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  1. Hello Mr. Morris, Is there any way that you could help me analyze a deal? it would be a turnkey deal but I am just starting as an investor and could use the feedback from someone as knowledgeable as yourself. It is a turnkey deal in VA please let me know how I can contact you Thank you!

  2. Hi Clayton. I am interested in your Turnkey services but I don't live in America. Do you offer your services to foreign investors. I am from Zimbabwe but currently living in Australia. thanks

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed your videos. Quite educational. I am from central VA and would love start my investment from my home state. Have you done any investments in VA?

  4. Hi Morris, I have been binge watching your videos, and fear and lack of knowledge is stopping me at this point to get started. Do you guys offer turn keys around 30k? Or multiple families still? I know you said vacancies are higher with them but they seem more attractive to me because of more cash flow potential.

  5. Hello, I am watching you from Nigeria and I intend to invest in the states and I hope I can do that through your turnkey company? As a foreigner I hope is allowed to do business in the states?

  6. Morris I like the rooming house nich can Morris invest get me a turnkey rooming house or just a whole apartment setup

  7. My only skepticism of purchasing a property that is already cash flowing is why are you selling it. If its truly making money, whats in it for the selling company?

  8. Hi Clayton. I just watched another video you made where you advise against buying turnkey, and in this video you are encouraging it. I am a little confused. Can you please clarify? Thank you

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