UK weather warning: 73 flood warnings and 94 alerts for UK as torrential downpours hit – News 247

 Britain has been hit by torrential downpours as the last week of October kicked off as a wet affair Flooding is expected in a wide range of areas in the UK on Monday and the Government’s Environment Agency has issued multiple warnings In total, 73 flood warnings hare in effect while 94 flood alerts are urging people to prepare  The heavy rainfall is expected to last for the next 36 hours with three weeks of rain predicted to fall  Forecasters have warned of a “danger to life” as 167 flood warnings are in place, mostly across central England and Wales  The Midlands are most affected as rivers are feared to overflow their banks. The Severn in the West Midlands is due to be a flood risk until Tuesday, while the Wye and Trent have multiple warnings in place   READ MORE UK snow forecast: Snow showers to hit in -5C polar blast  An Environment Agency flood risk forecast reads: “Local flooding is expected from rivers across parts of the west Midlands today  “Local on-going flooding from the River Severn in the west Midlands is possible through to Tuesday  “Land, roads and some individual properties will flood and there will be local travel disruption ” The Met Office said the worst of the rain is over, with minor showers in parts of Scotland and the north-west of England on Sunday  Meteorologist Sophie Yeomans said: “It was just Friday and Saturday that we saw the really heavy and prolonged rainfall ” BBC forecaster Phil Avery also explained the weather should get drier in the next few days  He said: “Through the next days, a lot of dry weather, a lot of sunshine as well  “But it won’t do anything for the temperatures and it will be cold both by day and by night  “Some showers across the north of Scotland, maybe one or two down the eastern shores of England ”  READ MORE UK weather latest: Met Office issues floods and 60mph gales warning What do to in a flood The Environment Agency issue three levels of flood warning: flood alert, flood warning and severe flood warnings Flood alert – PreparePrepare a bag that includes medicines and insurance documentsCheck flood warningsFlood warning – ActTurn off gas, water and electricityMove things upstairs or to safetyMove family, pets and car to safety Trending Severe flood warning – SurviveCall 999 if in immediate dangerFollow advice from emergency servicesKeep yourself and your family safe To save a copy of the Environment Agency’s simple flood plan, click HERE

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