UNCHARTED Rivers of Brazil! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.187

100 thoughts on “UNCHARTED Rivers of Brazil! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.187

  1. You guys refresh the soul!

    Yeah, as a city dweller I was kinda nervous/worried about this adventure but you guys showed what happens when respectful, friendly, kind people meet respectful, friendly, kind people. Pure magic.

    We're told the world is not safe and fear and worry become currency, but when it's experienced moments like this we discover how much our worries and fear hold us back. Our world and the ppl in it are inherently good and welcoming. Soul lifted! Again!

    And that kid? Great kid! From this one encounter y'all touched him forever and also more doors opened, meeting his family, going to his village. Juuuust BITCHIN!

    Lisa! Leaving? My bottom lip is doing its sadness thing. I know life happened, but gonna miss you! You've come a long way, and it's been a real pleasure being on that journey with you!

    Oh, super congrats on the engagement Bri & Kazza, but Bri, what the hell took you so long man?! I think a yes was on the cards years ago! Call that a long engagement, ah?

    Love to y'all

  2. This is the kind of Delos episode I enjoy the best. Adventure up uncharted rivers, meeting random locals. I love it

  3. That was another interesting adventure managing your way into shallower waters with Delos and with a surprise waterfall and hidden cityscape at the end. Google Translate helps me to no end especially when i'm in another country. The next episode will be another sad one, as for me, I had started watching your tag along adventures just a few episodes before Leesir and Lizbef took sail. Will be exciting to see what totally new adventures await.

  4. Bananas in pyjamas made it to the northern hemisphere. I was blown away when you guys knew that tune. I thought that it was a uniquely Australian thing. Oh, an famous in Brazil too

  5. I'm looking forward to the Delos video when you catch up to Rick Moore and view your side of the story.

  6. Loved the river! I know the bay but never been to this part of it
    I got myself thinking how amazing it must have been for this brazilian teen to have such a different and unexpected day! He will rembember it for all his life for sure!
    I was so sad to see you didn't go to Barra Grande (the village) and Taipus de Fora (you went to taipus de dentro), it's the best part of the bay! most beautiful village and beaches ever!!!

  7. "Wise words from a wise man" **Bangs head on spinnaker pole**. You should get Healthy, Happy, Free on t-shirts!

  8. Ahhhh. . . what a lovely tour. The teen age guide for the day —–> Beautiful insight into our common humanity! love his village and meeting his mom and his place on our blue planet. You ppl bring me joy! This reminded me of 2005 when I was privileged to be guided through some of Costa Rica's interior rain forest to swim pools and "slideable" water falls by an aboriginal guide. Thanks for bringing me along. You're the BEST!

  9. Hey guys I don't know if you remember me but iv been busy but I'm back and doing a lot of catching up on all the episodes…….the season here in Malta is a month from closing so I'm working extra hard to get all the dive I can ….i have been away that long you guys would have never knew I have started working at a dive centre in Malta call sea shell dive centre you should chek us out on TripAdvisor 😄 maby one day you can come!!! Well that's it from me have a good one and happy sailing

  10. It literally makes my day when I see the new videos post. When I am able to get away from work and get time to watch them it makes me smile, laugh and dream. I (along with many others) live vicariously through you guys! I love you guys!

  11. Always a hoot, and always an emotional roller coaster watching these. I get that you have to leave places and people, but sometimes we watchers sever our attachments to those peoples at different times than you do, so we need time to adjust.

  12. you guys should not go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and lakes that you are used to. i never thought that would be relevant in any situation.

  13. Click on video – press like button – watch : this is your quality. Thank You so much !

  14. Ah Delos, great video, love the idea of sailing uncharted waters, you should invite Cpt'n Rick and The Lady down. Keep the videos coming, thanks.

  15. I absolutely loved this video! Digging into the soul of a place. Your young friend was the door to it's soul.

  16. As always, really dig your videos and sorry to hear Leesir is leaving, I hope not for too long, it won't be same. Ya'll all seem to mesh perfectly together.

