Upfront cost to homeowners could prevent flood of financial devastation

IT’S HEARTBREAKING TO SEE ALL THE HOMES IN TEXAS .. UNDER WATER BECAUSE OF HARVEY. HAVE FLOOD INSURANCE. SO .. THAT BRINGS UP THE QUESTIONS — WHO SHOULD GET FLOOD INSURANCE? AND HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Mapunapuna and Dillingham were flooded by an unexpected storm. landslides. And last year in July .. condo units on Umi Street in Kalihi got flooded .. After Tropical Storm Darby caused the nearby stream to overflow. that was in a high risk flood zone, so I believe some properties, newly purchased, they had flood insurance, but And if you don’t have flood insurance .. oftentimes, you’re out of luck. you know what i’d say everyone needs flood homes and businesses in Hawaii are protected by flood insurance. you’re not required to get flood insurance .. but look at the homes in Texas flooded by Harvey .. Some of them were not in a high risk zone. moderate risk zones. So how much does flood insurance cost? well the low to moderate risk is about less than $400 a year for the maximum coverage which is $250k on the building and $100k in contents. So what does flood insurance cover? Pretty much flooding from tsunamis, hurricanes, other storms, coastal storm surges, even possibly a water main break. Renters can also buy flood insurance to protect their contents. September 11th. Our hurricane season goes till the end of November .. it’s sad when that happens, you save all of your life for this home and then in an instant it’s gone. EVEN PEOPLE WHO LIVE ON A HIGH FLOOR IN A CONDO OR APARTMENT BUILDING CAN BENEFIT FROM FLOOD INSURANCE .. IN CASE THE ZONE .. WE HAVE A LINK TO A

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