Unboxing Vision dam kit by ASA Dental

Hi everyone! I’m Francesca Cerutti, Silver Member of Style Italiano Endodontics. Today I want to show you Vision our re-designed dam kit. So, let’s do the unboxing! Vision is a rubber dam kit designed to make dam placement and dental photography easier Let’s first take a look at the more conventional tools that we can find in the kit which are a classic rubber dam punch and a clamp forceps. Let’s get to the innovative pieces! The dam template and the edible marker allow you to mark on the dental dam sheet the point you will prick with the punch. So you will not introduce unwanted chemicals into your patient’s mouth. The dental dam sheet and the frame, as you can see are in 16:9 aspect ratio covering the mouth in a much more convenient way rather then the old square aspect ratio. The clamps are pretty innovative too since they are opaque and they present a non stick-coating This feature gives us a boost in terms of taking intra-operative photos because the light will not scatter on the clamps. And in terms of clearliness and sterilization since composites or adhesives will not stain the clamps anymore. The clamps are positioned on a magnetic support to always keep them properly stored and to ease the selection. The magnets also simplify the process of taking and storing the clamps. Vision definetly makes dam placement easier faster and more confortable while improving intra-operative photography. For further questions of if you want to share your experience leave a comment below. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and keep watching our website! Bye!

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