TSUNAMI VIOLIN Project Official PV

(sound of tuning) (on screen: “sen no neiro”, meaning one thousand tones) Certainly, I have been making violins for a long time. (Muneyuki Nakazawa)
It is difficult to say why. Perhaps because they are made of wood. Trees are living, and from when they are in the forest they comfort people, and even after they are cut down they are still living. The warmth of trees, providing warmth to people, always telling us some kind of story. (Regarding the Great East Japan Earthquake)
I was seeing the images on TV and newspapers and I cannot describe in words how I felt, being unable to do anything. The heaviness in my heart. One evening, my wife, as she was watching TV, shedding tears, looking at the mountain of debris on the screen, said: “Darling, this is not a mountain of debris, but it is a mountain of memories. Memories of people, memories of families, their very histories”. “And from this debris, is there anything we can create?” “Can you make a violin?” She asked. Among the debris should be what contains many families’ memories, such as pillars, floorboards, beams, many things. And we wished for these memories to take another shape, as a musical instrument, and for a new history to begin. Those thoughts are what led me to make this violin. That is honestly the story behind it. From now onwards, this Tsunami Violin will pass through the hands of a thousand violinists, (Sota Nakazawa, Chief director, Classic for Japan)
who will play the violin one by one, as a relay. From violinist to violinist, and one thousand violinists will be connected by one bond. That is one aim of the project. (Rüdiger Liebermann, Berliner Philharmoniker)
It is already touching for me to play on this instrument. It’s a great-made violin. It’s a violin which has very special character to me. The timbre is warm. It is also a very loud-sounding violin. I’m very astonished about that. It’s a perfect violin, actually. The final goal is for music to contribute to reconstruction of towns in Tohoku, and then for those towns to become hubs full of music. That is the goal we are aiming for. (Classic for Japan Foundation)
(Translation and transcription by Tomoko Takeda)

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  1. 2019年の1/26日です。現在のこちらのヴァイオリンは、どの様に活躍されてますのでしょうか。どんな旅路だったのか知りたく存じます。素晴らしい楽器と御心❣️活動に敬服するばかりです?

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