Bruce: Can i change your-a cos-costume Lawrence: why would you want to? James: no..no Bruce: I think its stupid James: no… Bruce: I wanna look like the tron guy in the background James: you can’t… Lawrence: i wanna look like tron guy… James: You can’t do that. Bruce: So i know i normally tell you guys.. That I’ve been practicing on these maps James: Mhm Bruce: But.. Umm I’ve been practicing so much James: Mhm… Bruce: That i have gotten worse Lawrence: uh oh! Bruce: A lot worse….so! James: Okay.. Bruce: i have decided to try and play the opposite of the way i would normally play Adam: Alright Bruce: because normally when i play and try really hard, i do really bad James: yup! Bruce: So if i don’t try at all! Bruce: Lawrence, what do i do? James: you’re inside a vending machine Bruce: Lawrence what do i do? Lawrence: uh… Bruce: what the fuck!? Lawrence: Gotta survive the tsunami Bro! Bruce: what do you mean survive the tsunami? Lawrence: i mean you’re in a, a- James: oh is this like, jack..jack rose on titanic? Lawrence: Exactly! Bruce: here’s one! Adam: get in the boat Bruce: ya, okay so hold on Lawrence: oh! Bruce: no no, i’m just relaxing Lawrence: oh James: Don’t drown. You’re gonna get pushed under Bruce: no no! I’m just relaxing! James: get on top, get in the boat! Bruce: I’m relaxing Lawrence: he’s relaxing! what’s he supposed to do James: Get in the boat! Bruce: I got stabbed! Lawrence: oh! James: there you go! that’s some stabbing there you go! that’s a kill Bruce: i want- Adam: in the car! in the car!!…cars gone Bruce: oh i see what you’re- Lawrence: ya-oh!..*chuckle* Bruce: can i get in that car? Adam: yes James: there’s people way up top, they got out Oh that was a a good stab Adam: it’s like Sherlock Holmes, watchdogs James: get’em! Nice! another kill for Bruce! Bruce: I told it was easy Adam: oh wow… James: that boats flying Bruce: oh ya there we go! James: flying boat! Adam: ya James: You’re like peter pan! Bruce: wait..hold on, oh i’m in it! James: you’re sitting on the boat now Adam: forty five knots! *Bruce laughs* Bruce: All full steam ahead! Adam: choo choo *bruce wheeze laughs* James: or a guy flopping in front of the camera Bruce: I think i’m doing it but i can’t tell James: uh oh he’s on your boat! Adam: Stab’em James: Nice! Lawrence: Get’em! get’em! Adam: kill the enemy James: oh you weren’t even in control Lawrence: yaaaaaaa! James: the best thing is that Bruce wasn’t in control- OH three kills! Bruce: look at this, I’m not even doing anything I’ve just tired out for no reason James: the other guy was controlling the boat you were just sitting on. Lawrence: ya you were just sitting there James: oh
Lawrence: uh oh James:OH!
Lawrence: uh oh James: oooh! you got him! Bruce: YES! MORE! James: stab’em, keep stabbing! Bruce: uh oh!-*wheeze laugh* Adam: the fun roll-
James: keep stabbing! group: awwww Bruce: i was gonna do- James: oh what a run!
Lawrence: overboard, damn. Bruce: damn i was doing really well Lawrence: tides coming back in Adam: go watchdogs Lawrence: better get in the car Bruce: oh i’m-
James: keep stabbing Bruce: oh i got caught in the middle there that was bad alright i gotta stop trying James: oh, you got stabbed there. Bruce: oh i tried to hard there Lawrence: this is the only time- James: you’re still worked up it..it still looks like you’re worked up from before Bruce: i get really scared.
Lawrence:this competition is really tight, Bruce: i don’t want to talk about it… Adam: just stay here, no one could get you Bruce: ima just take it…take it for, ah here we go just take a look around Lawrence: just size everything up Bruce: ya just survey my surrondings
Lawrence: but just relax Bruce: this is bad… Lawrence: Dont make any plans Adam: this is- okay Lawrence: just lookin around! Adam: This is the exact same scene at the end of water world *loud plane like noises*
Crowd: woo! more crowd: wooo! Lawrence: i haven’t seen that film so.. Adam: how have you not?..uh Lawrence: Ya i dunno i’m saving it for a perfect moment. I have a feeling that Adam: what? for when ever- Kevin Costner to come to your house? Cause he’s not! Bruce: alright here i go! Lawrence: go to some place where nothing will ever bother you again Lawrence: and you will be the best gta player
Bruce: *boat engine noises* Adam: water world!
