Uchuck III to FRIENDLY COVE Nootka Sound + Visiting GOLD RIVER on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

today’s episode is a pretty special one
because I finally get to revisit my hometown of Gold River on Vancouver
Island I moved away at 17 to go to university and I hadn’t really spent a
lot of time there is an adult so I was really excited to not only go back but
also to show Audrey for the first time as part of our visit we planned a day
trip to friendly Cove with get west adventures cruises aboard the you Uchuck 3 this is the most popular tour you can take from Gold River and it’s a great
way to experience the beauty this part of Vancouver Island has to offer
it turned out to be a really fun day so we hope you’ll enjoy this video well good morning guys morning guys
greetings from Sam’s hometown of Gold River first time back in Gold River in
12 years it’s really exciting and we’re gonna be going on the MV Uchuck III today
it’s gonna be a fantastic boat ride we are doing an excursion yeah the MV Uchuck 3 is like this massive boat that apparently does delivery so the little
communities along the coast it’s a working boat yeah I could tell you a
little bit about its history it’s it’s been in service since 1942 and it can
hold up to 100 passengers and 70 tons of cargo very nice yeah it’s the two of us
my dad Sam we’re gonna start boarding at 10 a.m.
and I won’t be back to like 4:30 yeah it’s a full day out on the water full
day on the water and we woke up really early in Mount Washington we start
driving before the Sun even came up we had a beautiful sunrise we drove through
to Campbell River and then through the meandering road the Gold river
meandering yeah give you a little we kind of drove through the town of it we
saw where I lived a few different buildings you know like the town is
really small so didn’t take us long to drive through at all and now we’re just
waiting to board the MV Uchuck 3 so let’s do let’s do this we pulled out a gold River at 10 a.m.
and began the two and a half hour voyage to yuquot by a Nootka sound the
landscapes were breathtaking the whole way with sprawling coastal forests
featuring Douglas fir Sitka spruce Arbutus Western hemlock and western red
and yellow cedar after enjoying the landscapes we went down to the galley to
warm up for a bit and enjoy a second breakfast there is really windy and cold
so we decided to come down here to warm up a little eat something and then we’ll
climb back up some more pictures and video we brought some
you know like warm building but you need a wind breaker it’s not enough we
thought it was going to be warmer than this you know oh and there was also very friendly dog
Oh on board which made the journey all the more fun so what do you guys think
of the journey so far enjoy it’s right yeah very scenery is
fantastic you’re basically you’ve got mountain ranges on both sides yeah yeah
it’s on your lievable forest anyways some information about this boat so this
the MV Uchuck III was built in 1942 originally it was going to be I think
its purpose with us a mine sweet boat it’s been repurposed as a cargo and
passenger ship can hold up to 100 passengers 70 tons of freight so the
main purpose of the boat actually is it isn’t as a as a passenger boat it’s a
service remote communities that brings cargo to and from and yeah it’s just
been a beautiful day so far it’s a little brisk not as warm out here
but I kind of like it being overcast it’s a bit more atmospheric choo-choo-choo chili what’s on the menu
Chili’s on the menu looks delicious like man
so it is delicious and it’s gonna be warm it had cheese on it broke up some
crackers in there oh yeah they hit the spot big time it’s
a bit spicy too I like it I’ve got some kick to it
that’s a good chili should we pulled into Yuquot also known as friendly
Cove just as we were finishing up lunch so that was perfect timing here we got
to meet Cujo who is part of the unofficial welcoming committee on this
island we have Roy we made this friendly Cove
friendly Cove this is it we’ve got the Uchuck just behind us yep looking
massive that was wasn’t that a beautiful journey journey oh my gosh that’s your
kind that’s your kind of boat ride there is no way smoothly motion sickness
it was great wheat chili for lunch you thought feel I feel I saw a seal some different
different birds I mean there’s plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting now
we didn’t see a whale I would have been epic I saw a leaping fish leaping out
of the water anyway that’s awesome so anyways we
disembarked at around 12:30 and we’ve got three hours here so there’s a number
of things to do there’s a little beach where we’re standing right now there’s
also a lighthouse there’s some different buildings to visit you mentioned the
trails to explore yeah there’s a church is a trail to explore so we’ve got lots
of time and we’re gonna try to do it all yeah so let’s see what happens our first tip when you get off the MV Uchuck III would be to check out the views of friendly Cove from the beach most visitors
hit the hiking trails right away but this black Pebble Beach which is
directly to the right of the pier offers beautiful views of friendly Cove plus
