100 thoughts on “Tsunami warning canceled for Alaska after massive earthquake

  1. that's why you should live in florida, don't worry about the zebras running loose though lmao

  2. This is most definitely a clear intervention by God and thus proving Christianity as the one true religion.


  3. Oh look the warning is canceled now. U fucking pieces of shit ? ? ?!!!!! No wonder y u full of shit! “Big quake, little damage”???? U son of a bitch!!! Really? So the next 8.2 earthquake, we should not believe your asses of pieces of shit ? ? ??!?! Bc it dont make a difference. U guys just always trying to put fear in the world saying it all with a smile in your pieces of shit faces ? ? ?!!!!

  4. Fake news! Fox also reported earlier that this a 7.9 earthquake first than reported it was a 8.2 earthquake. You are all being lied too! figure it out stupid!

  5. trump is incapable of leadership if a natural disaster strikes.
    he is an old dotard and suffers mental and physical health issues.
    trump is a national security risk.
    conservatism is a mental illness.

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  7. Close call, glad to see everyone safe up there in Alaska, god bless.

  8. This was pretty crazy. And I have to say, it was very cold sitting in the car for a few hours around midnight. ?
    I will never forget the relief of when the radio said the tsunami was becoming less likely to happen.

  9. Greetings once again Mr. Rogers! Soon I will send you a couple of short videos, as well as some screen shots of web cams around the world showing what appears to be clear, blue skies, but with terribly dark shadows on the ground! In the past couple of days I have noticed that when trying to adjust images that look like that, applying ONLY the 'solarize' filter from 'Pixlr' free, online editor, I end up with the most outrageous & highly strange 'mother ship' looking anomalies in the photo!! I am NOT a UFO groupie, but when I see 'the heaviest chem-trailing ever, lots of 'Plasma' cloud ships over every city, & find huge black mother ships causing intensely dark shadows everywhere, I know it is safe to say that the Reptilian Invasion has begun!!! I've actually been watching them take over everywhere, grabbing humans to inter in their ships & suck out their life force… while trying to get then word out!!! I am currently uploading videos I;ve been able to get of all this so people will see what the ships look like, what the Ripleys & their clones & hybrids look like, as well as what they are all doing right NOW!!! Help spread the word… when we see them in our skies we need to go out & point, rebuke them & scream & throw stones like crazy aboriginals to let them know we do NOT consent, will NOT cooperate, & will fight to the death to live free & protect our children & families!!! See my channel for videos plus look at the Big Bear vids from previous for more info & more coming ASAP!!! Our #1 threat at the moment… they are causing everything from sun & moon anomalies, increased earthquakes, nests that are red, green, blue, grey & white with holes in one side (not reflections, projections or lens flares) and huge Mother Ship gravity wells hang over every city, cloaked by the increased chemtrails! We are all going to have to come together on this if our world is to continue.
    Good Luck all & GOD bless. 'Till next time 🙁

  10. News trying the scare us, why? A lot of people already left, if there WAS a earthquake still, be safe.

  11. hmmm so, an earthquake where theres snow…ya, climate change isnt real, right? way to condradict lol.

  12. After reading these comments it's pretty apparent that the people who frequent Fox are missing a chunk of their brain.

  13. fake ballistic missile alarms fake tsunami alarms, who do we beleave these days…

  14. thank you Jesus, the guy said it was a big quake ,little damage, that should have been lots of damage if San Francisco had a 8.2! God had his hands on Alaska!

  15. Damn. First the fake missle attack now a fake tsunami warning. Who the hell is running the alert systems, children?!

  16. Congress has not yet accused North Korea and Russia of creating a tsunami?

  17. For all those people saying “THANK GOD” what are y’all thanking him for? If he truly rules everything then that must mean he caused the earthquake. And y’all are literally thanking him/her for avoiding a tsunami that he caused? Stupid

  18. Now i got to climb back down for miles and trek back home . I hauled ass in my pajamas.

  19. Well I'm safe in Fairbanks, AK hopefully. Hope all my fellow Alaskans are safe and unharmed.


  21. "Ey err bodyy, ughh this is not a warning ughh this real um.. get thirty feet above sea level ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

  22. Don't worry guys if a tsunami does happen we will get to meet spongebob and Patrick.

  23. He said at the beginning "we thought the mudslides (in california) wouldn't happen but they did" Bullshit. The ground was slowly sliding for a LONG time in that area. If it happens at all, it's a risk of going all the way.

  24. You either take your chances and ignore things like this or you take off in your car and get stuck out on the interstate – we live in fucked up times.

  25. Anyone watching Dutchsinse's YouTube channel would have been expecting this possibility.

  26. First off , glad there is no tsunami and loss of life..but something is not right..04 Box day Tsunami affected 14 countries…this 8.2 magnitude quake doesn't even make waves? Could someone with more knowledge maybe explain this ?

  27. If anyone is reading this, stop; this comment section is so offensively stupid that it won't just waste your time, but physically reduce your capability for intelligent thought.

  28. isn’t it funny how these same people running for their lives are the same who call climate change warning from these same experts a hoax? ? I thought they’d say the announcement is fake news and stay behind ??

  29. I would not listen to this news saying no tsunami. I would get myself all packed up and ready to leave anyways. Much love, God bless.

  30. Meanwhile on the other side of the Pacific a volcano is currently erupting and spewing out lava. May the Lord protect us, especially those that live in the vicinity of the volcano.

  31. First Hawaii…second Alaska….next up….."seek shelter!….seek shelter! The sky is falling…the sky is falling!" Maybe Manhattan? Those idiots will believe anything.

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