Bruce: *more boat engine noises* James: just grab wendy! and then we’re on our way! Bruce: woooooweeee! Here we goooo! James: oh that guys in! stab’em! Bruce: i think i’m kicking but i can’t tell Adam: wha? James: oh he’s behind you now-oh! James: good move! Bruce: got him!-oh! ya that was no problem Adam: what if this was the trailer for GTA online *group laugh* Bruce: ah! oh Get up! uh oh… Adam: GTA online you can *Bruce wheeze laughs* Adam: you can do any-
*Bruce laughs* James: anything else would be a lie oh there you go you can sneak up there Bruce: i know i’m trying to get up. Adam: get into crash services James: there you go!
Bruce: oh look it! James: this is you’re new house! Bruce: woaah! haha Lawrence: uh oh! James: who wants pancakes?! Bruce: HEY get outta here! *wheeze laugh* AH! Adam: good jump *Bruce wheeze laughs* Adam: bad jump James: get back in your house!
Lawrence: get back in your house! Adam: ya get back and sell some tacos *Bruce wheeze laughs*
James: alright, live here. Bruce: hey everybody lets stop fighting! James: whats all ruckus!? *Bruce laughs*
James: now you got to jump down to your right Adam: you sell these donuts, on the street
James: and then down there Adam: and then you eventually open up the shop
Lawrence: getting splashed around abit Adam: and then charge- Bruce: HEY!
James: nice!- oh bleeh! Adam: so turbids thing is that he just thumps down everything. Lawrence: he thumbs downs every map he doesn’t win Bruce: he thinks thats really funny
Adam: okay Lawrence: that’s something I’ve definitely noticed with him. Lawrence: he’s a very spiteful man
James: Well… James: in turbids community James: they love it, they eat it up
Lawrence: oh Adam: its just him
Bruce: Turbid has a community? James: yeah, the turbid fan theme
Lawrence: the turbits Adam: turbin and the turbits *Bruce wheeze laughs* Bruce: I have also heard that Benedict Cumberbatch is a big, turbidiot yup James: ya i thought it was really…. strange Lawrence: your joke needs a litte-
James: his eyes are far apart Bruce: ohh ya he does look really strange Lawrence: that joke needs a litte…. Adam: you see that Lawrence? Lawrence: Ma-medictation medical attention James: nice
Adam: you see that Lawrence? Lawrence: fuck *smacks the microphone* FUCK *Bruce laugh* Bruce: please don’t hit the microphones
Lawrence: what?! Lawrence: sorry James: They’re expensive James: they’re worth more then us.
*Bruce chuckles* Bruce: we’re gonna need those when they fire us *Bruce, James and Lawrence laugh* Adam: gotta sell something
James: can we take these? No! Bruce: and that guy, that guy out there Bruce: who we don;t know his name, who refills-
James: yes Bruce: he got to stay, and we got fired.
James: ya Adam: he said he was on a diet James: he said he was on a diet and then i saw him make like some big fried sandwich Bruce: does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Adam:…nooo…. *buzzing sound* Lawrence: I’ve had like, four or five semi, full, conversations James: uh huh Lawrence: but i didn’t learn anything so he might be a spy actually now i think about it Bruce: *slight chuckle*- oh that’s what he is! he’s the rooster teeth spy! James: oh!
Bruce: they- Bruce: they gotta find out what we’re doing out here James: that seems weird, why don’t they just ask? *James laughs* Bruce: woah
Lawrence: oh god Bruce: you got smashed underneath! Adam: it ate me *Bruce makes a growling noice*
Lawrence: oh god *Bruce chuckles* Adam: that’s just when all the poop just
gets squeezed out of the body James: I like that it said you committed suicide *Bruce chuckle* Lawrence: arguable Bruce: WOAH LOOK OUT!
Lawrence: woooaahh! James: One day i want an insurance company to deny Elise any of my life insurance because i was grinded up by two cars Bruce: smash by a car James: sorry he committed suicide *group laughs* James: why can’t we see who anyone is? Bruce: i don’t know- Adam: cause i turned off gamer tags Bruce: why? Adam: makes it more interesting
James: oh so now everyone is killing everyone! Lawrence: ya
Adam:ya James: its chaos! Adam: ah ha! Lawrence: i imagine it makes thumbnails easier to find. Bruce: OHHHH he gets hit by every vehicle so it doesn’t matter Adam: it’s old man Turbid! Lawrence: god-oh! James: HOLD YOUR BREATH!
*Bruce chuckles* James: hold your breath you’re under! Adam: am i?
Bruce: oh jeez James: you’re under!
