Turn The River (Full Movie) Drama. Famke Janssen

Hi, Mr. Quinette. Whoa! Come here! Come on back up!
I got one for you. Really? Yeah! Here. Thanks.No problem, hombre.Nope, still fours. Pair of kings. Who knows? And… crap. Kings bet. Five. God, what the fuck are
you doing in this hand? What? For the last three hours, you’ve been playing
cards like a moron. Yeah, I know. Hey, uh… what does
“cotillion” mean? I don’t know.
A flower? Yeah? I don’t know. Dance, it’s
a dance class. Can we have the
next card, please? Take it easy,
Randolph. Twenty. Call. Twenty. Up 20. Up 20 again. Up 60. Fine. Full house.
Kings full. Four fours. Oh, for fuck’s sake! You should never go
up against her. She’s already got
your new truck. No, she does not
have my truck. Well, she’s driving it. All right, cash me. She rivered the four,
for fuck’s sake! Yeah. Well, that is fucking
ridiculous. I know, I’m not proud of it,
but there it is. I gotta go. Oh, great, now she scats. No, I said I was going
an hour ago. Okay, thanks for the game,
and thanks for the vocab help. Play a few more hands
and I’ll go with you. I can’t; I got
to go to the city. Right.
Drive safe. Yep. Take care
of my truck. It’s not your truck. Hi, Sal. Hey! Still open? Not really, but I’ll
get you a beer. Thanks. Thanks. How are things? Tired. You going to the city? Yeah, got a little
ahead of myself. You keep watching us. Yeah. You want to play? What do you
usually play for? Five bucks a rack. You know what? I got to be in the city soon,
so, uh, how about 20 a rack? And I’ll give a lot of weight. Dad, I got to go
to school early today. What time is it? Morning, Gulls. Morning.
It’s like 7:00, but remember, I told you we have to do
a project in English class? Yeah. So, I gotta go. Okay. Oh! Crap, Mom. Hi, Gulls. Get off the
sidewalk, will ya? Yeah, in a couple years,
when you’re taller. But not yet. What’s this? I just
busted my hand. How’d you do that? Just fell. You didn’t
write me about it. It’s not a big deal. What, don’t kids
sign casts anymore? Not really. And this is what
you have to wear? Yeah, sixth grade. Coming down the street, I
thought maybe you’d become a lawyer
or something. So, how’s sixth grade? You know, now I’m the youngest
in middle school, instead of the oldest in lower,
so… you know, it’s cool. You mean, you’re
picked on a bit? Yeah, sometimes. Is that how you got
your hand busted? Nuh-uh.
I just fell. Okay, well, uh… don’t pick
back too much, okay? I got a letter for you. Oh, that’s great, Gulls.
You know that I had to look up “Cotillion”
from your last one. Yeah? That’s horrible. So, what else… what else
is middle school like? Well, it’s
kind of the same.It’s boring. I have to read
Johnny Tremain.
What’s that about? This kid who makes silver bowls
with Paul Revere and gets his hand burned. You like it? It’s okay. Not really. I can’t finish it. Yeah, and anyway,
silversmithing will probably get in the
way of your lawyering. Yeah. How’s your dad and Ellen? Fine. Yeah, you like her
any better now? She’s okay. She’s a pretty good cook, but she gets angry
about the weirdest things. Like what? Like sometimes, after
I wash my hands, she says I leave
the soap dirty. What does that mean? I know. It means I’m supposed
to wash the soap after I wash my hands. Well… But sometimes when she talks to
her friends, she says things. Like what? Like once I heard her say–
about you, I guess– that they wanted you
to get a… annulment? That who wanted? I guess Dad and Grandma. Oh. And I asked Eric
Muftie what that was, and he said it was
something dirty. A sex thing. Who’s Eric Muftie? A kid in my class. Well, Eric is wrong. Good. It’s-It’s not a…
it’s not a sex thing at all. Good. It’s sort of like a… Sort of the same
thing as a divorce. Oh. You already got one. You don’t really need to worry
about it, okay? Okay. I promise you,
Eric is wrong. Good. It’s not a dirty
thing at all. Okay. Here’s your letter. Thanks, Gulls.
Got to get going. Why can’t you just
write to me at home? Why? You don’t
like Mr. Quinette? He’s nice, but sometimes
he isn’t there. So I think maybe
I missed one. No, if there’s a
letter, he’ll be there. Okay. I think it’s a pretty cool
system, don’t you? I guess. A secret system. Yeah. Gulls, you got to keep it
a secret, okay? I know. And after you read
one of my letters, make sure to just
throw them away, okay? I do. Good. Okay, tell me more. Are you on a team?
