Upcoming Rounds of Heavy Rain & Severe Weather – Active Weather Pattern

good afternoon, everybody, it’s David
Schlotthauer here we got some very active weather to talk about across the
southeast and much of the East we’re talking several inches of rain that will
lead to significant flood problems over the next couple of weeks and also we got
multiple rounds of severe weather across the deep south and portions of the
Midwest so before I do get started with the video though if you really like the
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let’s talk about our 8 to 14 day US hazardous outlook before actually we get
deeper in you might notice that I have a little bit of a sore throat I am coming
down with a little bit of a cold so I do apologize if I kind of sound a little
off in my future videos but I’m not sick enough to not upload by the way so we’re
gonna actually we look at our hazardous forecast here because looking pretty
active and I mean it not just precipitation wise active but we got
some really cold arctic air that will be spilling out of the north so like
Montana also for North and South Dakota also for Wyoming we got below average
temperatures expected but most importantly lots of rain we are talking
severe weather we’re talking about heavy precipitation that’s expected all the
way from March 17th mainly through the 21st here excuse me
so we’re definitely keeping an eye on a lot of severe weather that could be
taking place by the middle of March so here’s a look at the risk of heavy
precipitation here and you can see across Arkansas much of Tennessee
there’s a high risk for really heavy rain we’re talking
excuse me so we’re talking really heavy rainfall and some flood problems that
could be expected across northeastern Texas all the way across the Arkansas
Tennessee really big flood potential there and here’s why there is going to
be the risk for flooding okay so what we call is atmospheric River so you can see
on this European run that was made this afternoon you can see all of that
moisture just continuing to streaming off the Gulf of Mexico this is a really
big problem because not only there’s gonna be a lot of severe weather but
there’s also gonna be a lot of rain and flood problems in these areas because
when you have a lot of that moisture it’s got to squeeze out some way and
that’s gonna be done by many low pressure systems that are going to kind
of drag across the region and help to squeeze out a lot of that precipitation
this is over the next 10 days and you can see obviously a lot of moisture lots
of atmospheric river of moisture here that’s gonna be shaping up so this will
look now at the GFS model alright and we really want to talk about this because
we’re not really concerned over the next couple of days right we’re really
concerned about what’s gonna happen down the road so excuse me sorry
yeah that’s what happens when you have a cold so on our GFS six-hour average
precipitation right here you can see obviously a lot of storms there’s a
storm that’s gonna go across New York but there’s several more on the way so
there’s a lot of active weather on the way towards the end of this week and
into early next week and into probably the middle of March
you can see lots of storms there lots of snowfall too and some really strong
winds and some really cold temperatures so really really active could this
our March where it’s really active February’s been really quiet
lots of rain across the southeast maybe a little bit of severe weather out there
otherwise but March could be more active that’s our concern so that’s a look at
our GFS there lots of moisture boy this is really gonna be active I better get
well soon because if I want to do some life stream I got to feel better right
so the total amount of amount of rainfall expected especially for Central
Texas Oklahoma Arkansas you can see a couple of inches and especially there
for Arkansas and Tennessee you can see six to ten inches of rainfall the
European model is showing a little lesser but they’re showing a lot of
rainfall to in the 10-day period so we need excuse me so when you get a lot of
rainfall that’s gonna really be coming down in a 10-day period that’s gonna
lead to a lot of problems we’re talking about five to ten inches that’s about an
inch per day of rainfall on an overall daily average and that’s gonna really
could lead to some really substantial flood problems and also a lot of severe
weather including some really heavy rainfall some really strong winds some
hail and some tornadoes certainly not out of the question so for the next 18
days you can see here rainfall amounts between 5 to 15 inches some areas here
really exceptionally really wet for this time of year you do not need any more
rain I repeat you do not need any more rain all across this area you are just
about done with the rainfall but nature doesn’t want to obey so there’s gonna be
a lot more rainfall all across the deep south and the southeast and then two to
four inches of rain across the Great Lakes most likely that will be in the
