Unity on the River 2018

Thank you so much for having me back. I don’t know how long I’ve been coming here. I think it’s 15 years or something like that. it’s been a long time. So it’s just always great to be with y’all. And I love what you did to the place. It seems like that’s new since the last time I was here. Okay well you lightworkers you! So somebody came to the back and asked just a few minutes ago, sort of a request, of what to talk about today. So that’ll be the direction we go. What? You didn’t know I took requests, huh? So, to begin with, I want to reiterate something that’s very important. The world, the pop world, the pop New Age world, the pop spirituality world, went in this direction. And too often people are just open to the next ridiculous thing that comes out. And it’s just strange. People, they’ll settle for anything at times. So this thing comes out and tells you how important your thinking is. And it is important, but it is not the most important thing. Because it’s your beliefs that decide what you think. So it isn’t your thinking. Your thinking are kind of like the engines. But what you believe is the person that decides whether to start the car or not in the first place. Start the engine or not the first place. Who am I? Where am I going? And yeah, the thinking fires it up. the thinking’s that electronic. It’s the starter. It’s the electricity. It’s the fuel. It goes, “Yeah, that’s true.” Emotions also add to the fuel, but, it’s our beliefs. At the end of the day, it’s our beliefs. So, since the beginning of time when we were created to be, and still remain, by the way, but we were created to be one with God , made in the image of God. Somewhere in there we decided to believe that we were anything but one with God. That’s it. Now at that very moment we could have said, “Oops,” and been done. That’s the chant everybody has to learn. It’s not Om Mani Padmi Om. It’s not boom Shakalaka boom. It’s just oops. That’s it. You mess up, you mess up, just go, “Oops.” And if you need prayer beyond “Oops,” add “My bad.” That’s it! Be done. Be done. “Oops, okay well what was I thinking?” And get a divorce! No. Um, but “Oops what was I thinking?” Get up! And then get up and move. You know, crucifixion is the oops. It’s “Dang! what was I thinking to crucify myself? I just made a mistake. I didn’t have to stay married to it forever. I didn’t have to to allow it forever. I didn’t have to stay an addict forever. Oops!” Oops could be said that’s that moment you reach bottom. Oops shouldn’t be replaced with, “I’m unworthy. I’m a lowlife. I can’t bounce back. Who would want me now, etc etc.” Those are all mantras that did not come from God. And so we recite mantras. We do. We’re always praying, in the sense that every word is a prayer. And we’re always praying, so when we say, “Nobody wants me now,” the universe says, “Okay, and so it is. ” It just sits there saying, “Oh. Hold on everyone, a holy child of God, made in God’s image, is about to pray. Everybody, Shh…” And we go, ” Nobody would ever want me now,” they all look at each other and go “Together, please, “And so it is.” All these angels and powerful beings are beings that are new to your angelic guide counsel team, and they’re like, “What was that?” They go, “They do this all the time.” with we don’twe don’t know then why
don’t we say and so it isn’t there’s this freewill thing
God divvied out this whole freewill thing from the beginning they’ve been in
trouble ever since I’m not a comedian or anything I swear this is all very
serious and and we decided to believe were something that we’re not I mean
it’s horrible to believe that were something unholy and we come to earth
and we take it out on each other you’re not very holy you’re not very
this and oh you fell off the wagon and you that and all we’re doing is
projecting our own insecurities our own issues and it’s happened since the
beginning you know I mean the the metaphor of Adam and Eve from the
beginning who are we holy children of God and you can have everything that God
is just don’t eight from the one tree and we’re like what tree don’t eat from
the one tree because you shall surely die but where is the tree we’re not
gonna eat from it we just want to know where it is so that we don’t eat from it
and this is here this is the human ego it is it’s the human ego you can have
God and be one with God and inherit all that God is love peace joy eat eternally
and is that worth it where’s the tree and the tree is called the tree of
knowledge of good and evil because it’s the tree of judgment so we decided to
bite from the Apple that taught us to become judgmental so if we would have
thought we were separate from God and said oops we would reverse it and be
done because we have always been forgiven in the very moment that we fall
every moment that we fall it’s already forgiven because it’s a done deal
because you’re too holy the law of grace doesn’t come to people who beg enough
the law of grace comes to people who accept the grace that was given when you
were created God said let there be light god never said let there be
dysfunctional people there be messes you know let there be
codependence just let there be light and we’re that like all we ever do is keep
forgetting that we’re that thing and then surrendering to it so the law of
grace isn’t like God if only you know the law of grace be bestowed upon me the
law of grace comes when we accept who we really are it’s actually not a secret
there’s not a secret code to getting it it’s just the acceptance oh bloody hell
is that all I had to do okay thank God it’s all been easy all in all but no we