there are lots of logs where you can sit down and enjoy the beauty of the place
we geotag this place on trover so you guys can also find it after a little stroll along the beach we
follow the hiking trail over to you Yuquot church the church that stands
here today was originally dedicated to Pope Pius the tenth and it was built in
1956 to replace the previous church that burned down the structure was eventually
decommissioned as a church in the 1990s and today it acts as a cultural center
and museum housing replicas of sacred carvings after visiting the church we walked over
to the beach where we encountered a totem with outstretched palms staring
out to see you Yuquot was the summer home of chief Macquinna and during its fur
trade heyday in the 1780s and 1790s it had a community of up to 1500 people
this is the site where the first contact between Europeans and First Nations took
place in British Columbia last stop of the day we saw the day
before the boat leaves yeah we are going to the lighthouse lighthouse and we’re
gonna have a fantastic view from here I mean look at those views Audrey Yuquot
means where the wind blows in all directions so it would make sense to
have a lighthouse here we added this place to trover because even though the
lighthouse may not be open to visitors it is worth the hike as you get
spectacular views of the coastline and just like that our visit to friendly
Cove came to an end and we boarded the MV Uchuck three once more we are back in the condo it is dinner
time we all look pretty exhausted because we were up by 4:00 in the
morning today won’t date today but very fun a good meal it’s gonna be yogi with
a four cheese tomato sauce it’s all in pasta we got a big one liter wine on the
table yeah so we’ll show you dinner soon and we’ll we’ll wrap up with some final
thoughts on our Gold River and Uchuck experience Big O great boys the dinner time is
their time I’ve got a mountain lots of vegetables some meat really really good
oh yeah so we had a homecoming of sorts really mm-hmm
we got to revisit the town where I was raised and grew up it was just it was so
cool we got to drive around the town we got to see what what’s changed what
hasn’t changed I mean it’s more or less stayed the same some businesses have
come and gone with the town itself looks kind of like what I remember I think the
the major change that I’ve seen is the carvings that are around town now and
they’re adding some every every year so I think that’s gonna kind of like the
story of chemainus you know just gonna draw people in there
so the other thing that was really neat too is we got to reacquaint ourselves
with some old friends a couple of my old teachers and a few other people we knew
someone I went to school with it’s like just a year older than me is working on
the Uchuck and it was just great to reconnect with people everyone was
really friendly and just curious to see what we’ve been up to
yeah just to get in touch with everyone I mean just the socializing was almost
as fun as the sightseeing it’s all yeah the drive from from here into gold River
has it hasn’t changed that much it’s still a challenging road you have to be
careful and there’s a few tight corners it was a serpentine road I mean the
entire road is basically serpentine there’s some areas that are more whiny
than others and he was going on the bow the Uchuck was fantastic it’s just
it’s such beautiful scenery you’re looking at rugged
coastline and mountains and forests and it’s as far as the eye can see and then
you know once you talk and friendly Cove it’s quite a bit to do there’s two
different Beach areas there’s the lighthouse to church to explore a church
filled with totem poles yeah which is fascinating and I think like more than
anything it’s just the kind of place where you want to just sit down or walk
and really just take it in because it’s a it’s a very peaceful part of Vancouver
island it is and for me just going back over the nootka sound area being on Nootka
Island again I’ve been to every other place every
other logging camp in Nootka Island yeah but I actually haven’t been on friendly
Cove so finally I finally get to go to so out of the three days we’ve been here
two days of basically entirely new things for you lived in on the Vancouver
Island for over 20 means I guess you know while I were here I didn’t really
know that was war as much as they should have maybe you live somewhere it’s like
not as much of a priority but coming back I wanted to really make sure that
we do things that both of us never got to experience when we lived here we’ll
some some familiar things so it’s a nice combination anyways guys if you enjoyed
this video give it a thumbs up leave us a comment below and stay tuned because
we have another video coming tomorrow cheers Cheers

35 thoughts on “Uchuck III to FRIENDLY COVE Nootka Sound + Visiting GOLD RIVER on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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  9. Samuel, what kind of job did your Dad have in this town of Gold River? How many people are living there?

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