Unclog a Sink Drain with Coke or Pepsi

unclog a sink drain with coke or pepsi easy sink drain cleaning clearing unclog tip does coke clear a clogged drain hi it’s AlaskaGranny can you unclog a
stopped-up sink with a Pepsi or a coke Coca Cola soft drink pop well let’s try it you can see that the
water in this bathroom sink is not flowing correctly the drain is running
very slowly the drain is clogged take a can of Pepsi or coke pop it open pour it down the drain you
can hear that it’s sizzling and it’s bubbling up and moving things around allow it to sit in your drain for 30 minutes
flush your dream with plenty of fresh water and see if it’s flowing better unclogged the sink drain is running better unclogged it’s now probably
better but it’s still not perfect so now I’m going to pour down a kettle full of
boiling water remove the remainder of the clog from the drain the drain is now flowing cleanly it’s
flowing smoothly whatever was clogging the drain up is gone
can you unclog a drain with a can of coke or pepsi yes I think you can just make
sure that you follow it up with a good flush with boiling water try it see if
it works for you learn more at alaskagranny.com and please subscribe to
the AlaskaGranny channel

12 thoughts on “Unclog a Sink Drain with Coke or Pepsi

  1. Great tip. Coke can also be used to clean a stained toilet bowl.

  2. The original old formula would actually dissolve a steel nail left in the bottle in short order.  Don't know if that works now that they reformulated it (new coke) even though they supposedly changed it back due to complaints.  It will ruin the paint on a car if not removed so I'm sure it will dissolve hair and grease in a drain.

  3. can you do it with any other type of soda drink or is some ingredient in coke nessecary for the task?

  4. Nice Video , might try this. I however would not recommend using "Boiling water". Porcelain can crack with extreme temperatures

  5. Thanks , worked great ..maybe I can take you out for a pepsi or coke to thank you??

  6. Pouring a can of Coke into the throttle body of a Chevy 4.3 engine will completely rebuild the valve train….but it must be non-diet version / no artificial sweeteners …. otherwise engine wont idle good.

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