Upper Kolab Dam and Garden, Koraput

Good morning friends, welcome back to my channel. So on this fine morning we are going to visit the Upper Kolab Dam of Koraput Here you can see the entrance gate of the dam and we have booked a ticket to visit the Upper Kolab Dam of Koraput. So now we are inside the garden and the dam, and there you can see the dam. And now we are going to visit this dam through the garden. Stay tuned friends. There is a beautiful garden situated just at the Upper Kolab Dam of Koraput. So this is the entrance gate to the dam. For boat riding you will need a valid permit pass from the ticket counter available here. Just after the Koraput ghat road ends take a right turn and enter the Upper Kolab Dam gate to visit it. A very beautiful garden is located at the dam where you can roam freely to have a fresh breath and take a little rest on the silky grass. Keep the environment clean and green. It’s a very calm place to visit in Koraput. We also visited the control room of the dam and got a little info on how the dam works and conserve water for the peaceful management of water resources, thankful to the dam operator. There is also a children’s park at the foothills of the dam of Koraput. Thank you for watching the video, hope you enjoyed, Please like, share and comment. Subscribe to the channel for more videos.

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