Ultralight BWK Dam Kendal

“Kendal” Port, “East Stone” breakwater Start at 6am, fishing until 8am Prepare the pole fishing later when we arive the spot Hello guys Hello guys, did you strike? I just arrived There is, the queenfish is coming Let’s just go straight Let’s try it here first This is the extreme spot Yeah.. For the first time, don’t go too far I’m usually at the other end At the end there is rather deep, can only ride a boat Keep going my friend Take an easy Big fish, don’t tight drag my friend Don’t loose it The fish is still running, don’t roll yet Don’t rush roll Don’t rush roll Take an easy, just enjoy it Rightly said, the fish is under something floating I will catch the fish Take an easy my friend fishy Let’s take picture Fishy You first time the large direct queenfish strike fish my friend

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