– Yeah. Soccer, but B team. What position?
– Left wing. Left wing. Really? That’s pretty hard, right? You got to be kicking
with your left foot a lot. Yeah.
– How are you? Okay. I mean, it’s B team,
so it’s mostly ‘tards. Well, better to be a big
fish in a small pond. Even if all the other fish
are ‘tard fish? Yeah. Even then. I, uh… I should stop here. When are you coming back? Well, it’ll be sooner
than last time. Probably a couple of weeks. Two weeks? Probably three.
– No, four. No, definitely not four. But send me
letters, okay? Okay. Okay. Keep your nose
clean, kid. Okay. Okay. I love you, Gulls. Me, too. Mm. Okay. Now, go on. I’ll see you soon, okay? Couple of weeks? Yeah, a couple.And try reading that
Johnny, uh,
what’s-his-face book
one more time, okay? I can’t, Mom.
I swear, it’s horrible. Forget it. Forget it. Go on, don’t be late. Okay. Kailey, Jesus. Look at you. I know, I know,
I know. I’ve been up for a few days. I’m not so sure it’s the long
hours hurting you. Yeah. Well, I see Gulley
every day. He looks good. I saw him
this morning. His arm’s broken. I saw that. It’s okay. Yeah. He’s
doing great. He’s a good kid. Is there a game around? You see anything? Even if there
were, I mean… you’re a mess. You got enough
for hotel room? Yeah, but, uh, I’d rather
use it to get a game. Want to sleep here a bit? You mind? Go ahead. Thanks. Come get me if there’s something
I should be awake for, okay? Got you. How was that
English project? The what? That thing
you had to be in early for. Oh. It was good. Yeah? What book
was it on? Gulley? It wasn’t
a book. It was… We had to make
an advertisement. Oh. For what? Well, everybody got
different things. What did you get? Hot chocolate.
– Huh. In English class? Why would they do that? I don’t know. They didn’t
give you a reason? No, they did. Well, what was it? Gulls, your dad’s
talking to you. Don’t call me Gulls. Hey. Lose the tone, young man. Now, what was
the reason? My teacher says that poets sometimes make
advertisements for money. So, instead of writing
a poem, we could do an ad. Hmm. Swear to God,
if it was up to me, you’d be in
public school so fast. So, how’d you do? We won.
– You did? With hot chocolate?
– Yeah. Well, what
was your ad? We made a picture
of some mountains with a cottage and smoke
coming out of the chimney, and we called it
Jungfrau Hot Chocolate. Jungfrau. What’s that? It’s a mountain in Switzerland. No, it isn’t. Yes, it is. Jungfrau? Yeah. It’s nice you won. It’s not pronounced that way. But it’s real? But it’s pronounced Yung Frow. But it exists. Not pronounced that way,
it doesn’t. Hey. Hi. Do me a favor, okay? Sure. Maybe don’t lecture me
on mountains in Switzerland. I-I didn’t think… You might think you know
everything under the sun, but trust me, you don’t. I know. Just don’t
lecture me. Think you can
handle that? Okay. Terrific. Well, good morning. Hey. How’d you sleep?
– Terrific. Place looks a little better. Oh, yeah. It’s great for
a week night. There a game here? Yeah, maybe. That kid in the
stupid track suit– he’ll play you. But he only plays
ten dollar racks. That won’t even be gas money. Who are the guys
playing one pocket? The older guy is Duncan. The other fella–
I don’t know his name. He’s gonna quit soon. I ain’t never seen him
won a game yet. Okay. I’ll try for Duncan. That’s gonna
be a hard game to get. He’s good. He’ll also try
to negotiate weight. Should I give him any? No! He’s good. All right, I’ll be back in an hour. Keep him here
if he wants a game. Hey, is Markus there? You got a number for him? Okay, well, uh,
maybe if you run into him. I know, but maybe
if you just happen to see him, can you tell him
that Kailey’s in the city, and to keep an eye out? Kailey. K-A-I-L-E-Y. He’ll know. For Gulls tomorrow. You Duncan? I am, yeah. Kailey. It’s nice to meet you. Want to play
some one pocket? Maybe. For what? I don’t know. 20 a game. Okay. Give me two balls. No. Can’t. Quinn says I can’t
give any weight. He does, huh? He does, and
he’s a fair guy. Is he staking you? No. Okay. Maybe. But he’s wrong. I don’t know. Seemed to play okay
earlier tonight. I was playing
against Mike Simms. Play him every week. Beat him every week. He’s a degenerate.