  17. Your episodes bring me on the verge of tears, every. Single. Time. Ive watched since day one and the evolution of your episodes and what they do for the soul are priceless. Being a Seattlite and the fact you got your start here (Brian) makes me dream of following in your footsteps every night. Please keep up the great work!!!! Love you guys. – Joe in Seattle

  18. hey tribe if you where just starting out and could only get one camera under $600 what would you get

  19. What faith you show in your fellow beings…, "livin happy , healthy and free"…couldn't have said it any better than… " going where your'e really not supposed to be and that's uncharted" …you guys surpass yourselves from one episode to the next…beginning to think you guys should be doin work for National Geographic …:)

    Thank you once again, for having lunch with me , …creating the perfect escape before it's back to work !

  20. Hello from Vancouver Canada! Just wondering what brand Brian’s sunglasses are? Would like to get a pair too:) cheers!

  21. Cool trip up the mangrove swamps. I did some of that in Mexico on a sailboat trip in Bahia Santa Maria. You guys/gals do some excellent video, what with the GoPro, the drone and other gear you have. It's also sweet that you learn some of the languages of places you visit. I know the locals appreciate that…

  22. Great video as usual! For a while there I was wondering how far those kids were going to take you Before your dinghy disappeared…… But it did'nt. Great chill guys.
    I have a suggestion for you to increase a Little of the well needed income to keep Delos alive.
    You ask us to become Patreons, you ask us to like and also like you on Fb and Instagram.
    Well I Think you can include one thing…… Tell us "If you dont feel like you want to sponsor us by Patreon you can do one thing to support us and it will not cost you a penny, Before the Movie starts, click on the sponsored link and a new window will popup that you can read, or choose not to read but that click will give us a few cents and it all ads up".
    Cheers from Falköping, Sweden

  23. Hey Lisa. Take care. A pleasure meeting you. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  24. There's nothing "amazing" about naked brick-walls without plaster and holes everywhere. It's "interesting" when you visit them but I guarantee that you wouldn't want to live there your whole life without opportunities to progress.

    If capitalism and the free markets were to reach these places they would have been lifted out of this poverty and maybe, someday, they would have been able to do what you do with your lives and perhaps gain access to the personal options/solutions you have! Until then just be grateful!

  25. Hi guys, do you have any security system for Delos when you leave her at anchor and you go exploring? Love your videos!

  26. I enjoy watching your videos.
    Your videos are always fun to watch and is uplifting.
    I’m always left dreaming I could win the lottery so I can travel like Delos, & just live on the ocean.
    I’m always left inspired by your videos. I’ve been following since I think 2015. Man, I never met you all, but much love, shout out from Cape Girardeau Mo. fair winds 👍

  27. I think you have just highlighted one of the best aspects of getting off the beaten track a bit. You encounter people who don't see tourists as a money bag and are out to rip you off. Instead they are proud of their place and want to show you everything they have. Its great that you guys don't just take advantage of these people but offer them something in return for their services.

  28. Brilliant video lots of good people in this world , only just a few spoil it and O no Lisa going shame X

  29. I know you guys get loads of great positive vibes. I know for us, sometimes it's easy to pass by all the positive comments and not feel them fully. I'm sure your getting good at ignoring the haters (if there are any 😉 ) but just wanted to remind you to take a moment and bask in all the positivity 🙂

    You're content is top notch! And I appreciate all the love and work you put into it. Very inspirational. I know how much work it is to edit your videos down!

    P.S. Nova Scotia in late July / August should be on your sailing list of places to go. Then Newfoundland! (Not that we've been to Newfoundland yet)

  30. I loved the river drone shots. The Dingy leading the way up the river was really cool. Did you guys use the Mavic or the Karma for those?

  31. Ive travelled around the world likewise w you guys. Im a PWD but ive fallowed your video from 1st video till now. Good luck guys enjoy life and the adventures ahead.