Bruce: now you are oh gaw-OOOH Bruce: oh cool-oh shins Lawrence: oh no Bruce: oh i like where you’re going-oh whats that? James: oh you see that guy sliding down? Adam: oh fu-
James: uh oh! Bruce: don’t get on that boat its exploding! Bruce: ooh!
James: oh nooo Adam: i don’t wanna be here! James: oh he teleported through it out the sever-…emergency exit! Bruce: oooh! James: flaming guy!
Bruce: he’s on fire! Bruce: ohhh jeeez! Adam: ahhh
Lawrence: that the same boat Bruce: oh that cat man is gonna kill you Adam: unless he’s on my team
James: or is he? *slight Bruce chuckle* James: oh! teleport outta there good move, nice work night crawler! *Bruce giggles* oh he fell into that guys crotch! he’s dead Adam: we’re on the same team idiot! Bruce: are you sure? Adam: nope! Bruce: stab him! Adam: i’m telling him that so that he stops- oh there it is! James: nice Lawrence: haha!
*Bruce giggle* Lawrence: he’ll get tricked! James: alright, you can still climb up there Adam: I’m trying Bruce: oh-
James: trons down! *Bruce chuckles* Adam: is he? where? what is what? Bruce: where are you now? Lawrence: there an air horn going off? James: there you go Bruce: woah look at that! Lawrence: oh there you are, okay! Adam: first person James: oh dead
Bruce: oh ya Jame: immediately dead Lawrence: oh no Bruce: oh why are you doing this? Lawrence: ahh! James: alright Adam you got it hop! Bruce: get in the car! James:hop! one to one! hop hop! hop!, one drop Adam: here we go Lawrence: oh! Adam: ah Bruce: no you were stabbed again Lawrence: ya James: oh! you’re getting stabbed Adam: hold on! James: someone isn’t on your team! Bruce: oh everybody ran over to you and started stabbing your dead body Adam: move to the car James: there it is Bruce: oh ya right in there awe Adam: almost- no don’t! ooohhh Bruce: oh boy James: right in the kidneys Adam: i might get something outta this Bruce: what are you doing Adam? Lawrence: i dunno
Adam: stab James: their just chopping Lawrence: stabbing a new chunk
James: sharks in the water! James: sharks in the water! Bruce: oh man Adam you’re gonna get stabbed again oohhhh! James: its slippery
*Bruce laughs* James: Adam its slippery!
*Bruce laughs* Adam: ooowww!
James: as he does tumbling down Bruce: he’s all “arrghghhhh!” James: oh good chopped him! Lawrence: maybe you need some solid Lawrence: ground to collect your thoughts
James: chopped him! Bruce: oh there we go, there we go! Ahh-ohhh! James: ooblecch
*Bruce laughs* James: alright, quad damage, see you on the- KILL THAT GUY! Bruce: OH! Adam: he’s on my team, i think
Bruce: almost James: oh! that guy isn’t! oohh James: now it isn’t!
Bruce: oh nice! James: everyone’s gettin stabbed! oh haha-ooh-ow-ow-ow James: the two bro take! Bruce: oh there you go, you can get into this boat Lawrence: must be a cold front coming in!
Adam: i am in the boat oof! uh oh! *Bruce laughs* Lawrence: i like boat! Adam: its like, much-muscle atrophies(?) James: oh you can do it! Bruce: the fight to end all fights! James: oh and wrecks James: oh sweet!
Bruce: oh nice! Adam: NOOO! Bruce: king of the hill!-oh why’d you fall?! Lawrence: oha! Bruce: damnnit Get up on the-oh- yup, ya there we go Lawrence: now you got it James: oh that guy did a drop kick! Bruce: you may have dropped, okay now there we go now stay on there and stab that man Lawrence: no one’s gonna touch it! Oh- he’s touching it Bruce: oh you got stabbed
James: he’s the new king. James: look at him Bruce: you don’t wanna go through
James: chopping up! look at him Bruce: all those dead bodies
James: he’s just ripping through’em Adam: DAMNNIT! Bruce: you wanna go back into your house? James: alright, get the house, kill that guy in the house Adam: damnnit *slight Bruce wheeze laugh* Bruce: why would you get in the middle of a- Ooohh James: right in the side of the neck! Bruce: i know-
james: accchhhhhh! Adam: it was like, when Batman fought Bane except, batman just gets stabbed immediately
*knife stabbing sound* and it’s over James: alright, you’re the king that ghost is after you Bruce: oh that guy with the bar over his head James: oh ya ya, you can target him Lawrence: what! they almost got the boat out? Bruce: YA!