He loves to lose. It’s no reflection. How about no weight, but a guaranteed renegotiation
after five games? Okay, but we play
for a hundred a rack. Okay. Lack for break. No, I’ll give you the break. I’ll take
the right pocket. Seven ball. Nice games. Maybe you should be
giving me a ball. Nope.
– But out, Quinn. I’ll give her a ball. Nope, she’s gonna quit. What the fuck Quinn?! You pull me off a game
just when the dipshit’s about to give me a ball?! Jesus fucking shit! He ain’t a dipshit.
He still would’ve took ya. Fuck you. Oh, fuck yourself. You’re playing like shit, Kai. I know it. You know it. You’re wrong.
– No. I easily had the last game. You barely got the last game.
I don’t know what’s on your mind, but,
you know, you’re not playing half-way decent. Where are you going? To find a fucking game. Well, go get it. Kai! Kai! I thought you
hated this city. More and more
every fucking day. How are you Markus? I’m all right. Uh, I’m not really a
running kind of guy, so… Thank you. Oh, what are you doing in town? Trying to get out. Oh, that should be easy enough.
– No. Really out.
Oh. I’m thinking Canada out. Oh.
You could do that, right? I could, yeah. How much would that be? $10,000, thereabout… There’ll be two of us. Twenty. He’s a kid. Oh, that’s…
that’s different, Kai. Yeah, I figured. No, I mean, that’s
really different. I can get you
a passport, get you into Canada,
no problem, but… traveling with a kid?That is way different.They look hard– single
adults traveling with kids. Passport’d have to be
fucking bomb-proof. Can you still do it? Maybe, uh… the price goes up. How much up? Fifty, at least. How long? Couple of weeks. Let’s do it. Where are you going? To raise your fucking money. What about Mexico? I don’t speak Spanish, Markus. Mexico’s nice. Hey, uh… Jameson neat, water back. Thanks. Four Buds. Are those guys your boyfriends? What? Why don’t you invite
me on your team? What? Invite me on your team. Why? Because it might
be fun to beat them. Take my place. Really? Yeah. Fucking hate this game. That guy your boyfriend? Depends on who you ask. I suppose I’ll ask you. Nope. Okay, then. She’s playing for Kat. What? She’s on my team.
Okay. No, no, who the
fuck is this? Come on, let’s play.
It’d be fun. Lady, this isn’t, uh… like, you know,
an open thing. Come on. It’ll be fun. Seriously.
Fuck off. No, Brad. Let her play. Okay. Here’s, uh… hundred dollars. I’m gonna play you or the both of you.
I’m gonna play with– sorry, what’s your name again?
Charlotte. Charlotte here…
and we’ll beat you. Okay. But, uh, both
of us play you. Sure. Do you
have a hundred dollars? Bitch. Nice talk. Go ahead and break. Fuck! Do you want to go? You can. Nah, go for it. Uh, take the three.
Which one? Just hit it right there, and it’ll roll down the side. Sorry. Don’t fucking choke. Just sink
a fucking ball. Oh! Fuck you! Fuck! Don’t worry.
Just aim for my finger. Okay. Just aim for my finger. You’re a fucking bitch. Take it easy, man. Get the fuck out of here. You owe me a hundred dollars. You missed that shot on purpose. Probably. You still owe me
a hundred dollars. Who the fuck
do you think you are? You fucking bitch! Is she here? No, why? Because it was
not mailed. Well, she gave me
that before she left. Oh. Hang around
if you’d like, kiddo. Okay. What time is it? About 6:00. When? Wednesday afternoon. What are you looking at? I’m just checking you out. I heard you’re
not supposed to let someone
hit in the head sleep for very long,
but every time I try to wake you up,
you take a swing at me. So I thought I’d just… sit here and watch you. To see if I’d just
stop breathing? Don’t need any stitches,
but I’d leave the bandage on. So what was that
about last night? I just wanted a game. You win?
– Yup. How much? You didn’t win shit. Give me a break. What’s that? About two thou. Enough for you
to get out of here and… catch a little rest. You’re a mess. I know I’m a mess. I got coldcocked
by some dipshit frat boy. I can’t hustle a game
to save my life, I got blood all over my clothes, and I seem to be
throwing up a lot. I know I’m a mess, Quinn. What’s that throwing up about? Nervous, I guess. What are you nervous about? I’m going to get him back. Kai, you don’t even have
visitation rights let alone custody. I know. It would be kidnapping. I know. Eventually,
they’ll come looking for you. Not eventually. I’ll be the first person
they come looking for. I’m his mother. And I have a record. You do? Yep.