  32. The shots through the waterfall plunge are great – really makes us understand being there. I just hope the need to hold cameras all the time isn't spoiling your enjoyment! Though maybe it becomes second nature, after a while. Hope so. Also the challenge of being invited up there by a bunch of friendly-seeming strangers: it's all a risk. I hope they all continue to work out, but DO take care.

  33. awesome video guys, i hope that i'm on the island when you come here, i might go crew for uncle Rick 🙂

  34. I always love watching Delos on Fridays then i hate that i have to wait till next Friday for the next adventure. I love following you guys thanks for the entertainment

  35. When is the 5th wheel gonna be leaving…talk about over staying your welcome…
    She like a bad case of herpes. Probably the most boring crew member ever…
    Can you please get some dreamy Portuguese boy to join the crew…Lol just kidding, no seriously ..

  36. Heja AIK. Kazza and her brother will know… Thanks for an enduring documentation of your fantastic lives and new and entertaining experiences

  37. This is why I love Delos… unchartered waters, local cultural immersion and having heck of a fun with it..

  38. The local tour guide turning his hat around to be like Mr. Brady warmed my teacher heart.

  39. I'm American but I lived in Porto Seguro Bahia. You should have stoped there. Party town!

  40. Ive watched every episode more then once, where/when did Brady become Mr/senor Brady? How'd that title comen about?

  41. 16:13 Brian: Hot .. Braidy: Healthy Happy Free .. my interpretation: y'all drunk AF 😅

  42. island boy checking in. It is June 7th 2019, and my time travel with sv delos from her beginning sail to now has been an education. Besides falling in love with Brian, Karin and of course mr Brady, i have enjoyed everyone who has ventured on board and learned as much as i have about the in and outs of sailing. i have especially grown fond of alexandra, a perfect match for brady. I have certainly grown to love leesir the once quiet sea sick girl who has incredibly grown into not only a great sailor but a fun pirate as well. leesir i love you.

  43. I really love the way you are editing your videos. For example when you put later that day or the next morning. It really helps to put the timeline of your amazing adventures into perspective. Love how you tell us about the shipwrecks and I love watching Brian do boat work. It amazes me how he can fix anything!! He is so smart. I think its awesome how Brady absolutely loves sailing and feels Delos is his home. Karen is so sweet, beautiful and kind. I'm so happy Alex stayed on Delos and her and Brady are a happy couple. Last but not least I think Liseer is absolutely adorable and she reminds me so much of one of my sisters. Happy , ready for anything kind of girl. Love you guys!!! Please update us if you have heard from Elizabeth. I hope she is doing well. Lots of love and happy sails🌞👍🍹❤🏝🌊⛵ darn I think I spoiled what this video is about by reading through the comments first. I need to stop doing that.

  44. Great episode [I know I'm late in commenting here, but I'm working my way through the videos in order…]. Something that impresses me about the Brazilian locales you visit is how clean they are, Even in little villages and out-of-the-way towns, even though the people seem relatively poor and the buildings shabby….there's never any garbage or junk laying in the streets or alleyways. It's a small thing, maybe…but it speaks to the way the people live and maintain their communities. Nice!

  45. Hi guys ! Any chance you could share your track with Navionics making up this river ? Kindest regards !

  46. Hi guys, I'm GUI from Rio de Janeiro, I'm out words! I just want to say thank you very very much to you guys. Brazil is open arms to Delos! Thank you so much to show Real Brazil to the world! I wish All the possible health to the baby! Big hug GUI

  47. I ❤ the Delos introduction song and dance to it every time!!✌Oh, and I love how you explain the history and heritage of where you visit!!😁
    #davesandersstepdaughter 🇺🇸

  48. Kazza is a wise woman. Wishing you peace. I've never said this….my fav episode! Please aim for this often. Leesir, you are missed; follow your heart.

  49. Already miss Liz… Now you're shipping off Lisa? So bummed, they're some sweet peeps.

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