Upgrade Your ROOM (One of the most OVERLOOKED stream upgrades!)

5 thoughts on “Upgrade Your ROOM (One of the most OVERLOOKED stream upgrades!)

  1. Hey if you get time subscribe to my channel and if you can give me some tips on what kind of videos I should post I started my YouTube in 2017 but I Took a break If you can help me awesome thanks I’ll be upgrading my room after I get out of this rented apartment.

  2. Good stuff dude! I was the same way. Creating an environment that I WANTED to be in. If you want to be in the room then you'll be a lot more productive.

    Although my LEAST favorite Pearl Jam poster is in the background of my stream. But my favorite one I can see from my gaming chair hahah

  3. This is so well done! Nice job! Also explains why sometimes I see blue/purple light coming out of your house. Lol!

  4. Such a good point here ! Thanks for the vid man. Will def think about this when I'll do my next video.

    Kinda tricky for now as I don't have my own place, but heck that's even more exciting. I'll set the room and lights and it makes me focus on my environment. Could do some vids outdoor as well, and use the same process.

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