form of snow some snow in some rain in the mix all up here those should
be mostly of a snow event so all these rain totals that you see up
here across the Dakotas and the Nebraska area do not really apply to you very
much since you’re gonna see mainly snow that’s what the models do appear to see
and then the next 10 days across the Northeast about an inch to maybe a
couple of inches but again northern Georgia these areas really targeted this
winter with too much rainfall will be targeted again for the next couple of
weeks with a lot of rainfall over the next 18 about 16 to 18 days here lots of
rainfall all across the Northeast the mid-atlantic coast the Great Lakes the
southeast the Appalachian is getting a lot of water I mean this is really too
much this is way too much water that’s gonna be falling in a rather short
period of time again that’s not a month worth full of rain that’s about a couple
of weeks so a lot of rain okay so we’re looking at our 10-day anomaly so these
are the departures from normal so with it being wetter than average there’s
gonna be multiple days for severe weather across this area obviously
Arkansas you’re over five inches above average in the next 10 days again
10 about 5 to 10 inches above normal across these areas again this is the
rainfall anomaly forecast and a lot of blue man a living won’t we bring that
here across Northern California now it would be nice to get a lot of rainfall
but evidently it’s not gonna happen below average rainfall anomalies down
here but boy lots of rainfall where you don’t need it already also there’s gonna
be a threat for heavy snow here especially for the Northern Plains in
for the Wyoming and Montana area could see a few feet of snow in some areas
here this is a snowfall total in for sure I’ll just say measure okay so a
lot of snowfall in these areas and then when we talked about actual total
snowfall ratio here the ten-in-one ratio certainly a lot lesser but still none
nevertheless could see about in about a foot to maybe a couple of feet of snow
there across Rapid City also for the Dakotas and also for most of Nebraska
Wyoming also for Colorado and Montana wata snow possibly there over the next
18 days so here’s the look and the reason why there’s gonna be a lot of
rainfall concentrated over a certain area so you got above-average
temperatures therefore the dew point temperatures
will be above average so they’re gonna be it’s gonna be warm it’s gonna be
moist the air is gonna be full of moist air out there in these areas so
temperatures are gonna be as as much as 10 – as much as 30 degrees above normal
that is really warm and this runs all the way through the next ten days there
is not one taste of winter across the southeast and the Midwest because of a
lot of rainfall some severe weather and some tropical moisture that will be
filtering in but on the other hand for the west and for the Northwest you’re
gonna be seeing temperatures below average about 10 to as much as 25 to
almost 30 degrees below average so this is really crazy and you can see this
overall flow trough across the West actually we should put a a blue L or a
red L there okay and then we will put blue H here noting that there’s gonna be
a strong ridge of high pressure in this area so this is the overall flow here is
gonna come up and around this ridge of high pressure and that’s subtropical
moisture that that’s going to lead to a lot of rainfall and then you’ve got
basically the low that’s over here across the West that’s gonna bring in
cooler weather and also the threat for snow and some gusty
winds so really crazy weather pattern setting
up even so it doesn’t look that bad here well this is at about 20,000 feet I’ll
tell you lots of rainfall in this area and rounds of severe weather total
accumulated of freezing rain here we’re looking at about 1/10 of an inch all the
way up to a quarter of an inch stretching all the way from western
Kansas all the way across Nebraska Iowa northern Missouri northern Illinois and
southeastern Wisconsin northern Michigan could see a little bit of ice out there
over the next 10 days so really be careful and also a lot of snowfall along
to go with that also the threat for sleet to across this area so we’re
talking a lot of winter storms out there on the wintery sign of things and some
severe weather it’s gonna be multiple days of this everyone so I want everyone
to get prepared I hope I feel better soon I just pray and hope that my cold
goes away it just started up yesterday so we can be talking about a really
raspy throat or raspy voice here probably over the next week or so but
I’m not giving up on uploading I’ll try my best but if I do not feel good then
we got other problems to worry about so I hope you enjoy the video if you did
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snow for the portions of the Northern Rockies all right I will see you back
here in the next video I’m trying to figure out if I should continue
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