had to develop churches and places to make us feel shameful and parents oh man
you oh you’ve done naughty you know go to your room
okay now I’m naughty the old proverbial dunce cap sit in the corner you know and
I’m just shamed shame on you okay you know shame on you I’m gonna put
judgment on you and we accept it we mess up and we have to own it and say oops
because Adam could have said oops he did he said she made me Eve Eve could have
shown hey it’s time for the goddess it’s women or superior and she said the
serpent made me do it and the Serpent’s lets you know me
serpents the only one that took responsibility well yeah that’s me all
right the other two they humans couldn’t wouldn’t they refuse to take responsible
so they have children and well why not yeah so yeah yeah so they had
children and and one of them it’s a vegetarian and one of them’s a
meat-eater and one of them kills the other and everybody always thinks it’s
the meat-eater that killed the vegetarian but no it was actually the
vegetarian that killed a meat-eater but don’t get me started on that it’s all
I’m just they see you know still all the time killing him verbally but oh you
still eat meat I see mm-hmm you know like there’s something sinful and
horrible about it but there again the children just like the parents one has
to kill the other one has to blame the other one has to feel insecure but it’s
their insecurities that caused it I think God might like that brother more
than me so you know what I have to do is eliminate the competition and killed
killed the other one now done gone everybody runs the from the light
everybody tries to avoid the truth and they do it in audiences they do it
in in teachings the level of teachings we could all attract into our lives we
do it through addictions and so on and so on
so these brothers they do this and then their descendants do it all the way down
Jacob and Bray competitions with with the children of Israel the twelve you
know tribes the 12 brothers constant competition it becomes religions
competing politics and nations competing it never ended and the only way it can
end is coming back to our identity we gave up our birthright
there are brothers throughout history Abraham bestows a birthright and there’s
two brothers and then those two brothers same mistake passed down and yeah and in
a nutshell it’s they gave up their birthright that’s what they called it in
terms of wealth and and gifts of you know birth rights being bestowed you’ll
be wealthy I’m gonna give you this I’m gonna give you the it’s there’s this
there’s this beautiful blessing that was practiced in those days more so than now
but the metaphor is the birthright and the birthright is not stuff
it’s consciousness so anytime a brother fought with another for a birthright the
one that realized it was about consciousness is the one that was at
peace and sometimes they had to wait for the birthright to kick in patience
tolerance because if you if it just kicks in you don’t know if you really
have it viscerally you don’t know if you really integrate you could say it’s all
about divine birthright and people go you mean money the ones that the
brothers along the heritage the lineage and the history that said it’s about the
money and stuff are the ones that end up getting nothing except material for a
moment all these brothers are what we call today addicts and everybody is an
addict it’s not a drinking thing everybody’s an addict well not me I
definitely I don’t do drugs or alcohol have you been born twice if you come to
earth twice you’re addicted to this place you’ve come back no no it’s
different it’s different because when I came to earth I’m trying to accomplish
something I’m trying to wake up I’m trying to feel better about myself good
description of an addict because that’s exactly what an addict does I’m gonna
try to feel better in a way that’s unsuccessful yeah now the addicts can go
home and call all their friends that aren’t addicts and go here let me tell
you something you’re just like me we’re all in this together we all forgot who
we were and we’re trying to cope with that coping doesn’t work you can’t numb
it you can’t stimulate it it doesn’t work if I eat I won’t feel as much pain
that’s an addiction because you’re trying to unsuccessfully cope with
something what is the ultimate thing we’re trying to cope with well you know
my parents abuser my someone neglected me my partner cheated et cetera those
are the symptoms ultimately it traces back to the beginning of time when the
children of God forgot who they were now all the other people on the planet all
they did was treat you accordingly the more we know who we are
you might still have an abuse for a moment or two but people start to
realize you’re here you’re someone to be you’re a force to be reckoned with they
can’t do that twice to you because you’re like even if you do that I get it
now I’m not here to do that twice to me I’m not into that I’m not interested
so children of God get back their birthright which means your divine
inheritance which means your awareness of who you are if people know who they
are they do not abuse you that’s why you can say to people who have harmed you
forgive them they know not what they do it doesn’t mean you have to like pretend
it didn’t happen or pretend that you’re all okay about it you can cry you can
scream into a pillow you can do all the therapies around it that’s fine but
don’t forget the truth is they could not have done anything if they knew who they
were so you can curse them but if you curse them for doing what they’ve done
you go to hell jail with them because psychologically
