Unilux Cross Light Inspection

Cross Light Inspection is now possible
with the LED2000 series from Unilux Cross Light Inspection is highly useful
to industries such as steel fabrication where defects are difficult for the eye
to see on a fast-moving uniform surface. Single strobe inspection has been a
critical tool for a long time, but the LED2000 now doubles the ability for operators to verify surface irregularities regardless of the visual appearance of those defects. Cross Light Inspection is more accurate because the same portion of a surface is subjected to both bright field and dark field
illumination. The ability to see both light and dark
defects in the same place and at the same time is the result of proprietary technology available only from Unilux Every aspect of the LED 2000 series
product line has been designed to allow the lights to be effectively positioned
in pairs for perfect illumination of the strip from both angles. This foil coating line is running at 450 feet per minute, 24 hours a day. The steel is constantly
inspected at various locations to ensure that the customer will get the quality
that they expect. Stroboscopic lighting is the main form of inspection. By finding defects early, corrections can be made to the machinery before quality
becomes an issue. Since much of the steel produced on this
line is destined for painted end-use it is even more important to manage quality. Defects that show up on the strip are amplified when paint is applied. With a continuous process line such as this there are many transition points that
can introduce problems. Cross Light inspection technology from Unilux can highlight both dark and light defects at the same inspection point. This allows
operators to determine whether indentations are present on the top or
the bottom of the strip surface. Unilux offers local field engineering support to help you evaluate our products on your own production line. We can ensure
that you have only the technology that you need to verify your product quality.
There is no need for you to make assumptions about what might or might not work. We supply you with a complete solution proven to work before you buy. To arrange for a demo of the LED2000 on your line please call the number for your location

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