it I pedaled like crazy into it to clear it. Felt awesome! Did you ever get your BB serviced? Bike still seems pretty creaky. Can't hear it over that awesome Tarin hub buzz ?? wheels still feeling good?

  4. Flying high Eric!! Nice! I knuckle every damn one of those it feels like when I ride. ?‍♂️

  5. Good video. I have to hit up Deer Valley soon. We met in the Fox n Rox shuttle today – good to meet you!

  6. Loved the video! You were straight sending it. Also like the follow cam through the tech. Keep up the great work. Keep shredding.

  7. Deer valley is definitely a place I want to ride. Haven’t rode here yet. So many places to ride. Deer Valley looks so fucking sick.

  8. I’ve always wanted to try this trail, but last year I saw a guy just get reamed and was hauled out on a stretcher with a neck stabilizer. And I’ve been apprehensive ever since

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