38 thoughts on “Tsunami warning after earthquake near Anchorage, Alaska

  1. Why yall tryin to scare people the nws weather of anchorage tweeted that there was No Tsunami Danger yet yall headline a lie to get more views, thats why no one believes fox fake news

  2. If now there is a tsunami warning, how come the other news outlets drilled home the fact that " there is no tsunami threat with this earthquake"

  3. Must be due to climate change….. they're burning way to much fossil fuel up there!!!!!
    Al Gore and others will be making this proclamation soon enough !!

  4. It's cool. Michael Moore slid off the toilet while reaching for a donut.

  5. Uahaha!!! Donald Trump canceled negotiations with Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump avoids Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump is afraid of V. Putin. President of the United States is afraid of V. Putin. President of the United States – a coward. A shame! Shame – President of the United States is a coward. Uahaha!!!

  6. According to Greek philosopher Plato 427 A.D. comments are where "Wise men have something to say, fools have to say something"

  7. Цунами на Аляске? Это что то новенькое… видимо Александр 2 что знал…

  8. Despite being the most popular video about the earthquake, you have to go to page 2 after all the CBS, CNN, and MSNBC videos if you search for 'alaska earthquake'.

  9. Wow, a measly 215K, Fox? I guess nobody is watching your supposedly “real” real news.

  10. Sarah Palin has warned Alaskans to stay indoors to avoid the burning, toxic ash. What an idiot.

  11. this is stupid. water would just freeze as soon as it come near alaska how can be tsuami?

  12. It was a 7.2 magnitude. Almost blew the windows out of my in laws home in Eagle River. Their house is just below the treeline, built on solid granite and made out of massive cast reinforced concrete modules and it shook that place like a 99 cent JiffyPop. And the aftershocks just keep coming. Born and raised here and this is the first of this kind of destruction I have ever seen first hand from a quake.

  13. It was a 7.0 magnitude.
    Today, ever since November 30, 2018 Friday at 8:29am,
    We've had over 2000+ aftershocks.
    Born and raised here.
    I'm 26, and I gotta say,
    Thanks for the prayers.
    I've never seen anything like this.
    Keep us in your prayers!
    Again, thanks.

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