Underwater Drone Inspects Dam Intake

My name is Frank- I am the diving supervisor for Global Contracting and Painting Today we were doing a visual inspection first to ascertain whether or not we could clean some bolts- guide bolts that were being used to hold on a flange The Flange is 48 inches and weighs about 900 lbs and we were trying to assess whether or not the bolts would hold the weight of the flange. And with the use of the ROV we were able to save valuable dive time By using the ROV to pinpoint the spots we wanted to concentrate on And what made you choose a Deep Trekker ROV? We were looking for a fairly inexpensive unit, that we could afford based on our budget And the Trekker ended up being the better deal that we found And as far as performance is concerned we are very happy. The ROV’s extremely easy to use. It can be used in several different manners We found that we could put it in the water, we could maneuver it and position it to keep a close eye on our diver at all times See the work he is performing. It’s battery operated, we don’t have to haul a power source with us It’s an all around great unit and the customer service that people from Deep Trekker give us is outstanding. Great, well thanks so much guys. Thank you. You’re welcome

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