we have this belief if I judge you I don’t want you getting off the hook so
I’m gonna stay close to you to make sure nobody lets you off the hook close to
you means I’m gonna keep incarnated with people like you or you to make sure that
you’re never let off the hook if I free myself if I free myself from the
addiction the problem the challenge you might get out you might you might get
off scot-free and I’m not gonna have that but and that’s understandable it is
for hurt people isn’t it but do I want to still be a hurt person no not really
you can you know you could have oneness with God or hurt people vibration you
know oneness with God or you chose the wrong door door number two Monty well
you could have had peace forever but tell them what they’re gonna get well we
have a beautiful parting gift for you you know he’ll relationships that just
never go well and you know honor and it just keeps happening and again it’s
addiction we can pretend that a drink or a drug a heavy drug is an addiction but
not another thing it’s all addiction because we’re all trying to cope with
things and we don’t do it successfully there’s only one way to deal with it
successfully remembering who we are okay fine how do I do that I’m I’m on money
pod meeting I’m bloom chuckle uh keying I do every I eat you’re read labels you
know I’m cans before I eat the kick can labels aren’t gonna do anything for you
except strain your eyes I mean you know might make you open your third eye so
you can read them you know the cans aren’t going to do anything for you it
all is a symbol that’s all it is the cans can’t do anything and and all all
the other stuff we do to reach enlightenment can’t actually do it it
can only improve our circumstance a little bit which is good by the way the
only thing that can actually do it is God which has now become an
old-fashioned term so we try to make old-fashioned and in you know just
without value to us anymore God you know you know God oh yeah I believe in God we
forgot which is why in your 12-step program which is for everyone on the
planet remember the humility to surrender to
God because it’s not just a thing for 12-steppers it’s for everyone to go back
to realize God is the only one that remembers itself
we forgot so if we surrender to God we’re surrendering to the part of us
that remembers which is a good idea I don’t have to figure it out I don’t have
to navigate my own enlightenment Course in Miracles explains God takes the last
step you’re not even capable of yourself home you can only prepare
yourself a bit then God will take the final step and that’s those moments of
it seems miraculous and grace and all that but God is just as much celebrating
effort you made to keep yourself clean as much as it’s celebrating that you get
to receive all its blessings God’s been waiting forever for us to accept that
and when we say well we’re almost there you know I got a little more this and I
get it read a little more and process a little more into it’s like fine
God the Angels all the beings masters ascended master they’re all fine they’re
like hey whatever they want to believe you know that’s fine and so but at the
same time are you really integrating what you’re studying because if you’re
not you’re not studying you’re stalling I just have to do meditations for twenty
more lifetimes and I know I’m going to be there
well let me tell you it only takes one meditation so who’s got the problem here
you’re stalling everybody’s stalling because we think we’re flawed and we’re
afraid to walk to the light of God and say Here I am
please don’t look nod cuz I’m naked naked you know oh dang I thought for
sure my clothes were gonna make it with me on this trip I’m naked
so you don’t want to see me Lord and that’s what Adam and Eve did and it was
a metaphor hello Adam Eve where are you oh we’re just happened to be hiding over
here why are you hiding cuz we’re naked God didn’t say oh you’re kidding it
ain’t good man it is not good thank yourself I haven’t created mirrors yet
I wouldn’t stand by any you know still ponds anytime soon especially since you
guys are 300 years old but that’s not how it goes down right God didn’t say
that God said who told you you were naked
now think about this who told you you were naked we’re naked we bit from the
Apple and we now judge we’re naked who told you that so now what if you took a
drink once in your life what if you were molested or what if you have caused harm
to others stop and say Here I am naked and all Here I am with my flaws
and you’re not gonna here how dare you you’re gonna only hear who told you that
who told you you were a flawed being well I did some naughty things why did
you do those things God would therapy you why did you do those things well
because my mother no that’s fine with a mother this and father and I get all
that tell me more oh and oh then there’s past lives Lord oh my god all kinds of
stuff from past lives and then genetically I have this predisposition
towards temper you know you know whatever illnesses and gods I keep going
keep going traca traca traca traca tanned you’re
gonna go deeper and deeper and deeper until you say I forgot who I was the
only way I can harm another person ever I could have ever harmed another person
see in karma what we say is you’ve harmed me so I’m gonna come back and get
you and then we’ll be even you’re never even because even and karma will tell
you that reincarnation will tell you that we’re even now right because you
harmed me on alarm do you know you know why because I harmed you you harm me we
do it back and now we’re even no because I still feel bad about harming you so