– What for? Running a card room. They put you in jail for that? 180 days. Fuck! Small town. And one bitch came in
and made a huge racket. Who? Gulley’s grandmother, Abigail. I worked in
a town bar, and I, uh…
had a card game in back. One side of town
was a little college with a bunch of rich kids who couldn’t play for shit,
but they could drink. And the other side
was a… seminary with a few young men
who could do both, usually pretty well. Gulley’s dad was from
the seminary side. You were dating a priest? He got kicked out. I got pregnant, and he proposed and… For a couple weeks
it was fantastic. I had this… funny, handsome
19-year-old husband, and I was going to be a mother. Then a shitstorm named
Abigail rolled in. Next thing I know,
David disappears, I get brought up
on a whole load of charges, and I’m now three months
pregnant. And Abby made me a deal. Give up the baby,
get a divorce, she’d do whatever she could
to make things easier. I couldn’t say no. I mean, I was 25 years old. I was going to lose the kid
either way. So while I appreciate the cash,
it isn’t going to be enough. You can’t tell me
anymore about this. I know. I own the pool hall, the rent here is cheap. I’m just too old to start
fucking things up now. Can you help me
set up some games? How much you need? I-I don’t know yet. I, uh… thinking around $60,000. Jesus! You going to offer me
a drink, or what? You can’t raise that
by just grabbing games. Okay. Did you think
you could? I hadn’t really
thought that far. Ah, crap. What about that guy I you off? Duncan. Yeah. Maybe him. Okay.
– Yeah. Maybe. Listen, I don’t want to know
anymore about it. Okay. Gulley, come set the table. Okay. Use the nice napkins. Your grandma’s
coming over. I know. I’m coming. Abby hasn’t seen you for awhile
so maybe put on a nice shirt. Okay. Remember how I had
to work last weekend? I don’t know. Well, I did
and we couldn’t get to mass. Yeah. Well, Abby may ask,
and let’s just… avoid it, okay? Sure. Okay. Go help Ellen. Okay. Ellen, this is good. What is this? It’s called escarole. How’s the world
of real estate? Busy. People always want
to buy new apartments. I wouldn’t want people coming
and going through my house. It feels like snooping. I don’t go through
their drawers. You look in their
closets, I bet. That’s not snooping, Mom. I’m just doing my job. And school for you, Gulley? It’s good. Good. He won an English thing the
other day, didn’t you, Gulls? Yeah. Well, I like that school. It’s good, yeah. How are your catechism classes? They’re fine. You work hard there, too. Remember what your grandfather
used to say? “You got to take the bitter
with the lousy.” Jesus! What a thing to remember. No. “Eternity is a hell
of a long time.” Right. Seriously, Gulley,
apply yourself. I do. He could work harder. How was, uh, late
mass last week? It was fine. Who did the early? Cavanaugh. Really? We got Smoltz. Were there guitars? No. God, I hate those guitars. And then they start
singing the Lord’s Prayer. I mean, what in hell do these
people think they’re doing? I don’t know. Gulley, remember, just because a thing is new it doesn’t
make it good. Okay. It makes my skin crawl to hear
that stupid, damn singing. I know. So let’s all go together
to Cavanaugh on Sunday. Okay. When the three of you
go on your own, Gulley, do you go by yourself
to get Communion? Of course. I’m asking Gulley. Sure. It’s not that hard. But it’s important. I know. She’s just never
going to let it go. Snooping? Jesus. She has, it’s just her way. Well, it ridiculous. You left the seminary
12 years ago. Give it a fucking rest. It’s not that, Ellen. If there’s one thing that
woman adores, it’s Gulley, and he wouldn’t even
exist if you… That’s not what it is. Then what, the divorce?
Yes. It’s not a big deal. It is to her
and to everybody in there. It’s a big deal. Every time she takes Gulley
for Communion, and I just stay there
in the pew… it is a big deal, Ellen. I’m standing there with you. No, it’s different. And don’t say
he’s the only thing she adores. Really, who’s next on the list,
her housecleaner? Who are you writing letters to? What? I saw a letter
on your desk before. Who are you writing letters to? It’s not a letter. Don’t lie to me. So who the hell are you writing
our business to? “Grandma’s coming
for dinner tonight.” Uh, “I’m trying to keep
the soap clean.” I mean, what the hell is that? I said it’s not a letter. Gulley…
– It’s not. Then what is it? A diary. A diary? Yeah. Jesus. What are you,
a nine-year-old girl? Hello, Gulley. How’s school? It’s good. Here you go.
