Typhoon Chaba hits southeastern Korea after lashing Jeju

Korea is now under the direct impact of Typhoon
Chaba, which made its way towards the nation’s southern provinces early this morning. Chaba, the strongest storm Korea has seen
in almost a decade, is causing some major damage down south and we’ve already seen
two deaths. Let’s connect with our Hwang Hojun for more
breaking details. So Hojun, Typhoon Chaba just passed through
Busan? That’s right Daeun. Typhoon Chaba made landfall in Busan at around
11 this morning and has wreaked havoc on the southern coast. There have been a number of accidents — including
a crane at a construction site that collapsed due the wind. Two people have been killed, including an
elderly woman who fell off the roof of her house, and one is missing in Busan. The storm has also disrupted transportation. A hundred and ten flights have been cancelled
nationwide, with 47 of the cancellations at Gimhae Airport near Busan. KTX express trains on the Gyeongbu-line were
shut down a couple of hours ago due to a power outage. Not far away in the city of Ulsan,… a flash
flood warning has been issued near the Taewha-gang River,… where flooding has temporarily halted
production at the Ulsan Hyundai Motor factory. As of 1 p.m. Typhoon Chaba is 70 kilometers
northeast of Busan and moving toward the East Sea at a speed of about 43 kilometers an hour. Its maximum wind speed is around one-hundred-15
kilometers an hour. According to the Jeju Regional Meteorological
Administration, Chaba is actually packing the strongest winds since Typhoon Maimi in
2003, and the third strongest ever. A typhoon warning is still in effect across
the southern coast, including Busan and Ulsan. A typhoon advisory is also in place for most
of the Gyeongsang-do provinces. Hojun, it’s unusual for Korea to experience
such a strong typhoon in October, and in fact this is the first one we’ve had in three years. How long will it take for the storm to pass? Well, the typhoon is weakening in strength
as it travels toward the East Sea but it is also moving forward at a faster pace. The typhoon’s trajectory has it reaching Korea’s
Dokdo islets in the East Sea late this afternoon, and then crossing to Japan by Thursday morning,
at which point it’s likely to be downgraded to a tropical depression. However, as the heavy rain could trigger more
flash floods and landslides, both Korea and Japan are closely monitoring Chaba’s progress. Back to you, Daeun.

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  1. it is making me sad be that's my favourite country .I pray that it may not occur next time in Jesus' name

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