Tsunami Warning System Test in Northern California

[sounds of tsunami warning sirens outdoors] [radio announcer] This is a test of the emergency
alert system and a special communications test for tsunami warning messages. This
is only a test. [Rick Wilson, California Geological Survey]
So today we’re testing the tsunami warning system to make sure that the messaging not
only gets to the local communities, but all of the people along the coast that may be
impacted by tsunamis. [Kevin Miller, California Emergency Management
Agency] …wants to test and be able to support to test that last final link of the message
reaching the community and citizens on the coast of California. [Jim Goltz] This area, the north coast of
California, is the most tsunami vulnerable area of California. This is the area where
we have concentrated our efforts. [sounds of airplane announcement] …this
test to provide feedback to the National Weather Service… [Mike Allen, California Civil Air Patrol]
This year we’ve expanded our operation all the way from the Oregon border of California
to Bodga Bay. We’re going to be using Cesena 182’s they are up to four passenger single
engine high wing aircraft. They have the ability to fly low and slow, which is perfect
for this kind of message broadcasting a warning for the public along the coastline. [Rick Wilson] There’s a fault off shore it’s
called the Cascadia Subduction Zone that has the potential to producing a magnitude 9 earthquake
and then uplift the sea floor with very large, one of these big events, and then create a
very large tsunami that can come on shore with 20 to 30 minutes. [Jim Goltz] We educate people in this area
that if they feel long sustained shaking from an earthquake, of 30 seconds or longer, they
should move to higher ground and not wait for a formal, official warning. The earthquake
itself may very well be the tsunami warning.

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  1. It was a pleasure being the CAP IC for 2 years on this event. Ironic a 6.9 happens off shore the same month as the scheduled drill. I wish I was there for 2014 but alas I'm in Arizona now. Good luck all, keep drilling!

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