– Great. Thanks. Well, holy shit,
where have you been? I got stuck
in the city for a bit. How was it? It was good. How have things been here? Same ol’. Game tonight? Sure. Probably go easier
on Randolph though. He still pissed? Just doesn’t like
getting rivered is all. No one does. You want a beer? Uh, yeah. Yeah, and maybe a whiskey. You sure you want to
be double-fisting? You’ve looked
better, you know. Yeah, I hear that. Hi, Abby. It’s Ellen. Um, you probably aren’t
back from mass yet, but we couldn’t make it. Um, Gulley had
a fever this morning, so I just put him
back in bed. But, uh, we’ll try and swing by
later this afternoon. Okay? See you soon. Are you feeling
better? I am, yeah. What was it
you think? Just a kid thing. So, not the escarole. No, I don’t think so. Well, you missed Father Cavanaugh. He was good, but it was Sunday so he was playing
to the Sunday only. Lots of Galilee
and “fisher of men.” Do you know why Christ
is a fisher of men, Gulley? ‘Cause he likes
catching people. Are you being wise? No. I might be wrong
about that school. David! You have a nosebleed. He’s been getting
these sometimes. Here, hon. Thanks. Have you been to a doctor
for God’s sake? It’s just a bloody nose, Mom. I’m fine. That was even less than a week.
– I know. That’s better right?
Come on. Got to get
our picture take. Why?
– ‘Cause the only one I have of you you’re like two day old
or something. Okay. Oh, uh, I wrote down
what I do everyday. It’s pretty
boring. Thanks, Gulls.
– Sure. See your grandma
yesterday? Yeah.
How was that? Okay. It gave me a headache.
– Yeah? Yeah and dad got
a bloody nose. How?
– I don’t know, it just happened. You sure your grandma
didn’t punch him? Do I look like that? Still look
like a lawyer. Hey, how’s
the Paul Revere guy? It’s done.
– You finished it? No, but we had the test
already. How’d it go?
– I don’t know yet. I got Eric Mufti
to tell me how it ended, so that helped. Well, I can tell this
Mufti guy ain’t much of a genius. Yeah, but he’s okay. Yeah?
– Yeah. I have to ask you
a question. Okay. It’s not really
a fair question. What do you mean? Uh, I think you’re too
young to ask it to. That’s okay. How would you like
to come live with me for a bit? Uh, it’d be very
different, you know. Lots a, a lot
of changes. Yeah.
– I mean different school, different city, all of that.
– I know. What about missing Eric? I wouldn’t miss him
that much. What about missing
your dad? Dad found the letter. Oh. But he didn’t know
it was to you. Oh, well, that’s
okay then. Yeah, but still,
he was mad about it and this is going
to make him really, really mad. Yeah. No, I know it will. And it will make
Abby mad, too, but you know what? You won’t be around
to see it so you don’t have to
worry about it, okay? Okay. Okay-Okay you want
to do it? Uh-huh. You gotta make sure you see Mr. Quinette
every single day, okay. ‘Cause we can’t
see each other. Yeah. And listen… if we do this,
where we’re going, there might not be any
cotillions or any of that fancy stuff. Is that going
to be okay? Yeah.
– Okay. Try and keep your
nose clean, okay. How was the trip?
– Good. Coffee?
– Yeah, please. Got any money left? I made a couple hundred
in a card game. Okay! Come on, I got somebody
I want you to meet. This is Ralph. Uh… hey, Ralph. I want you to play him. Okay, uh, what do you
want to play, Ralph? One pocket. $100 a rack. How you doing? Good. I’m up. How much?
$600. Out of how many racks? 14. I got to say the
kid’s good, but I’m shooting the
lights out of him. It was nice meeting
you, ma’am. You’re a good shot. What the fuck was that? That was an audition. For him or me? For him. Remember Billy Victor? California guy. That’s his kid,
Ralphie. I gave him a grand. Out of the two
that I offered you. I told him, “You lose $600 exactly. “Don’t tip your hand “and get your best game, you can keep the $400.” That kid was laying down? Bullshit! There’s no way that
kid could beat me. Oh, I don’t know
whether he can or he can’t, but I do know
that he can lose to you. And that’s better
for us. Why?
