UFOs and Volcanoes. Why are UFOs seen at natural disasters?

Recently we have seen an increase in volcanic
activity around the world. A volcano near the Philippine capital Manilla
has spewed ash up to nine miles (15km) into the sky, this prompting the evacuation of
thousands of people, the cancellation of flights and warnings of a possible explosive eruption
and volcanic tsunami. Taal volcano, is one of the country’s most
active, it sits in the middle of a lake about 45 miles south of Manila. As tremors shook the area, volcanic lightning
flickered in the column of steam and ash making for a spectacular display of nature’s power. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and
Seismology (Phivolcs) raised its alert level to 4 out of 5 – meaning “hazardous explosive
eruption is possible within hours to days”. The Taal volcano is part of the notorious
chain of volcanoes known as the ring of fire, The Ring of Fire (also known as the Rim of
Fire or the Circum-Pacific belt) is a major area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where
many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. Also this area has seen a lot of UFO, activity
and it would seem that UFOs do take a particular interest in these natural events, why could
this be what could they be looking for or monitoring? Let’s take a look. Welcome to if …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Volcanos are a true force of nature that have
long been the focus of mankind, they feature heavily in many ancients and have even been
said to be home to gods. They are also hotspots of UFO activity so
what is the relationship and links between UFOs and Volcanoes? There have been many reports of activity documented
over the years let’s take a look at a couple of these and see if we can uncover some answers. Let’s begin with a report from 10 years
ago that tells of how many objects were spotted flying over the Icelandic volcano…. (This is going to be hard) Eyjafjallajokull. What make story a little more bizarre is that
the volcano was active at the time. So did these objects arrive at the volcano
or maybe even come from the volcano itself? These mysterious UFPs were reported to have
formed themselves into a V shaped formation, looking at video pictures I think we can exclude
birds or another flying animal as a cause for what was seen, the movement seems to indicate
intelligence control flight and the flight formation created to serve some unknown purpose. This sighting also shares many of its characteristics
with objects seen over both volcanoes and earth quakes in other parts of the world. Heading from Europe to Asia and a sighting
Near Sakurajima Volcano “JAPAN” The volcano is monitored by a camera system
that captured some amazing images, the 4 camera system shows a number glowing orbs which are
flying in and around the volcano. The footage shows that these anomalous flyers
not only looked as if they were monitoring the activity they also looked to be interfering
with it! You can head over to the Sakurajima Volcano
Live Webcams Library: (As a bit of a tip Use your browsers in-page
translation from Japanese to English). Jumping across to another continent and yet
more UFO volcano interactions. This time in the Americas
Mexico to exact. Let’s look at Mexico’s colossal volcano
Popocatepetl. The weekend of July 1st 2017 three massive
explosions rocked southern Mexico sending a column of ash nearly 7 km in to the sky. This event coming after a huge 8.1 quake the
combination of disasters left 217 dead and almost obliterated the Mexican capital of
Mexico City. Among the chaos an object that could not be
explained was captured. The biggest news publications In Mexico the
Milenio and Extramex showed images of an unknown luminous object flying over the erupting volcano,
the amazing image was captured by a reporter who was working on a story about the active
volcano. His picture shows a glowing orb that is clearly
definable thanks to the dark black smoke rising from the volcanic crater. The reporter a one Alfonso Reyes snapped the
picture using a 24 mm angular lens with an exposure time of 20 seconds, at the time of
the photos taking he did see anything strange in the sky it was only when developing the
snap that the mysterious object became visible, tis being a common trait with UFOs. This making many consider the idea that these
craft may have some kind of cloaking technology. The camera captured the UFOs descending trajectory
and a quick turn into the craters direction. The flight characteristics of the object meant
that it was possible to exclude things like meteors airplanes or helicopters as an explanation. This strange occurrence is something that
is often observed and in June of 1999 the surveillance camera of the CENAPRED, This
camera is part of a system used to watch the activity of the Mount Popo volcano. This camera unexpectedly captured something
that could not be easily explained away, in the smoke rising from the crater, just like
in the story previous. There was an object this time it was clearly
identifiable as a flying disc, there has been no explanation to what this craft was or could
be. Moving on to The Calbuco volcano which laid
dormant for over four decades, before its eruptions on April 22nd and 23rd. The initial eruption sent dust shooting into
the air and it was enough to ground flights and cause the evacuation of the nearby town
of Ensenada. This was then followed by a another large
eruption which happened to coincide with a storm the resulting light show of lightning
bolts illuminating the ash made for amazing footage which was shown by many media outlets. The thing is, it may not have only been humans
that were watching, UFO reports quickly began to come in. Five UFOs in a line formation – four in
close formation and one trailing – flew directly into the ash clouds at a low altitude
above the volcano and then disappeared. The images captured over those couple of days
were uploaded and this is when the UFOs were spotted, at the time they were invisible to
the naked eye. Ana Luisa Cid posted a video showing the objects
hovering as if they were observing the volcano before suddenly disappearing. So why are UFOs constantly spotted in the
run up to earthquakes and during volcanic eruptions? There has been an increase in these sightings,
and this would make perfect sense as we are witnessing an increase in tectonic and volcanic
activity globally. Many theories have been proposed as to why
there are unidentified objects seen flying over these violent outbursts of nature. Two men who have worked toward an answer are
Michael Persinger and Gyslaine Lafrenière they made a made a statistical study of the
correlation between UFO sightings and seismic-related locations. The findings of this survey were published
in their book “Space-Time Transients and Unusual Events” In this book they put forward evidence suggesting
that tectonic strains in the Earth’s crust produce enough energy to produce columns of
electrical energy and glowing balls of light in the atmosphere. Tectonic Strain Theory (TST) would also provide
an explanation for why UFOs appear at window areas or certain hot spots like volcanos and
earthquakes. One of the book authors Michael Persinger,
went to on to consider and experiment with the possibility that the EM fields of this
type of UFOs can trigger hallucinations or trance states in people who get to near to
them. This he then goes onto link with the numerous
stories of ‘alien’ abduction and tales of strange encounters with extraterrestrial
entities by those that have witnessed an unexplainable light in the sky. There has also been more outlandish claims
made, these include the idea that aliens are building bases inside volcanos, they harvest
the vast amounts of energy produced. They are seen at eruptions because it is at
those times it is unsafe for them to remain in their hidden crater bases. Others say that the answer is far simpler,
like us they are monitoring the Activity and the events for research purposes, the end
goal of the supposed research is guessed at. Maybe they want to prevent disasters or equally
as possible start them!! As always if you like what
we do here ……………………………………………………………………………………………………