I’m still up Creek it doesn’t matter that we’re square in terms of action for
action feelings my feelings of inadequacy are still going to fake me
towards something but you and I are square so that means you don’t have to
show up when I come back to deal with my guilt somebody else goes I’ll do that
you know okay I don’t know you might even how’d you meet you victim
victimizer nice to meet you okay we’ll see you next time you know and we still
hook up with dysfunction and this is what we do in life
instantly and people still trying to figure it out and it is not a specific
addiction you know it’s funny thing when you think about John the Baptist no
drinking no drinking I’m gonna abstain he’s not the one that became Christ
Christ comes in give me some drink man he says to John John I was going to do
this whole clean sober thing for life show myself to be you know worthy of
being Christ but these people oh my god give me a drink you know John’s like
wait till they crucify you yeah then you’re gonna you know yeah and you
know this is not the most irreverent I’ve ever been but it’s close so we’re
right there yeah you know it’s kind of funny cuz you picture they go and you
know dip this sponge you know when they go to give to Jesus you know cuz it’ll
help kind of numb him a little bit perhaps give him a little drink you know
and Jesus they put it to his mouth so he can have a little shot of something you
know he turns away and you just picture going I’m in recovery no man I’m in the
program you never know I could start telling people that’s in the lost books
of the Bible and they’ll go okay it’s in the Gnostic Gospels you know I’m in
recovery and so the birth right and we screw up we do the birth right some of
us we try to remember in the program you’re going to hear consistently that
that there’s an arrogance that we underestimate there’s a self-serving
this that we underestimate and 12-steppers
are being told that spiritual people are not and religious people are not
being told that they’re missing a very fundamental piece to spiritual awakening
and it’s it’s criminal practically because you’re missing this piece you’re
not being told instead of like you’re a sinner no
you’re not a sinner you’re just self-serving there’s a difference
one is unfaded to bad the other is I need to look at this I can do something
about this I have this tendency I mean there’s a one of the Apostles and you’ll
hear the Apostles you hear it Paul they say things like you know it’s a funny
thing the good things I should be doing are the things I don’t do and the things
I should be avoiding those are the things I tend to do that is somebody in
recovery that’s somebody going to how to tell you man
I’m into this whole Christ II kind of thing and teaching and healing and I can
raise people from the dead I can cast demons out of people but dang isn’t it
still true that I have this tendency just owning it is a major step and I
can’t do this alone that’s for all people not read just in 12-step groups
all people I’ve got this thing it’s a funny thing God and Michael saying to
ourselves I got this funny tendency what is it
I know I know what’s best I’m made in the image of God and yet I keep
forgetting how do I know I’m forgetting any time I attract harm any time I do
harm any time I think of myself in competition with someone else you go to
get on a plane well we have one seat for an upgrade to first class oh it’s me I
deserve and that’s that self serving that’s why being of service helps
counter that karmically but also consciousness changes when we learn to
be of service how can I help today not what can I get today how can I help
today and there’s all these spiritual teachers they call themselves you know
on the circuit talking about how much they’ve accomplished how much they made
well I’m a great spiritual teacher and I’m a great prosperity teacher how do
you know that because of how much I have I have five houses I’ve got three boats
people are like I want to be like you and I would on the other hand go oh I’m
so sorry for you you forgot to give because for every five houses give one
away for every three boats give one away for every million give a portion away
keep giving so that you’re putting that ego in check and saying I do not come
first I do not even know who I am until I recognize the worthiness in
others because they’re me if I reject others of abundance I’m rejecting me
when Abraham is going through what he’s going through with his sons and when his
sons are going through what they’re going through they’re all going through
a metaphor that’s all it is when cain slays abel and he hears a
voice what have you done his blood cries to me from the earth what have you done
he’s not hearing god saying shame on you he’s hearing something that mankind is
first now learning and developing conscience his the voice of God was now
becoming his own inner voice they used to be able to commune with God directly
and hear a spiritual voice but that voice is only love when he fell and
judged himself for what he’s done he can no longer hear God directly anymore he
hears his version of God people write books about conversations dialogues with
God it’s never God it’s just God in their own head it’s their version of God
that’s why it’s you’re gonna find discrepancies between this person’s
dialogues with the Lord and this person’s dialogues with RO because it’s
still coming through our filters and everybody’s got it it’s not something
you just read in a book that somebody wrote a dialogue with the Lord it’s you
you have that same voice but we all have these filters and some of us have put up
