US backed forces explain handing Raqqa dam to Syrian government

The story of the Euphrates Dam has been making headlines lately. To see what was happening, a Kurdistan 24 team headed to the dam in Tabqa. Stories about the handing over of the dam to the Syrian government have been swirling recently. The Tabqa Civil Administration said that due to the war, many parts of the dam have been damaged For that reason, the dam has stopped operating. Moreover, much of the dam’s equipment was looted by Islamic State (IS) militants. The dam’s management sought the help of the Syrian government contractors… so that the dam may be repaired and become operational again. Hamid al-Faraj, co-head of the Tabqa Legislative Council. There are four turbines that need to be repaired. We contacted the Euphrates Dam Company [which belongs to the Syrian Government] to generate enough electricity for all of Syria. Water will also be available to surrounding areas for drinking, irrigation, and agriculture. There are eight turbines that produce electricity from the Euphrates Dam As a result of the fighting, destruction, and looting, only four turbines are operating. IS fighters looted tools, damaged infrastructure, and much needed repairs mean the Euphrates Dam is not fully operational. Some engineers, technicians, and contractors who were previously working at the dam have now returned. Just as they used to do [before the Syrian war]. The Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) media center states the dam benefits all Syrians. They claim water and electricity will be distributed equally across the country. The area around the dam is now under SDF control. The Syrian government and army are not present. Mustefa Bali, head of SDF Media Office We are open to negotiations how best to manage the dam. Engineers and technicians are returning to work there. This does not mean the Syrian regime and Baath party security departments have also returned. The dam’s staff, who already worked here and have experience, have been given the permission to return to work The Euphrates River holds the largest dam in Syria. And the dam holds the largest lake. These are the main sources of water and electricity in Syria. The dam produces 880 megawatts of electricity per hour. It’s also a site for tourism. People visit the lake behind the dam where the ancient citadel of Jabar [Qal’at Ja’bar ] is also located. The lake is also a popular fishing spot. Reporting in Kurdish: Ekrem Saleh, Kurdistan24, Tabqa English subtitles: Helbast Shekhani

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