Tsunami Vertical Evacuation Structures in Indonesia

We are here in Bengkulu and I’m standing on the ramp of an evacuation building, a tsunami evacuation building. The
village here is on low-lying ground and the coast is only less than a kilometer away, and there is no high relief to run to. So this is why it is an initiative of
the local city to build the structure here and and develop some community awareness of the hazard. The building is about 16 meters tall and historically they’ve had tsunamis
here to about 8 meters, so there should be enough height for people to evacuate in the event of a tsunami or a
warning. It takes two thousand people. it’s going to be used as a a village center in the meantime, and on the fourth floor it has toilet facilities and kitchen facilities
for cooking. The tsunami building is designed to have
a ramp here for disabled and elderly people, and there’s also wide stairs which allow people to get up very quickly. The building’s being constructed with round columns, the round columns are for allowing debris to pass around with that damaging the corners of the columns, and the openness is for allowing debris and
water to flow through it in the event of a tsunami. It is built to good earthquake code, so firstly it’s got
to survive the earthquake and then people will come here and
evacuate to the 4th floor. We’ve traveled here to possess a
lot them in west Sumatra, and you can see the sea down there, and
this whole area of the main town here, is subject to
tsunamis. I’m standing on a different kind of a tsunami shelter than we saw the other day. It has been provided by nature but has been
modified to provide a tsunami evacuation area. Its capacity is about 5,000 people and that
blue building down there is where all that logistical supplies are, the food, the water that is needed after an

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