Tulsa Oklahoma – Arkansas River Flooding – Keystone Dam Releasing 275K CFS of Water

I definitely did not expect to look up
and see a Chinook flying over by the dam today. This is really quite the surprise.There’s the Chinook. so just a few days ago is out here with
the Mavic 2 Pro getting some footage of when they opened the gates to 160
thousand cubic feet per second earlier today
remember this is Monday Memorial Day they opened it up to 275 thousand cubic
feet per second to put that into perspective Niagara Falls naturally
releases a hundred thousand cubic square feet per second
here in Tulsa Oklahoma were roughly three times greater the capacity of
Niagara Falls that is crazy that’s also why we have all the flooding
we do downstream as cool as it is it’s pretty sad wow what an incredibly sobering video a
lot of this for me was very tough to shoot some of the shots look very cool
we like to see a lot of water in the Arkansas River here in Tulsa Oklahoma
but we don’t like to see this much it’s definitely a catastrophe what’s going on
a lot of devastation so I’m gonna ask you guys to help out my friends and
neighbors in Tulsa in the surrounding areas there’s been a lot of devastation
outside of Tulsa I’m gonna call out jinx Broken Arrow Bixby Muskogee now even up
to Coffeyville Kansas and there’s plenty of other places that have just been
stricken by severe weather now we’ve had over a hundred tornadoes in the last
couple of weeks all 77 counties have been declared a
disaster zone by our governor kevin stead so very very serious so the Red
Cross has a website where you can donate directly to the residents of Oklahoma in
the disaster recovery look in the description down below for a link to
that website I’ve already donated there’s also other local businesses that
are looking to help out what that caused Mazzio’s pizza 50% of their buffets for
the next three or four days I believe are gonna go to help fund disaster
relief also boom town tees in downtown Tulsa they have printed up a special
shirt that says okie strong 100% of the proceeds from those sales will be
donated also to the Red Cross is so uh Okies love to help out other Okies i
absolutely love that so for you in the ray-ray family and
anyone else who is happening to watch this please share this video let’s help
get the word out what’s going on with all of the flooding and the natural
disasters here in our state so as always guys I appreciate each and every one of
you I appreciate all your support with the thumbs up and now remember to always
be biggest be the biggest and best two you can possibly be and do something
every day to make somebody else’s day great see you guys you

36 thoughts on “Tulsa Oklahoma – Arkansas River Flooding – Keystone Dam Releasing 275K CFS of Water

  1. PRAY FOR OKLAHOMA! We have had a rough go lately with severe weather and a LOT Of flooding. There are many more areas affected by the flood than just Tulsa! Please visit www.redcross.org/local/oklahoma and donate if you can! Thank you!

  2. Im in a drought over here.they trying dry us out over here ,miniwachoni WATER IS LIFE ,PIPE LINE THAT MOFOS

  3. Bless God for this destructive weather! Free the prisoners and exit Jerusalem

  4. Wonderful job in shooting this. I don't remember ever seeing this kind of flooding in Tulsa. If you know of a farmer who has lost their land due to flooding, please send them a link to my video for encouragement. Jeffrey Elvis, God Bless the USA.

  5. Now we have the blacks running wild, looting our homes and stealing everything in sight!!
    Why isn't this reported?

  6. thank the UN and the geoengineering program they're using against the american farmer.. agenda 2021 at its finest

  7. Los Angeles's property is worth every PENNY…..I will never move out.

  8. Yes I live in Rogers Oklahoma and my friend went to go clean up a flooded house and was disgusting and threw up once it's pretty sad

  9. I just received a note from someone about the snowmelt in Colorado. In the Fort Smith , Van Buren Arkansas area the river in now at a little over 22 feet, which is just at flood level. The river crested at 41 feet……a never before reached river level. If we do not get huge rain above Keystone again I believe we will be able to handle the snowmelt. The cleanup has started here. The roads have opened again as well as the Arkansas Oklahoma bridge. So getting back to a more normal life has started. So many homes were seriously damaged and home repair and rebuilding is starting. My home was safe and I am so Thankful. Thank you all for your prayers. We appreciate it. Please continue to pray for the folk downriver on the Arkansas River and for folk on the Mississippi River where the Arkansas River flows into the Mississippi as there is flooding now and more water is on the way there. It is my understanding New Orleans is already having problems and the Mississippi goes into the Gulf of Mexico there. Please pray for them also.


  11. https://radar.weather.gov/Conus/index_loop.php
    See the harpp weather weapon in action in America

  12. Mid February 2019 Pickwick Landing Dam US-TVA got opened to 720,000 cfs more than 2 times this flood. Folks this is global cooling.

  13. Thought Trump and the Christian right wing was supposed to help out. Tired of winning i guess.

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  15. They said years ago they were going to on purpose flood out the center of the USA. I keep asking myself where does this fit into making America great again. In now over two years I have not even seen where there is a make America great again but only death and destruction. So when does the positive start? All of those that should be on death row are running for 2020 election. All of those that should be on death row are making our laws still. All of those who should be on death row are still on TV, ect having a time of their lives. Many years ago it was stated they were one very big happy family. No joke. All in the same club.

  16. Here in Tulsa it seems to rain atleast twice a week now. We gunna be the first to become Waterworld.

  17. Does this flood all of Tulsa? Or only certain parts of tulsa? Just trying to get a better understanding of where floods happen in tulsa

  18. Does Global Warming/Climate Change Have Something To Do With This?????????

  19. I was in Tulsa helping the people there. I am a Red Cross volunteer and I love my job and the people I help. I hope that everything is going well for everyone there in Oklahoma

  20. Hey Ray!

    Not too long ago, the river was drying up, now we have too much water, it’s a blessing and a curse and I love my home state so I’m definitely praying for y’all,

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