Two Years After Hurricane Harvey: American Red Cross Supporting Recovery

Water was rushing into my home. My first concern was making sure my family was safe. I received a text message—Red Cross
was giving assistance in our area. They gave us immediate support. They gave us financial resources. We were able to make sure that we had some food. We had some things that could hold us until we were able to get back in our home. How are you doing? Come in. Doing good. Welcome in. When the Red Cross offered financial assistance, it really gave us hope. With the money that they gave, we
were able to use the money towards repairs. And we had to pull the carpet up. This
whole top area collapsed from water and the walls, water was coming from the
wall somehow. The fact that Red Cross was there, willing to give a helping hand to
make sure that our needs were met. That really, you know, was very inspiring. If I could talk to the donors of the Red Cross, I would tell them to continue
giving because the Red Cross— they’re good stewards of what’s given to them. And the fact that Red Cross was there to assist us when our area was hurt, really
gave us hope.

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