Unforgettable Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park [Battle Trip/2019.10.20]

Can you drive here with an international license? If you want to go far, you have to drive for like 5 to 6 hours. So it’s better not to take so much stuff with you. (Underground river tour) (It’s the longest underground river in the world) (It’s 8km long and only 1km is open to the public) (You can book a tour from the airport) (2,150 pesos for a group tour plus 150 pesos for tax) Alright, do you see how it goes underground, Jia? That’s where we’re going in. – There are bats in there. / – Yeah. (I’m the underground river) (My gosh) I love this view! Wow, so many boats. We’re going to take a boat and then take a different boat to go into the cave. (Only 1,500 people are allowed in a day) There’s a limit. Yes, only 1,500 people a day. So you can’t go in if you’re the 1,502nd? Right. (The underground cave is 20 minutes by boat) (A little excitement before getting on the boat) Be careful. That was fun too. The path was on the water. – This is fun. / – It’s shaky. – Can I wear that one? / – Sure. This one seems dirty? No, this one looks cleaner. Yeah, so you gave me the dirty one. No, this one just looks cleaner. I’m not saying yours is dirty. How are they different? I bet my daughter will be like that when she’s 13. – How old is she now? / – 3. 10 more years. I let her win all the time. – Already? / – Yes. That’s pretty early. She’s a good speaker. (They set off) How exciting! What was that? How exciting! Me too! Wow, the sea is so pretty. The sea and the mountains were so beautiful on the way there. (They just let the sea carry them) (They arrive at a hidden beach) – Just watching this is therapeutic. / – Yes. I love just looking at the sea. Spacing out while looking at a vast and endless sea. I love it. It would be great to space out while staring at clear water like this. I’ve spaced out staring at the sea for 6 hours. – It fixes everything. / – Right. – It clears your mind. / – Right. – You feel tranquil. / – True. It’s great for making a new start. Some people try to space out at least once a day. Sure. Because their lives are so busy. – It would be medicinal to space out there. / – Sure. So good for your mind. (After the nice views, they’re at the cave entrance) Wow, so beautiful. This is amazing! Mom, say anything. – What? / – Just say anything. Ah! Ah! I can’t hear. (Trying to pop her ears) It’s quiet with the engine off. I like things quiet. Thank you. (The waves greet them) (She had to scream) Right after you said, “I like things quiet…” You screamed. (Mom screams too, but quietly) Mom! Look! She went in with her shoes off. What is this place? It’s so nice here. (They can’t figure out the waves here) The waves wash away all the dirty stuff. – You can’t stay here. / – Right. – You can only visit. / – They don’t even… Have places that sell food there. To preserve the island. That entire place is a national park. Wow, it’s like we’re in a jungle. In a jungle. Wow, I hear birds. No monkeys? I feel strange. I see a monkey! (Huh? A monkey!) – Where? / – Just kidding! (I got her that time) That was so childish. (Jia wants to see a monkey so she becomes one) If you have an open bag near a monkey… – They’re really fast to take stuff out. / – Yeah. They steal your sunglasses. – You shouldn’t wear earrings. / – Or your glasses. Make sure you don’t lose your cell phone. Thank you. (They need safety helmets for this cave tour) The first thing we had to do before entering was put on a life vest and a helmet. Also, you’re supposed to be quiet in the cave because the bats don’t like loud noises. Third, never use the light on your cell phone. – So you can’t take photos in there. / – Right. What if you don’t use the flash? That’s okay. But it makes a clicking noise when you take a photo. (Wear earphones) They had Korean commentary. It explained everything. – That’s great! / – Yes, it was. – Yes, in Korean for an hour. / – That’s great. (Jia is going to the underground cave today) Let’s go? (Here we go) Bye-bye! Thank you! You’re welcome! – Doesn’t this feel strange? / – Yeah. They row the boat… – So it’s quiet. / – You can’t use a motorboat. – Right. / – The entire thing takes an hour. – 1 hour. / – 40 minutes. – So he has to row for the entire hour? / – Yes. (They’ll see nature where the sun doesn’t shine) Wow, I can’t believe we’re here. Something smells. Is it bats? – Bat poop? / – I suddenly want to turn back. We’re already on the boat. What’s this stuff that’s dripping? Water from the cave. Water from the limestone. Wow. (You can’t make loud noises in here) Is that the sound of wings? – Bats. / – I hear it. The water. (They hear something in the cave) (They start to see the bats) The guy that’s rowing can shine a light. Yes, he shines lights on all the famous rock formations. Oh, so you can see them? This feels so strange. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this. Me too. I’ve always wanted to come somewhere like this. Bats! Bats! Bats. Bats. Where? Those are all bats. Holy cow. It’s like a beehive. – It was really scary. / – There are so many. You’ll see once you go in. It was really scary from the entrance. Look. Look at the bats. (Something you can’t see easily in everyday life!) – Those are all bats, right? / – Yes. They’re living creatures. They’re all bats. So scary! (They can’t help but be impressed by the cave) (Amazed by the sight they’ve never seen before) This is so amazing! (You’ll see it if you use your imagination) (At the end of the guide’s shadow) Where? – There. / – Where? – The Virgin Mary. / – Where? Where? – There. / – Where? – The Virgin Mary. / – Where? Can you only see it if you have a pure heart? (This is the birth of Jesus) (Jesus and his 12 disciples) – A dragon head. / – I don’t see a dragon head. – That over there. / – To the left. – Venus. / – Venus. (Statue of Venus) (How far does your imagination go?) They’re kind of… – They’re calling it Venus… / – They’re forcing it. We’re back. Are we? Is it over? We made a turn in there and we’re out. It took an hour to get in and out? It took a bit over 40 minutes. Bat poop! You scared me! The mother is more childish. They’re bickering. (Jia and her mom are back in the real world) When else would we see a bat cave in real life? – Yes. / – Right. I’d like to see it if I ever visit Palawan. You really should go. Just once.