so many filters we barely hear anything anymore or think we can only hear it
when someone else wrote about it and when they’re we praise them and wow that
you know it’s a metaphor when if you like anything I’m saying today or any
other teacher technically you’re hearing the voice of God channeled through
somebody to the best of their ability at the moment but if you really open your
mind you’re having a dialogue with God that
you created you must be deserving and if you don’t like anything you heard you’re
having a dialogue with something else but God because God would not be hateful
or hurtful judgmental you might say well it was a fine thing but I just didn’t
get much out of it and it’s not for me and that’s cool neutral no love and no
judgment no hate just done nothing you don’t worry about it that’s fine you can
say I’m good you can give me a book and it doesn’t mean I’m bad just cuz I say
well it doesn’t seem like it’s my thing but when you see something feel
something that feels different a person their vibe their words whatever it
happens to be a book couldn’t it be that we’re creating something different today
couldn’t it be that you know instead of worshipping the teacher or the book
couldn’t it be I have raised my level of deserve ability don’t drag yourself to a
12-step program it’s a metaphor I decided to not be sick anymore I just
it’s me I’m the one well no it’s actually court-ordered well you still
went through the judge and got yourself there the judge is still a part of you
the judge is part of you that says dude you are out of control you could have
done this the easy way well what do you mean I don’t know what
easy well I remember the other 55 times people said why don’t you come with me
to the group oh no I don’t need that you know and then again no not me the owning
the taking the humble step to say man I can see even if I’m a decent person I
can still be self-serving at times just watch
just look any time you think that you or anyone else is unworthy of being a
perfect child of God and deserving of all the gifts that come with that
birthright you’re still being judgmental and you need a program and it starts
with ourselves of course it’s not just the gifting to other people we have to
look at ourselves what in me is still hurt what didn’t me still thinks I’m
flawed how do I know cuz you just look at your life like will it we’ll talk
about that in the workshop later today but you’ll look at your life and you say
where are things off and don’t think that if your life on a 0 to 10 scale is
a 5 that’s excusable well as long as I’m not suffering too much
no man why aren’t you a seven and eight and nine why aren’t you up here why are
you a five that’s called getting by some people don’t even question life when
there are three and when you’re a three and you’re not questioning you’re going
to want to reach out to food and anything else that will numb you because
it hurts you’re not a bad person God’s not going Oh
cigarettes are you kidding me God doesn’t do any of that God in us is
saying seriously really you no other option today no no okay go ahead and
that’s okay but someday we’re allowed to say not today today I’m going to choose
a different voice in my mind other than the one that says I’m so depressed let
me get some ice cream or I’m so this let me get that or I’m so this let me numb
I’m so that let me stimulate no no if it’s gonna work anyway so why why mess
with it anymore now that’s the challenging part because in my life I
hear that voice I’m aware of that voice I think that’s one reason I’m a
spiritual teacher is because I don’t numb that voice I’m actually very tuned
in to that voice not saying I’m better than anyone else because we all have
that voice the downside can be because I hear that voice in my life I’ve been a
little hard on myself sometimes because I know what I could be doing see some of
us are like no I don’t even know any better because we go so numb I’m like
fully aware I know exactly what I could be thinking saying and sometimes I’m
like no I’m not in the mood I’m just not in the mood to be all peaceful today
leave me alone you know and then you know usually after a minute or two I
think it’s kind of funny that I said that you know and then you get over it
quicker because you’re so honest in a light way you you know just try that
just try that you know tantrum spiritual tantrum
you know it’s almost impossible to not laugh because it’s kind of hilarious
it’s kind of ridiculous you know and so it’s okay you’d let yourself off the
hook that way so fine ways for me it’s it’s an interesting thing because I
found you know Abraham did this a little bit but Abraham was like okay God told
me a meadow I’m gonna use metaphor but told me I’m I’m needing to commit to my
spiritual path the chosen one you know Abraham he was chosen to be starting a
new lineage but remember Abraham had to leave his home he had to leave a lot of
the things behind that were once his old life lay and like any other addict or
human sometimes you got a divorce the old stuff and get kind of clear it off
and get your new life funny thing about Abraham though he’s
like well if we’re gonna be leaving the old life we should collect some things
to take with us which means he didn’t fully surrender to the program you know
that’s like going to 12-step group and having a bottle in your purse I mean
it’s just it’s kind of weird like I’m totally here Lord you know no I swear
cross me fingers you know and hide them but it’s okay because God says isn’t it
funny you guys could have everything but you hedge you say prosperity you say you
