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Uplighting is the most popular technique for outdoor lighting Let’s take a look at a few designs that you can use in your next job So John would you come up to a new site? Such as this, what’s going through your head when you try to figure out a design? The first thing I think about is where am I going to be visually seeing this property Where we might be going to be spending the most of my time. From that area I want to create a beautiful backdrop, a beautiful area to look at Tell me what you have in this situation here. In this island We have a few things going on the first thing we did with the boulders. We use the pb light The pb wall wash light puts out a softer wider light, And we thought that’d be perfect for the boulders. Now why not use a typical spot light in front of each Boulder? The up light or a traditional NP It’d be too harsh for that Boulder I really love the wide spread of the PB it gives a very clean and consistent wash of the boulders. What proximity do you have them install that? It really depends on the size of the boulder And the light you’re trying to get on the boulder. What’s your general rule? on these size boulders on the smaller side we go about 12 to 18 inches in some areas where the island bed cuts out We have to put the wall wash light a little closer to the boulder which is okay. It still puts off a Fantastic light, but it’s an area where you can’t you’ve got to go as far as you can. Now you have that looks like you have a combination of Washes, and then up lights tell me what is happening with the up light that’s correct We chose up lights on on the two trees We have in this area with the crepe myrtle and the tree over here I see one looks like one up light at each tree Tell me tell me why you selected one versus two or three? We chose the up lights for the maple and a tree behind me for They’re a little bit sharper of a light, and they really illuminate the trees very nicely and the placement of the fixtures We’re trying to focus on Illuminating this area from our point over this way We have the walkway here and when you’re walking or you’re driving down the driveway. It really shows this area very nicely Yeah it does and I spent what I especially like about this area is you do not have a lot of competing light sources Therefore you do not always need three fixtures around each tree when one light is sufficient without that competing lights. Exactly correct Yeah, so John behind this Island. We have the structure of the house It looks like you do have some architectural lighting to go with it as well, right How do you decide how that interacts with the island itself? We wanted to kind of bring your eyes off the house just a little bit And we did that with this island and with this with the wall wash and the trees to kind of capture And instead of just seeing you know the house we wanted to bring some color especially these trees to color into the area Now what is being the difference between the intensity of the island area versus the house itself? Now the house It’s got a little more light and it’s all one kind of material so It’s gonna be a little stronger up against the house compared to the island so you definitely want the island to stand out a little bit more as the focal point of the setting Okay great, so John you have a phenomenal Rock structure here Tell me tell me where you even started to light up something such as this? this was quite the project Well we used multiple lights here Okay, and the first thing we did we want to light up the walls the bolder walls are incredible Yeah, they’ve got three levels of bolder walls, and we use the pb3 Wall wash light spaced about every 12 feet, on all three levels of the wall Incredible, but we didn’t want it to be One-sided we’ve tried to bring a little depth to the project. And how did you do that? We brought the depth by using the NP up light, And with that up light we illuminated Most of the trees if not all the trees so that must have created a lot of work in terms of the design What did you do beforehand to plan for such an event? it did well, watching them build this was incredible again We were all about where you were gonna be seeing this project and the main focal point was the pool and the patio That’s where we start. So from that point you decided on putting the P B’s where every 12 feet Now here since the walls are so tall We didn’t put them as close to the wall we brought them back. And how far back do you think you here? We’re about two and a half to three feet In order to get light some of these walls are ten feet tall so we needed to like to go not only Wide we need to go up the wall. and then for the trees themselves Did you do one every tree, two or three every tree? we did mostly one but for this main tree some of the center trees We used two, we head it from both angles and both angles because there’s multiple human points right? correct. Tell me about your lighting plan here. So the on the front of the house we have two separate lighting needs Yep, we have the landscape and as well as the architecture of the home okay now So let’s start with landscape, how did you decide to light up this section? On this maple we chose the PB wall wash. Now it’s a little smaller of a maple It’s real wide so instead of using two up lights. We use one wall wash well I’m sure that helps with really with that the width of the canopy That’s right Looks great and probably saves the homeowner a little bit because you need one fixture rather than too many simplifies your design – exactly good Good tell me about the architecture then? On the architecture We used up lighting and we have one up light on both sides of the window And then we have one up light behind the bush And it’s going all the way up to the peak okay Well focusing on that really probably takes the light out of the windows that right that’s correct We strategically put the up light behind the bush to to kind of guard the window from the light Interesting now what happens as that that bush? What we would like to do when the bush grows is come in with a 12-inch riser to Get the light above the bush and back up to the peak. that makes sense that makes really the light pretty Consistent I would think around the stonework and kind of keeping the light out of this window itself. That’s right So John tell me what do you have going on here? We have a boulder wall and on top of the boulder wall we have landscaping a few trees And so how did you decide to light up this area? the wall we use the P B Wall wash, we want a more texture on the wall so we use if two feet, the further you go out You lose that little bit of texture Okay So close to the wall lots of texture, farther from the wall very flat, yeah if you want to flatten that wall out a little bit. Which is a fine look. Sure, so What about the trees here? the trees we use the up lighting and our viewing angle is from over here So of course we used one up light going up the tree Now in this case you used one. Do you ever use two or three, when you decide to do that? Yeah, as the tree grows sometimes you might need to add a second light Okay, that might be two that might be five six years Okay, so it just depends on that on the time framing the growth of the tree. That’s right well and even the Various viewing angles for the homeowner is that correct that’s correct. Yep now. What about the the pruning of the tree is that important? Yeah, as the foliage grows it sometimes blocks the light we always recommend the homeowner prune maybe once or twice a year And that’s important because the foliage blocks the light, but yet the branching structure is really highlighted by the light itself is that right? That’s exactly right, So the light can really go much farther than three and you can take advantage of less light really If you keep doing the tree very well pruned. exactly Uplighting is the most dramatic type of landscape lighting Let’s review some basics Trees are traditionally illuminated with up lights with a special focus to ensure all areas of the tree are highlighted from the necessary viewing areas Use long shrouds or hex baffles when the light source is visible to your general audience Focus on lighting the trunk and branching structure of a tree instead of the leaves always ensure that the tree is properly pruned Wall washes are a great option for shrubs walls and boulders To add light while hiding the fixture use in grade lights Don’t forget to highlight the architectural features of a house Up lights are the most impactful way to bring color into a landscape by adding a few colors up lights can create fun looks and themes I Hope you learned some new techniques for up lighting the most popular form of lighting that we see today for more information go to FXL.com

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