UNBOXING: CAME-TV Boltzen 55W LED fresnel 2-light kit

Hey everyone, Adam with Droi Media here. Today I’m going to be doing a quick unboxing
of some new lights I just got. These are the CAME-TV 55 watt focusable Fresnel
lights. I’ve been using hot tungsten Fresnel lights
for a long time and just got fed up with having to touch, and unpack, and pack these hot lights,
so I made the jump to all LEDs, and this is the newest addition to the kit. Here we go. The case feels pretty sturdy, looks similar
to a Pelican Case. Inside we’ve got a couple of the light fixtures
here. Everything is really well packaged. We’ve got the light itself, battery plate
there. Looks like there’s some assembly required,
and we’ll do that here in a sec. I got the two light kit and I believe you
can buy these in single fixture and three light kits as well. Some gels for the front of it. Looks like frost ones and tungsten ones. Power cords. Some of the adapters. Looks like the P-Tap cables as well if you
want to run that off a V-Mount or other battery. And then here are what looks like the yokes,
and some of the hardware. We’ve got the barndoors here. They’re pretty light. They feel pretty robust, they’re nice and
sturdy. We’ve got the power plugged in, and it goes
in the back here like so. You can see there’s an on-and-off switch
and a dimmer. Again you could put the battery in here if
you want that. Flipping it on it’s at 100% and it’s pretty
bright. Looks like it’ll start us, it says 1% but
it’s jumping up pretty high already. There’s a little bit of a fan noise, but
it’s not too bad. These are nice and bright. You can adjust the focus so you can spot it
down or flood it out depending on what you need. This is a great option. Not quite Fresnel style, but it’s very very
similar and one of the reasons I decided to go with these lights. The front here is threaded with the barndoors,
so you can take those off if you wanted to put something like a Bowens mount or softbox
on it. I believe that’s where we can put in the
filters as well. So here I’ve got the Tungsten filter, we’ve
got the softer light filter, and then an even softer one. So those would just go in, and the branders
would get threaded back on. This does not look like it creates too much
of a tungsten balance. It gives a little bit of orange but I’d
have to do some color readings on it. Still if you wanted a little bit of color
you’ve got some options. Thanks for sticking around through this unboxing,
and I will see you next time.

2 thoughts on “UNBOXING: CAME-TV Boltzen 55W LED fresnel 2-light kit

  1. Do the lights fit in the case with the U bracket and barn doors attached? Thanks for the review!

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