-‘Cause you’re not going to get this game for 60 K all by yourself. You need a stalking horse and I believe we got him. Jesus Christ, Quinn, could you
at least give me a head’s up when you’re doing
shit like this? Why? If he can take
a fall to you, he can convince
anybody. So give me
my $600 back. Oh, listen to me, there’s no way he could
take you straight up. Controlled losing
is not winning. Hey, see that guy
over there. Is that guy lurking around
for you? Yeah. He’s clearly not here
for the pool. He’s just drawing attention
to himself. Would you get him
the hell out of here? Yeah. This is a ridiculous game. ‘Cause you suck at it.
– Yeah, I do, I know. But I mean, it doesn’t
even have the appeal to try to get
better for it. I mean, it’s just,
it’s irritating. That’s ’cause
you suck at it. Come on.Don’t get too excited.It’s just the photos. Okay. I’ll have
the money soon. I’m not worried,
uh, you know. They’ll be ready in
a couple of days. Come here. What?
– Look, I need you to do something, besides get me
my money. I want you to figure out
where you’re going to cross. What do you mean? Well, these are going
to be good. They’re going to be as good
as anything you’ve ever seen. But, since you’ve got a kid, you try to go through
a major airport, like, uh, Toronto
or Vancouver, you’re just asking for trouble.
– We’re driving. Yeah, but still, um… like Niagara Falls,
still stupid. Okay.
– Okay. Uh, you taking your own car? No, no, I won it
in a card game. But the guy keeps
holding the paper thinking he can
get it back. That’s a dumb guy. Hey, uh… Markus… What? What?
– I need one more thing. A gun. Look, that’s not the kind of thing you
say in just like a talky voice. Doesn’t have to work. In fact, I don’t
even need bullets. But it should look good.
– No. There’s reason in the world
you need a pretend gun. You either need a real one
or you don’t. No, I need a real looking
pretend one. Hey, Quinn! Quinn, get up! I got breakfast. Quinn! …I don’t eat
breakfast! Go away! Oh, for God’s sakes. You have to… oh.
Kailey, don’t! Oh…
– Sorry. Uh… sorry again. You’re making
my retirement difficult in many, many ways. It just… What? I don’t know, it just… sorry. Why the early morning
enthusiasm? Here. What’s this? Just some things to remember
when people come asking. People? Police people? Probably. Okay. “She slept on top of
the table for a few days, “and then
was gone. She played
lots of pool.” You could have slipped this
under the door. I already said I’m sorry. Okay. I need to set up the game soon. Well, all we
can do is try. Duncan plays this…
this guy Mike Simms every week, and he beats him every week,
without fail. First step, we got to get rid of
this degenerate Simms, and get
Duncan to play Ralphie Victor, and if Ralphie does his job
the way we know he can, Duncan should have a
good taste in his mouth when you come around. Okay. I’ll get Markus
to distract Simms for us. Yeah, but you got to keep your eye
on me, because… if you don’t play
him just right, he’ll slip the hook. Okay. There’s more
on the back. The letter. On-On the back. “Don’t lie for me. At all.” You got it. It’s not a sex thing.
– Yes, it is. It’s not. I asked. It is. Your mother
wanted an abortion. It’s not that. It’s like an annuls. It’s the same thing.
It’s not. It’s like a divorce,
but for the church. A divorce from God? I guess.
– That’s even worse then. Shut up, and she
didn’t even get it. But she wanted to.
– Shut up! Nice games. No more? No. You want to play again? Come on. I’ll give you the ball I offered you before. No. I’ll give you two balls. What were we
playing before? A hundred a rack. Okay. Why don’t we do five a rack, and I’ll still take the weight. Okay. But I’m not going
to give you the first break. So we’ll lag. Nice. We got to play
straight up. No more giving you weight. Okay. Let’s go a
thousand a rack. Sure. This can’t be
a cash game anymore. Hey, go down and lock the door. I thought you might like this. What is it? It’s a book of poems
by Sherwood Anderson. He was a poet, but he worked
in advertising first. Oh. I just… I thought
you might like it. That it? How much am I down? How much am I down? 7500. That’s a lot. You should quit. I’ll play you
for $10,000 a rack, but I need a break first. I’ll be back in an hour or so. You be here? I’ll be here. It’s back to being a cash game
from now on. Okay. Okay. Here. Give him
one of these. No, no. Come on, eat it.
You’ll need it. And try to get a
rest, will you? Just stretch
out right here. What about you? Well, I’m fine. I chewed most the enamel
off my teeth, but I’m fine. What have you
got there? 11, five. Okay. Plus,
that’s seven, five he owes. This is, uh… …25, 600 something. Shit. Lose two in a row,
we’re through. What if he doesn’t come back? Oh, he’s coming back. How do you know?
