UW-River Falls Science and Technology Innovation Center (SciTech)

I think that the future SciTech
building would really just stand as a beacon to students that we support
research here. We support your passion we want to make sure that you succeed in
your career. I am truly in awe of our faculty and the
work they do now with our students in terms of teaching but also undergraduate
research in some very inadequate spaces And I think about what is possible, what
more could we do with this new facility. It is inspiring every day if you
look at what is going on here at River Falls and how this facility would
transform the experience for our students and our faculty. As a professional in higher education, I feel a responsibility for preparing our students for their futures. Part of that is having state-of-the-art facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, state-of-the-art pedagogies available to them. And
also it’s part of the liberal education that we provide through a comprehensive
university experience — preparing them not only for the challenge of today but for
the challenges of tomorrow. So I think it’s on us to do it correctly and ensure
that it’s well thought out and we’re thinking about a broader vision about
how we can help our students make better decisions, understand options
and train them better for careers that they’re going to be excited about doing and
that they’re passionate about and they love. This is just a really great opportunity to
show people who are coming into the school that we care about our students and we care about their futures.

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  1. Could someone please direct me to the young woman in Neuroscience and Psychology, I have a few questions.

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