Tsunami XR* Builds an Immersive Training Solution in Virtual Reality | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin,
and this is IDZ Weekly. This week we look
at VR and the ways it’s impacting
business collaboration and interactive training. Imagine using VR to learn
safety procedures at your job, or collaborating with
other business partners. This is part of immersive media,
and the folks at Tsunami XR see a huge opportunity
to expand in this area. Based in San Diego,
California, Tsunami XR is leading the charge to promote
immersive media as a business solution. Building on the power of
Intel’s Xeon processors, Tsunami XR offers its customers
persistent, multi-user environments for
business collaboration, and interactive training. Using VR and immersive
media in business affairs, means that a larger number of
employees can receive training, and they can repeat their
training more easily. This could lead to more
efficiency, and a safer environment to work in. This article on the
Intel Developer Zone will walk you through the
Immersive VR training solution. Read it to get inspired for your
own immersive media solutions, and I’ll see you next Monday.

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