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  2. Ahh it’s not letting me join live chat. I’ve tried 5 times. Spewing. YT just freezes as soon as I enter live chat.

  3. Fantastic video x cheers Dave x I've seen many sightings on live webcams while watching volcanic activity.

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  5. I have come across the theory, that volcanoes are portals, and UFOs use them.
    They might use them to get to inner Earth.

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  7. Good afternoon if . These UFOs might be evacuating their own from in the Earth . like when a mine collapses deep down in side throwing material out. Or these eruptions could be acting as a Portal . But Solar minimum is also allowing the Radiation or microwave to get through heating up the Earths inner core and expanding The magma with in much like a Balloon expands and stretching it circumference the Earth’s crust is being put though the same stresses and they as to these entities in their ships are monitoring and releasing where the stresses are build up . I am dyslexi so sorry if some words are wrong but thanks anyway love the channel👍🛫🛸💥

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  9. Interesting broadcast.
    Could it be possible that there are beings occupying the earth as concerned about major vulcanism as us.
    Not a hollow earth, but an earth with an extensive subterranean civilsation.
    I have mentioned reptilians before on this channel.
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  10. Hello I'm not into aliens from other planets. I think there is ufos on earth underground piloted by ppl. I saw on Mexico live cams 2 year ago, somthing so fast going under a volcano I slowed it down x 10 and it was still hard to see. I did record it il link it you.

  11. Good video 👍but no matter how important it is to the fact that ufos are real and influence our planet and daily lives it doesn’t make make a difference by the time any one in a position of power to make the general public totally “in your face “aware it will be too late and we’ll be in chains as slaves .

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  15. Without an scientific understanding of earth's geology we may never understand the presence of UFO'S during these events I have an film on my channel that looks at alternative geologic theory it's called " Declassified CIA documents the Adam and Eve story" it explains the history of cataclysmic geology and the many earth disasters that saw huge animal extinctions and complete continental destruction. .this is the power of volcanics whose destructive force is more than capable of destroying our planet virtually wiping out all life…we can't say for sure the purpose of UFO'S in any case or event but our understanding of science and history can always improve perhaps that's the reason an advanced alien race has intrests in this subject as it's aware the potential destructive power of world-wide geological events that have the capability to destroy our planet…

  16. Fallen Angels used to be called "Gods" by the ancient religions(Pagan religions). The fallen ones dwells in the earth and that is what people see when they observe UFO´s.

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