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  1. Many Korean loves Philippines now even a celebrity they keep coming back specifically to cebu palawan boracay 🥰thank you guys Lee seung gi is wondering about jeep wahahaha

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  5. That is nothing compare to our place but im not going to tell where it is because we want it clean reserve and save for our next generation 😀

  6. It's nature and a living bread for us Filipino,,,, God's really wonderful by giving Philippines a wonderful pearl of sea,,,, 😍 thanks Korea for keeps on coming back to Philippines…. 😍

  7. It is nice to watch this kind of video promoting the Philippines but please to all foreigners planning to visit the Philippines. Please do not leave any traces like litters, follow rules and regulations in certain tourist spots and let us protect and sustain the place and its environment 🙂 Thank you!

  8. Sadly… Mindanao is rarely feature on TV shows… Because people recognize the island as chaotic place but in reality it freaking beautiful… Especially Tawi-tawi… And also with the presence of kind soldier for the security… 👌👍 Note: Filipino soldiers doesn't hurt civilian… Unless you disobey the law or your extremist…

  9. Philippines is one of the best tourist destination when you want to relax and being with the nature..😉😊😚😚..to all foreigner WELCOME TO PHILIPPINES…hope youve enjoy visiting our country…tnx to KBS WORLD…battle trip..show thanks for promoting not just our country to all countries..beautifull places…that youve may enjoy and love our nature..FIGHTING!!! for the show..😙😉😊😘

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    Welcome to PPUR, one of the 7 Wonders of Nature! 🌏😊

  17. I went there couple years ago. The guide said do not open your mouth dahil baka makasapo ka ng mga bats droppings. So scared for them every time they opened their mouth. 😶😊

  18. lmaooo in our school where i went in elementary has alot of bats in the side of the building and i wonder if the bats are still there

  19. its so nice to ride in a motorized boat (bangka). when someone is saying thank you the other person will respond welcome

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  25. I love that there is a limit to the numbers of visitors a day. Never pa ako nakabisita dyan kaya akala walang limit.

  26. Mas maganda noong yong pweding puntahan jan sa underground river before 2010 pwede mo pa mapuntahan yong 8kms but now limited na lang sa sobrang turista kaya napakaswerte ng mga pumunta noon before yan sumikat at isa ako don nong una noong 2008 and pangalawa year 2010, mas exciting kapag hindi kayo sumakay sa pump boats mas masaya yong jungle trail na 2kms makikita mo yong itaas ng underground river at nakakalula.

  27. we went there too and honestly if you are claustrophobic i don't recommend it. but it was a really great experience, definitely once in a lifetime

  28. Me being Filipino would always go like "eugh. Why would natives go there?"
    But it's unfortunate for me to have to see foreigners' perspectives towards out spots to realize, when I have the money to spare for travels, I have to visit our country's spots first before anywhere else outside the country.
    I went to Hong Kong for my first travel. That shit was. Disappointing.
    You have to be really fuckin rich to enjoy Hong Kong.
    But this. Incredible. It's too cheap for how beautiful it is

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