– Because he wants to beat your brains in,
that’s why. It’s almost 5:00
in the morning. Now, listen, you
don’t need to win six games. Win four. I’ll make the
rest up in bets. And don’t be surprised if he don’t try
to fuck with you. Like how?
– I don’t know, but he’ll do something to try
to knock you off your rhythm. Ten grand a rack. Yup. Cash. Quinn’s got mine. And Quinn’s
friend has mine. Your dad would be sick. And we’re playing
nine ball. Raise to seven. What happened to one pocket? It went away. Problem? No problem. What? Just seems a chumpy game for us. You want to quit me? No, I’ll play you. Just think
it’s beneath us is all. Well… I’ll learn
to live with it. Lag for the break. Nobody’s going
to bet on this. This is his game. You’ll be lucky
to sink even one nine ball. Fuck off, will you? I need a minute. No way. I need a minute.
– No! Then it’s a forfeit. The hell you say! You took a three-hour break
earlier! That wasn’t in the middle
of a fucking game. She can take a
break at the end. She wants a break now,
it’s a forfeit. All right. You guys, move. You okay? Yeah. You sure?
– Yeah. Okay. And this isn’t the middle
of the fucking game. Who did that? It’s okay. Your dad do that? No, just a kid at school. That Muftie kid? Yeah. I told you that
kid was bad news. Yeah, but you were great. Yeah? Well… it worked out. All right, get out of here. Okay? Hey, uh, Gulls. Uh, tomorrow, when
you leave for school, uh, pack some extra clothes
in your backpack, okay? And find some excuse to get
what’s-her-face to walk you and leave the apartment
door unlocked. Okay. Oh, and meet me here. That should do you and give
you a little something extra. You reimburse yourself
a thousand? It was $400. You’re going to need
all you can get. You should take it. Nah. Hey. What are you doing? I just want
the broth. Okay. It’s all in here. Thanks. There you go. All right, look. I took you at your word. It’s a fake gun,
but it looks real, and if you put bullets
in it, it’s going to blow up
in your face. Thanks. And do me a favor, will you?
What’s that? When you get there,
just, uh, you know, send me a postcard
of a pool table or something just to tell me
that you made it safe. Thanks, Markus. Okay. Take care. It’s locked, it’s locked. David. David? David. David. Kai? What are you doing here? I was in town,
thought I’d say hi. How’d you get in? Door was open. You have to buzz. Just followed
somebody in. Where’s Gulley? He’s at school. Jesus. What are you doing here, Rings? Don’t call me that. Sorry. So what are
you doing here? Told you,
I was just in town. Here,
brought you a coffee. You what? A coffee. Look at you. All grown up. You want to know
what I’ve been up to? What, like, the last, I don’t
know, 11 years have been like? No. Yeah, you do. How’s Abby? Well, give her my best. He’s been writing
to you, hasn’t he? Those letters
were, were to you? That lying brat. David,
do me a favor. C-Can we just,
just sit here for a sec? Please. He wrote me
about a lot of stuff. Yeah? Like what? Well… for one, you’re making him take dancing
lessons, for God’s sakes. Give me a break. And how he has to lie
about going to church and how he gets
into fights. Every kid gets
into fights. Yeah. Not every kid has
to lie for his dad. How’d he break his hand? He fell down.
– How? Kids fall down– enough
with the fucking grilling. Seriously,
David, I need you to stay in bed. Shut up, Rings, okay? Where the fuck is my watch? David. I need you to stay in bed and don’t call me Rings
even one more goddamn time! Lay back down. Lay back down. What are you doing? I’m taking him with me. Well, he’s
not here. I know. Oh, Jesus. Now, tell me,
how did he fall down? We just bumped
into each other. Like I said… he wrote me
about a lot of stuff. What do you think
you’re doing, Kailey? How Abby is the same. You know the one thing
I’m gonna miss is not being able
to tell her what a true and hateful bitch… Ow! Fuck you.
– Like I said, he wrote me
about a lot of stuff. But the thing in his letters
that’s the clearest is what he never says. Yeah, what’s that? He’s scared of you. ‘Cause you’re angry all the
time and he doesn’t know why. And so you’re taking him? Right.