believe in tithing but you hold back a little you say you believe in love and
service but yet you didn’t help that person that came your way and I’m not
saying we don’t have we shouldn’t practice discretion of what to do and
when you definitely should discernment and and maintaining your own healthy
boundaries and all that I’m saying that even these patriarchs and matriarchs of
the Bible show their human foibles their human issues that the snags I call it
the little moments where your man it’s happening and something catches
something snags those things are worth looking at going what was that I was
like yes I believe it I you know and then I hedged I believe love and
forgiveness not that person I believe in love would forgive no not that one
tomorrow I might work on that you know and that’s okay it’s totally okay as of
course a miracle says you get to choose when but don’t forget it says before
that it’s inevitable you get to choose when now the only question is then why
wait and that’s where I get into trouble because I’m like let’s go let’s go and
and I find that there’s there sometimes a challenge for me personally saying you
know with the world around me students colleagues or whatever it happens to be
let’s go and there’s you know a little bit of holding back and I can feel that
frustration because that once even if you’re really
committed and say time for awakening time for enlightenment let’s go
not everybody around us is always there and wanting to do that and there’s
lessons in that too called patience and tolerance and so on Jesus had to accept
apostles yes we’re totally into this Jesus we’ve seen you raise people from
the dead I mean we’re totally with you and in my life I’ve had that that moment
a couple times where like Jesus with the Apostle saying this is pretty cool I’ve
got some dedicated apostles and disciples surrounding me now in Jesus’s
shoes in my life when I’ve had friends that seemed faithful and loving and
supportive and became Judas’s and who do betray you Peter who denies you it’s
very easy to go I’m dying I felt moments in my life if a partnership ended
billion years ago thirty years ago whatever it was or friends that they act
like they’re there and they’re not I have still allowed myself to die a
little in those moments and that’s not yet attaining Christ consciousness
Christ did this instead he didn’t know after all I’ve done for you guys he
didn’t sit in the garden and go oh really
y’all gonna just go to sleep huh leave me alone in this
he had the temptation really he said can none of you stay awake because that’s
the human part leaking through but he says to Judas hey you know that betrayal
you’re about to do because I’m a little psychic I’m on to that so go ahead go do
it and Judas is like what what do you mean I would come on dude go how many of
us can say to our partners you know that thing you’re doing let’s just be done we
try to fight to keep some of these things alive money things and whatever
else it’s like seriously let’s just you know you’re doing this and in the
stories of the Bible the brothers fight over these things it’s kind of nice when
you learn to be the Christ and say okay I’m not saying get stomped on because
that’s bad for them and you but I’m saying even if you seemingly fight for
something that seems right you have to watch for attachments in the fight
because even if I step up and say that’s can it happen anymore if I’m attached to
winning that fight that’s where my mess is is the attachment so I’ve been able
to say I see some friends are going that direction okay see you guys well no let
us explain I don’t need you to explain go ahead it’s already done yeah but
we’re gonna defend it and I don’t need you to defend either just go Judis go
Peter you’re gonna deny me I would never come on dude talk to the hand
seriously you know you’re gonna you’re gonna do it I would never Lord no but
you’re going to I would never three times and it’s quite amazing because
later on he hears because he tells him you know when the rooster crows three
times you’re gonna deny me and you’ll deny me three times right so what did
Jesus do do you know Peter you’re gonna deny me no I won’t Peter you’re gonna
diamond no I won’t well how many times why did he do it three times because he
was pre forgiving him before Peter even did the betrayals the denials he walked
him through you’re gonna do this no I’m not you’re gonna do this no I’m not
you’re gonna because he was already going then I forgive you once I forgive
you twice and I’m forgiving you three times word good and when he finally says
to Peter at the end of that conversation Peter it’s okay
and now the typical humans going to tell you well fine but if I do it’s because
you and they’re gonna turn it on you hold your Center guys whatever the
reason I don’t need to know Judas just go it’s all right just go because we
have to have a moment to get back and breathe and go that kind of hurt because
it does humanly but God be with me he says to Peter Peter I’ve already
forgiven you and I’ve already seen your future I’ve already seen you as done
healed I’m already looking forward ahead as the you that’s forgiving rather than
the you who’s done this and that’s what we all have to do to all people at some
point we can take our time to get there but let’s be honest about it if we’re
gonna say this is gonna take me five lifetimes just own it this could happen
right now but I’m not in the mood I’m going to hold this against you for five
lifetimes and even if you let me go I’m going to drag some
poor soul into this karma with me and act this out because I’m ticked off
you’re allowed to be ticked you’re allowed to be hurt you’re allowed to be