James: nice! Bruce: target! target! oh ah oooh Bruce: you’re not getting the trailer anymore Lawrence: you blunted your knife on the trailer Adam: it’s fine James: sharpened! Lawrence: ya its not shar-oh ha! James: oh! Bruce: oh, swam on the trailer! James: oh you swam over him! Lawrence: oh Adam you’r- Adam: ah! OHH LOG! Adam: log will protect me! James: that guys bad! Chop him up! Bruce: ohh! he was killed! Lawrence: hittin way! Hittin away! Lawrence: now the away part!
Bruce: swing away! Lawrence: away away!
Bruce: swing away! Lawrence: no!
Awwwe *bruce chuckel* Lawrence: i told you man Adam: told me what? Lawrence: gotta be in and out!
*bruce laughs* Gotta be in out Bruce: ya you gotta STAB! then run Lawrence: you keep going in and staying in that’s no good! Adam: the more i play GTA i realize how little control you actually have of anything Bruce: but you have-
Lawrence: you have a- James: nice! James: good swipe!
Bruce: the ultimate control, pixel perfect! Bruce: ahhh
Adam:YES! Bruce: hahaha Lawrence: you see there the away Lawrence: that’s what i’m talking about!
James: did you see James: how you matrix dodged all those knife blows James: dugugugugu Bruce: woah! OH! James: don’t get caught in that tube! Bruce: he fell asleep on that tube! Adam: come on, get outta here Lawrence: you gotta watch that boat James: alright, king of the trailer Lawrence: come on Adam: there we go James: double king! Adam: damnnit Bruce: he fell over you Adam: well he just keeps walking Lawrence: ohh! Bruce: well that’s cause keep pressing forward Bruce: well that’s cause keep pressing forward
James: ooohh! Lawrence: oh no that trailers coming down! Lawrence: oh no that trailers coming down!
James: lots of bodies! Bruce: OH!
James: that guys down! Bruce: oh i think you got’em James: Michael jackson there! get Michael Jackson! Adam: oh someone fell on me James: the guys flying headbutt! Lawrence: and wait, wait wait! you gotta wait Bruce: you gotta run- Adam: AH! Bruce: no there’s too many guys Lawrence: trying to give you golden strats Lawrence: and your fucking them up
James: no he’s got it James: he’s got the momentum Lawrence: he-
Adam:WOAH! Bruce: oooWAOOH
James: oh log! James: up the ramp James: over..
Bruce: HOOO!! James: ohh that’s a bad place to get stuck Adam: now they don’t know i’m here though Lawrence: oh jaws technique again
Bruce, dun da dun da James: i see him
Bruce: dun da dun da dun Adam: he doesn’t know i’m here
Bruce: dun da dun da dun James: get’em!
Bruce balee-dadoo! James: got him!
Bruce: balee-dada-loooo Got’em! Bruce: i think he uh-badalooo! James: he got you Bruce: awe turbid killed you-STAB! Bruce: oh he’s already dead
James: oh that drives me nuts Lawrence: haha
James: he’s floatin Adam: he still gave me something ow, come on. i want this! James: oh! your ankles! protect your ankles! Bruce: LMFAO fell asleep! awwww one v one me bro *Bruce wheeze laughs* oooh!
James: nice! winner Bruce: haha the screen shot of the winner *Bruce laughs* James: we need James: we need uh…
Bruce: james James: Jacked bro rights!
Bruce: is all frustrated James: that’s what we need
Bruce: James is so frustrated James: we need to push James: for jacked bro rights! James: I’m tired of jacked bro’s- James: not getting pussy when they want it
*Bruce wheeze laughs* Lawrence: every time you set a new P.B. Lawrence: you should at least get one blow job James: absolutely!
Lawrence: at least one Lawrence: its motivation
James: absolutely! *Bruce laughs* Adam: its most uh, unfortunate cause most woman Adam: don’t give a fuck!
Lawrence: and you get to pick who! Bruce: is that true Elyse? James: hot jacked dudes Bruce: do woman? James: gets woman off Bruce: do woman, ya do they just do they think about hot jacked dudes and masturbate all the time? Adam: oh like a twink?
