Tsunamis: Be Prepared and Stay Safe!

Let’s put some basic information on the table. While more common in the Pacific,
a tsunami can strike any coast, any time. It’s one of the most destructive forces in nature. a series of waves usually caused by
an undersea earthquake. These powerful, fast-rising flood waters can smash everything in their path. Even small tsunamis can be dangerous especially to swimmers, surfers, and boats in harbors. But there are ways you can prepare. First, understand the warnings. If an official warning is issued, do what it says. Just as important,
pay attention to warnings Mother Nature provides. You may feel a strong or long earthquake. You may see the ocean suddenly rise or fall,
or hear a loud roar. If you experience any of these,
a tsunami could be coming. Protect yourself.
Quickly move to high ground, or inland, away from the water.
Stay out of the tsunami hazard zone until officials tell you it’s safe. The first wave may not be the last, or the largest. Dangerous currents are possible
for several hours or days. Prepare yourself by doing a little homework.
Think of the places where you spend your time and map out routes to safe places:
high ground or inland, away from the water. Practice walking these routes so they become familiar. Be prepared and stay safe!

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