scared because that’s human condition as long as you accept that that’s all
you’re asking for today and that’s what some of the children in these birthright
stories did I just want material says one brother the other says I want to
know God and every time that happened the guy that wanted the material like
your brothers and sisters that Bennett betray you and deny you during last will
and Testaments and parent Fighting’s and all that they want the stuff they’re
often gonna get it but that’s all they’ll get and the one that stays
faithful to what they want in consciousness is going to get that
they’re gonna get that and with consciousness comes everything else but
the universe has to adjust itself to bring that to you because the universe
is so used to people not accepting their divine birthright it doesn’t have that
lined up right away believe it or not the universe is going hold hold it a
second hold the fort somebody is accepting their divinity oh
heck we had everything lined up for the normal stuff we were like going to send
you you know somebody with tissue you know I could we figure that’s all you
were gonna want today is more crying and more tissue dang and legal documents so
so whoa every hold the fort and then the universe has to rotate all these gears
to bring and in an arranged you’re good you’re good karma for making right
decisions it’s quite beautiful but it does sometimes take time for good to
happen bad can be very instant in karma and good things come quickly – but I’m
just saying don’t be too shocked when sometimes you’ve made righteous
decisions and it takes time for the gears to come your way because most of
our thoughts and decisions don’t believe that this can happen oh I do you don’t I
do Shh just stop Peter okay three times do we have to do this three times
seriously own it apparently there’s a part of me that doesn’t believe it so
much that as soon as I say snap it comes pouring on to me just believe
that that’s a possibility because the outside reflects the inside and if my
Goods gonna take a day and a half or a year and a half it’s just my own beliefs
that’s all it is so go ahead and if you want it faster speed your beliefs up get
in a more alignment that’s what affirmations are for that’s why you have
chaplains to do prayer with you do you sit down with them or do you just leave
complaining again get some prayer get some shift and get some healing get
right in consciousness that’s what righteousness means right
consciousness get in alignment no more settling I don’t need that anymore it’s
not who I am and the temptation to die a little when people do things it’s normal
but how much are you gonna die in for how long are you gonna stay on the cross
or in the tomb and so for me you know it’s a couple times I’ve gone through
that kind of a thing where it’s like wow the struggle to go why can’t this all
catch up and let’s let’s go well friendships or whatever it happens
to be okay sometimes those friends are met when you’re at this level or those
behaviors are met when you’re at this level or those family members are
created when you’re at this level and you shift levels sometimes they’re not
going to make the transition with you so when those losses happen are they
supposed to be killing us no we’re just going
we’re just ascending today and some of those people and things won’t go and
there have been times in my life when I felt bummed that they didn’t go with me
but that’s my own neediness to watch because it’s it’s you know it’s lonely
at the top so to speak you go wow I thought you know everybody was know if
they’d if they’re not there then they’re currently they weren’t gonna make the
transition and that’s how it happens sometimes even when you’re an
enlightened person you’re still gonna die because even though you’re
enlightened and you’re ready to go to a new spiritual level of consciousness
sometimes your body is not gonna make it with you so you don’t even judge when
you’re sick or you die you just go wow sorry about that guy you know body
apparently you have an illness that couldn’t couldn’t heal quickly enough to
catch up where we could turn our body to light do I care no
because I’m in the light now it’s alright so we can mourn those losses
when you’re on the other side you can look down and say oh I miss my body
you’re probably not gonna really say that for too long you’re gonna be like
what body I’m good this feels amazing I’ve got an e-ticket to love you know
like this is kind of cool you’re not gonna be like oh I wish I had
that aging thing that that you know and it’s the same we don’t dis friends and
family but it’s kind of the same where we can say you know I’m a little bummed
that my friends didn’t make the transition but what I need to do is more
in that loss called crucifixion and then ascend rise resurrect and as I resurrect
I’m ready to ascend to a new level of consciousness it’s always good it may
not look like it but it’s always good let’s take a moment to Center please
okay set aside all the thoughts of the day all the thoughts of the world take an
honest look at yourself whatever happens or intuitively
spontaneously happens let’s let it happen imagine yourself in your least
favourable image when you were abused or when you were using your least favourite
image of yourself an image of yourself when you are at your worst whether it’s
the worst of your doings or being done to you bring the image here today mid
divorce afraid for your future jobless addict look at that image and just look at it
honestly and then be willing to say this from your heart and soul hello and greet
