1. Alan Blair! Get a TV Show Now! 😀 One of the best, and most fun fisherman to watch! 🙂

  2. Great to see others fish canals and rivers. I fish on the big canals and rivers in Holland and it's exciting but difficult fishing, but the fish make everything worth! There are big carp (55lbs+) and catfish(150lbs+ over 2 meter!) on those canals and rivers. The thing I noticed was that there is only one movie about carpfishing on canals. It's a german movie called "Stahl und beton – Carpfen angelen am kanal" if you understand german wel worth to watch!!!

  3. It's very noisy in that swim, Alan…try further down past the industrial estate, around the second bend. I had some great times there back in the early 90s…real screamers, commons and mirrors to over 15lb on legered sweetcorn. Until it was polluted a couple of years ago, the stretch held chub, bream and some big roach to over 2lb. Unfortunately the AWA frequently discharge untreated sewage into that little river, just a few hundred yards upstream of your swim.

  4. Brilliant vid Al, really interesting stuff thats so refreshing to see, more more more please 🙂

  5. I love your honesty at the end, can't wait to see more and this should be a TV show!!

  6. As doubtful as it may seem, it is a fact that one or two SALMON have found their way back to where Alan is fishing! True!

  7. Yes yes yes! I can relate to this video. I deal with the same stuff here in New Orleans.

  8. This might sound silly but im new to carp fishing so can you have all braid on your spool? Thanks

  9. check out this guys rods they should be no more than meter apart from the butts he his clearly fishing for fresh water fish on a tidal river so Environment Agency laws apply

  10. Hi Richard, at no time were any rods left unattended or EA rules broken when this piece was shot. There were in fact 3 people with fishing licences there that day behind the scenes covering the fact that the rods were spread out. Thanks for your concern.

  11. He his showing how he would fish in that situation the fact that there where 3 people behind the scenes does not matter. He is the only person we can see

  12. What a loser Richard turner is . Just a dreaming ain't ya wishing you was in Alan boots

  13. Just goes to prove catching big fish isn't everything, its the spending time in a beautiful inviroment that counts

  14. Keep it up Alan. Love your views on and your enthusiasm for all things carp. Mr Nash made a master stroke by getting you involved in his company.

  15. Does anyone know when this was filmed cause I fished here as a kid but read in the local paper that the local sewage works polluted it and killed all the fish and I haven't been back since?

  16. Great video and nice fishing lot of crazy spots for fishing in the world 🙂 nice nature…I am too intrested in songs in this video if there is name or tip for it would be glad to hear it's nice cover for video 🙂 thx

  17. Could you tell my the track I.d used for that piece please its a banger

  18. Could you tell my the track I.d used for that piece please its a banger

  19. Alan is slowly becoming my favourite angler to watch, He bloody loves fishing as you can see. So much passion this guy has and you can see in his face just how much he loves it. Proper Angler, Proper entertainment and proper gear. Keep up the good work Alan and keep up the good Work Nash

  20. Loved this Alan for the reason it was filmed. Christ Richard you're a pointless c**t.

  21. Love these vids but carp anglers really over complicate their rigs ridiculously!

  22. i live not far from there ,but do you need a rod licence on this part of the river. i'm thinking going down there by mountain bike with my backpack and rod . just incase do you need permission and licence. I love your videos

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