So why are you telling me? You could have just taken
him without all this. ‘Cause I want you to know
he’s going to be okay. You’re pointing
a gun at me. Doesn’t inspire
confidence. He’s going to be fine. He’s going to be better. He might actually have a couple
of fucking friends. You can get up now. Hey, Rings? You don’t want to be
doing this, Rings! It’s why you’re sick. You know
it’s wrong. Ow! God! I told you to stop
calling me that. Find yourself a little
nickname for Ellen. I don’t have one. I know. I don’t know when
she’ll be back. Hopefully, she’ll have a nice,
long breakfast somewhere and linger a bit, but until then…
just think about how I’m right. He can’t be
here anymore. Something bad
will happen. Abby will push harder,
you’ll drink more, something else will get broken. Just… just give me a chance. Okay? I’ll take
care of him. Rings,
you don’t want to do this. Rings. If you feel like you have
to call the police, just wait as long as you can. You drive a truck? That’s great. Come on, Gulls. We’ve got to go. But why do this to you? She wanted me to know
that he’d be okay. What? She said… he’d be better off
with her than with us. Is she right? David? Is she right? Call the police. Is there anything
I can do to help? Nope. Stay strapped in. Okay. I could help you drive. You know how to
drive standard? Yeah. No, you don’t. Did you pack any
other clothes? Some, yeah,
but they’re in the back. Okay, well, uh,
stay buckled in, but lose the lawyer
outfit, will you? Sure. No, you’re not listening– she doesn’t have
visitation rights. Nobody’s seen
that woman in 11 years. Not even your grandson? Absolutely not him. She hasn’t seen him
since he was born. Where was that? Ohio, near Columbus. Where was that town? David? They may have been
writing each other. Oh, for Christ sake, David! I only just found out. How? What do you mean? You said you don’t
know where she was, so how’s your son
going to write her? I-I don’t know. Okay. Anything else? She has a gun. You keep telling us that. At least let me shift. No. I’ll roshambo you for it. You’ll what? Rock, paper, scissors? Oh, for God sakes. All right, fine. I’m going to throw a rock. Really? Promise. Okay. On four, all right? Okay, one, two, three. I lied. Oh!
– Now teach me. Okay, up and towards
me is first. Down is second. Up and towards
you is third. Down is fourth. Okay, that’s pretty much it. But you gotta do it
when I push in the clutch, otherwise it’s going to make
a terrible noise and we crash. Okay?
Okay. First. Second. Third. That’s fourth. I can’t believe
you cheated. No letters. All of it’s
schoolwork. I looked through
those already. Where the hell is
Chasm Falls, New York? We’ll find out. But Quinn’s Billiards
should be pretty easy. Goddamn it. You know some woman
named Kailey Sullivan? Oh, fuck. Did she wreck my truck? Why would she wreck your truck? Because she thinks it’s hers. Excuse me.
You Mr. Quinette? Hey, Gulls. You try to get
some sleep, okay? We’ve still got a ways. No, I’m okay. What do you think Dad’s
doing right now? I think he’s
worried about you. I just hope he
isn’t mean to Ellen. You want to write
him a letter? No. Maybe some time
but not right now. Why not? It would just make
him even madder. Well, we’ll write
him a letter whenever
you want, okay? Go to sleep, Gulls. How far is Canada?
It’s not far. Probably about 20
miles up there. We’ve got to catch a bus. Let’s just drive. We can’t. Hey, Gulls, listen. On the bus, if anyone asks,
you’re a very sick kid. Like a cold? No, maybe even
worse than that. Escarole poisoning? What is that? I guess like food poisoning. No. Uh, worse than that. I’ve got to get my bag first. What time is it? Almost 5:30. And remember, worse than
escarole poisoning, okay? Morning. Morning. You’re new. Yeah. Mom, I’m starving. The bus will
be here soon. No, it’ll be late.
It always is. Uh, I’ll go get us
some donuts, okay? Stay here. Can I get, uh, four
plain cake donuts, a milk and a large coffee? I don’t have any
regular coffee. I just have decaf. You gotta be fucking kidding me. I drank it all. Fine. Just, uh,
give me a decaf. Mom? Gull, I told you
to stay in line. Kailey? Kailey? I need you
to stop running now. Kailey? Look at me.
Look at me. Kailey! No, no, no, leave the bag!
Leave the gun! Kailey! No! Mom! Okay. Get in the truck. No, it’s okay. Okay. It’s okay.
I’m fine, Gulls. I just… I just need you
to shift again, okay? Just… I’ll get you into first, but from then on,
it’s all you, kid. Okay? Okay, come on. That’s my boy. Hey. You Gulley? Yeah, I am. I got a letter for you.

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