yourself by name quietly in your mind I need to share my feelings about our life
in our relationship my relationship with you
resulted in my keeping an image of you still in my mind today when I think
about you I have to admit and I’ve learned a lot of things and I’ve grown
and I have happy thoughts too but I have to admit my image of you during that
time I see you as and fill-in-the-blank week a victim fragile abused sad I
remember you you were always tense or or nauseous or anxious or name it just tell
it everything its how I saw that time my that’s that part of me see yourself in
that image and if you try to over spiritualize it and say oh no no no I
don’t believe in that then you’re going into denial and you’re hurting yourself
again just full-on for a minute cut loose and tell it the truth because the
it is a part of you you were an addict you were fooling around too much
you were irresponsible whatever it is talent and I cannot become what God
created to meet me to be if I keep seeing you this way because you’re a
part of me so I can only rise as high as I am thoroughly willing to thoroughly
look at this part of myself and release this part so this part that I’m looking
at I see this way and it’s affected my life it’s affected my health to this day
my partnerships to this day my parenting or whatever else my jobs my finances
it’s affecting me why don’t you how I see you is affecting me to this day and
that means I’m being haunted by the ghosts of Michael past or whomever we
are and it’s time to let go of my old image of you and in so doing I’m letting
go of everything that the image represents and what it’s done to me
undeserved bility and all these other things so I’m going to let you go today
but I want you to know it does not mean I’m actually rejecting you or harming
you or betraying you this image that I hold of you is not true so I’m only
letting go of something that’s false and harmful and it’s right that I do so so goodbye and I want you to picture
this please visualize reaching to the top of your body and unzipping your body
down your face to your navel and then start peeling your body off starting at
the head peeling off your body exposing a being of light underneath peel off
with your head the neck and the shoulders down each arm
peel off the body of your past the image the addict peel it off down the hips
down the legs and emerge pull one leg out the other leg and just drop the pass
drop the old image to the ground and let it dissolve into the ground hear the
Divine Mother through the earth mother saying thank you thank you
and she absorbs it and turns it into light and look at the image remaining
it’s you you’re not solid you’re a being of light sparkly and shimmering wow it’s
so great to see you it’s so great to see this part of you I almost forgot it was
there beautiful this part cannot be harmed or do harm fantastic Oh like an
angel then breathe those sparkles of light in
through your breath into your heart breathe it into your heart and put a
hand or two to your heart and hear the words I can feel you honey I can feel
you it’s so great to connect with you at this level where we’re both safe loved
lovable oh my god this is great because you could never struggle or have lack
you are prosperous beautiful a wonderful being this part has to be it’s light
it’s made in the image of God and the you that I’m talking to is actually me I am as God created me I will to be
prosperity on earth I am as God created me I will to be the health of God on
earth I am as God created me I will to be peaceful and loving I am as God
created me I’m happy and deserving father mother god I knew not what I was
doing when I thought I was anything less help me to forgive myself as you have
forgiven me as easily effortlessly in this light there’s no debt there’s no
Karma I am as God created me I will to be the Christ on earth and in so doing
in so being I will the same for everyone else and all the roles they played
forgiving for you know not what you were doing and I release all of you in the
world people I thought I liked and didn’t like all of you equally to become
who you really are in God and in that we’re all released and we’re all home
and now I need but act like it treat myself like it and from here on every
relationship needs to reflect more of this light rather than the old
wind itself that I can easily resurrect and zip back on but it just doesn’t make
any sense let my thoughts words and deeds decisions all reflect someone who
actually believes they have value and so it is quietly keep your eyes closed for
just a half a minute more and we’ll gently move into the next part of the

5 thoughts on “Unity on the River 2018

  1. You rocked Sunday at U.O.T.R Michael! I love how you’re bringing the truth to the table with compassion, humor and courage.
    Way to go Brother, …way to go! Love you

  2. And so it is~ In deep gratitude to God for hearing the words you share in service, Michael. Peace, LightLove

  3. I did 12-step program with Frank Freed in a Sunday Adult class at the Crystal Cathedral.This was not a drug or alcohol program, but using the 12 step prograrm as a spiritual class.

  4. "Oops, I did it again." I always knew Britney Spears was an enlightened master! Im seeing this online in 2019 after your regular current programs on youtube. I didnt attend live and the giant sized table & candlesticks in the background make you look like an ascended elf master. 🤣🤣🤣Its got green screen 1980s sci fi effect. Perfectly suits uniquely standup comic energy you brought to this service. Thank you for this. 😁😆

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