Unprecedented Powerful LED Driver– XLG Series

Hi my name is Kai and I’m the product
manager of MEAN WELL USA In the highly competitive LED lighting market it is common for price driver opportunities to leverage product performance and quality against low cost as a highly reliable and professional leader of standard LED
driver manufacturers MEAN WELL seeks to improve our product competitiveness
through innovation and precise engineering we’re striving to improve
our product performance and price competitiveness at the same time MEAN WELL is proud to introduce the next generation idea driver the XLG family
the XLG family consists of 25 to 240 watt custom power LED drivers that are
designed to operate from universal input range of 100 to 305 VAC without output power de-rating The constant power design allows the XLG to output at full rated power over a wide constant current range thus improving the
luminaire design flexibility and reducing stock keeping unit count with innovative circuit design, we are able to pack more power into smaller ip67 rated
metal enclosures in order to allow cost-saving from the shaved materials and potting compound. the standard XLG drivers come with surge protection
levels of 6 kV for line to earth and 4 kv for line to line we also offer
optional models that come with surge protection levels of 10 kV and 6 kV
respectively finally the XL G is fitted with MEAN WELL’s signature 3-in-1 dimming function, which allows the driver to be dimmed down to 0% by 0-10V PWM or resistant signal and can be used
for the latest DLC regulation network lighting control application The dimming circuit is also isolated from the DC output in compliance to the latest
IEC 61347 and UL8750 lighting safety standards In addition, MEAN WELL will
prepare the XLG models with stock to ensure quick delivery worldwide with the outstanding performance and cost competitiveness The XLG family is a
top choice for all types of indoor and outdoor lighting applications for indoor applications, the XLG can be used for commercial traffic lights, commercial
recessed lights or illumination projects for the outdoor setting, the XLG can be
flexibly designed into all types of street lighting,flood lighting, high bay
lighting or even more specialized applications such as horticultural
lighting and UV curing with our commitment to quality, service and standard power supplies MEAN WELL is proud to serve as your reliable partner

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