Bruce: like elfie? Bruce: more like elfie James: Orlando Bloom ruined it for everybody James: Orlando Bloom ruined it for everybody
Adam: a Legolas! James: Orlando Bloom ruined it for everybody
Bruce: ya! Lawrence: Elyse..you’re, you’re taste is shit Lawrence: Elyse..you’re, you’re taste is shit
Adam: well Legolas Adam: is jacked now Lawrence: well your taste is shit and you’re bad woman Adam: she’s married to james *Bruce laughs* James: shes apart of the problem. Lawrence: jacked bro’s had it hard Lawrence: for too long
James: equality for jacked bros! Lawrence: literally Lawrence:just. so hard
James: equality for jacked bros! Adam: it’s just gay dudes circle jerking like physically and – Lawrence: well if somethings gettin jerked Bruce: woah! you were so powerful James: i knocked him outta the waves Bruce: you’re so jacked Lawrence: it’s all those squats ah! ohhh! James: did you see me run underneath a car and get that guy Bruce: you just killed america You gonna jump off, do a jumping strike? James: ya i’m gonna do a jumping strike Adam: it never works James: hoo!! Bruce: oh he fell in the logs James: oh the logs! Lawrence: oh nobodies gonna touch there. Lawrence: oh nobodies gonna touch there.
Adam: you can cut wood *grunt* Bruce: nice, stab that car James: is someone here? Bruce: stab that boat James: hello? is anybody here? Adam: what’s Elyse eating? Bruce: so wait hold on, Elyse do you think woman love jacked dudes or expired chocolate more? Adam: going to the gym doesn’t make you prettier Lawrence: ya it does Adam: cause beautiness Adam: comes from..with…within
Bruce: beautiness *chuckels* James: it gets Bruce: Adam calls it “beautiness” James: he gets ride off all unwanted- Adam: you’re the most beutniess woman i ever known Elyse: would you rather like… really buff woman, but not great face Bruce: ya? Elyse: but beautiful face woman but with the body of a hand guy from pan’s labyrinth Bruce: ughh Elyse: but really tight vagina too Adam: ya i mean… Bruce: oh haha ewwww Lawrence: I want a woman to clamp down on me
James: give me and example and find some pictures Lawrence: and i want to wince in pain. James: find some pictures Bruce: wait, squatting stretches out the vagina? Elyse: maybe, who know? James: it doesn’t. Adam: hey uh
Bruce: it doesn’t? Adam: james got off the island. Bruce: wait, where you supposed to go now? Adam: up that ramp Lawrence: so dudes uh in the gym compliment James on the size and curvature of his ass Adam: mhm Lawrence: do woman ever compliment each other on the smallness of their vagina Elyse: well a gynecologist told me that but i didn’t know if it was a compliment James: ya that’s good…
Bruce: that’s got to be a comepliment James: BATTLE Bruce: you don’t want a large vagina Lawrence: well she was probably complaining cause it’s difficult to do your job as gynecologist Lawrence: if you can’t dig around in there
Elyse: well that’s what i was thinking mabye James: can’t get a stethoscope in there
Lawrence and Eylse:????? Adam: i can barely fit two fingers up in there Lawrence: how are you ever gonna find love in this live if i can’t show my septum up in there James: a septum? isn’t that part of your nose? Lawrence: ya
Bruce: ya it’s apart of your nose James: ya so maybe if you have a funny mask
Lawrence: ya same thing Adam: ya you can, ya… Bruce: look where you’re going! Lawrence: listen, gynecologist can tell if you have a yeast infection by smelling James: Yaaa!
Bruce: ya you were definitely the winner Bruce: look at that Lawrence: good job dude you got the highest that’s how this mode works James: finished in the top 3- Challenge failed.. Lawrence: well! James: i think we learned alot today Lawrence: we run around in GTA
Bruce:we learned uh James: mhm Lawrence: they do James: ya
Adam: yup Lawrence: well same thing James: ya, as in
Adam: within self James: underneath the fat Adam: oh
Bruce: oh *lovable Bruce wheeze laugh* Adam: some say the clitoris is on the fallopian tube Bruce: ah yes, i did not know that
James: its on the end of it Lawrence: that’s why you need big dick to get up there and scratch it Adam: ya mhm, no ones ever hit it. Adam: oh ya, night of the living dummy who fucks James: NICE! Bruce: niiice Lawrence: or fucking on dick street Adam: oh man *Bruce wheeze laughs* Bruce: fucking on dick street? Lawrence: ya, nightmare in fucksberge Adam: ya James: welcome to whoreland! Adam: ohh! a shocker on shocks street James: Elyse we’re doing it Eylse: gorilla mask instead of haunted mask James: nice! Bruce: niiice? Adam: that’s what you wanted to do? Bruce: its so confusing Lawrence: how about a spin off series: R.L. Stien shi-

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    I can lift a 50 gallon barrel of sand into the bed of a truck alone and have got thigh muscles that are bigger than some peoples' forearms put together, but I've got an ass and a gut that make me look like someone put me into a waffle iron and turned me into a human flounder. So I've gotta work as hard for the poon as someone who never works out at all!

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