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Welcome Lafayette lifestyle. We are in the heart of downtown at
one of my favorite sushi restaurants, Tsunami. We’re here to meet with Michelle to talk
about some of the brand new menu items. Let’s go check them out. As a lifelong resident of the Acadiana
area and successful real estate agent. I’ve loved experiencing
everything our area has to offer. And I want to introduce
you to my favorites. I’m Robbie Breaux with Robbie Breaux &
Team at eXp Realty and this is Lafayette Lifestyle. I’m here with Michelle
here at tsunami. Michelle, thanks so much for having us. You’re welcome. Tell us the story about Tsunami. Okay. Well we got tired of driving
to New Orleans to eat good sushi. So we decided let’s fill
the void here in Lafayette. So my husband and my sister and I decided
to do some research and come up with a sushi bar concept in Lafayette,
Louisiana. So here we are. Super cool. And what can everybody
expect whenever they come in. They can expect to see a beautiful plate
of edible art whenever they sit and dine. Um, that’s kind of what
our chefs pride themselves on. That’s what sushi is kind
of about. It’s artistic. And an amazing atmosphere. Yes. With hopefully with smiling
faces serving it the whole time. Absolutely. Yeah. So what are we having today? We’re going to have one of our
new dishes coming on board. It is a grilled yellow tail. Simple
salt and pepper. Put it on the grill, cooked all the way through, not sushi.
And then it’s topped with a chimichurri, which is like an Argentinian sauce. And then they’re going to put that
on a bed of apple and avocado salsa. It is delightful. It is a very light
dish, but it’s loaded with flavor. Awesome. Yeah, it’s very good. I am so excited. We’ve
got some old favorites. We’ve got some new items that are
showing up here on the menu on Tsunami. We have the Negihama, Eggplant Miso, and the brand new Yellow Tail small
plate. Let’s dig in. Holy moly. Mna. Really good. There’s so much going
on in here. You’ve got a lot of fruit. You’ve got a lot of zing. The fish is
amazing. Super fresh. Really, really, really good. Let’s test out the Negihama. Perfect. This is actually the yellow tail that is
raw. One of my favorites eggplan miso, you can’t miss. I order
it every time I’m here. Man. Never disappoints. So thankful Michelle was able to
bring us over here over to Tsunami. Do you have any questions
about Tsunami itself. You want to check them out on
their page Facebook, their insta, that’s at the links below. Thank you so much for joining us here at
Lafayette Lifestyle. I’m Robbie Breaux. We’ll see you next time.

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