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(water gurgling) (gunshots) – Oh, that’s how you wanna play it! – [Hammy] Hey, and welcome. I’m Hammy, and Valorant
has entered the world, previously known as Project A, Riot Games’s 5V5 Team tactical shooter has now been officially
announced with a reveal, namely a teaser as well
as some brand new gameplay and a whole deluge of
articles from various press who have got to play
the game a little early. In this video I’m going to talk a little bit about what’s announced, but with a focus on the
lore and the storytelling and what we know about them so far, as well as the cast of heroes or agents that have been announced. So if you enjoy this video, throw a like and subscribe. I’d love to hear what you
think in the comments below, and time codes in the description if you want to skip to
various agents or topics. Okay, time to dive into
the world of Valorant. So firstly is a quick
summary, what is Valorant. Well we now know it’s going to be a 5V5, first to 12 or 24 round in a
match, team tactical shooter. It’s attack versus defence in a similar sense to Counterstrike in that there are bomb defuse objectives, one team tries to plant the bomb the other tries to stop them. Weapons and charges for two of your four abilities that you have
are bought with currency that you earn round by round in a match. Now if you’re interested
in the technicalities I’ll do a separate gameplay video, throw a sub to see that. Now whether you’re a
loyal sub of this channel, thank you very much for being here, or if you’re brand new, I love my lore story and world
building behind video games as much as I do playing
them, if not more so. Riot with League of Legends and their lore and world building over the last couple
of years in particular have been on a bit of a tear ever since they ripped
the League of Legends lore to pieces a few years ago, hired writers and started rebuilding it from the ground up. So I’m excited for Valorant in terms of what Riot may bring. Now, what do we know so far. Well, in a world fighting
for its existence, a Valorant squad is put
together to defend it. A diverse cast of hyper-natural,
battle-ready agents, so agents are the people we are playing, from across the world have come together to respond to a larger existential threat. With catastrophic,
world-altering consequences on the very line. A tactical shooter with
hyper-natural powers, then. And this hyper-natural
piece is used quite a lot in various press articles and interviews as well as some of Riot’s
official website material to describe the sense of the abilities of the Valorant cast of agents. So with plenty of world-building lore and story potential to come, who are the characters that
will be gracing the stage of the world of Valorant? Well, we have eight heroes so far, so here’s a quick run
through of their looks and some of their abilities that have been shown off
with gameplay footage. Again, I’ll do a separate video analysing all of this in more detail
if you want to have a look. First up is Sage, now we’ve seen a few leaks
on Sage from a screenshot over the last week showing
her full ability kit. Creating safety for her team
and herself wherever she goes, Sage is a support star character who can use a revive and
also slow down and manipulate the new battlefield as well. Sage’s passive is a healing orb that can heal a targeted ally or herself to full health over a few seconds. Her slowing orb makes a
field upon hitting the ground that catches everyone in it to slow them, it grounds them meaning they can’t jump up and they also make noise. Now apparently it’s made of radionite, maybe that’s an aural material that will be something to do
with the Valorant storyline. Sage’s barrier orb makes
a large, solid wall, I think we’ve seen that before. And you can rotate the
wall before casting. Now the ultimate ability is resurrection. Target a friendly body, after a short delay revive
them with full health, which we saw in the Valorant
initial reveal trailer. Next up we have Cypher, hailing from Morocco they are apparently a one man surveillance network, keeping tabs on enemies, very very vision-centric. Their ability is Trap Wire. You can make a trip wire on the ground, this has been seen in footage. Trigger enemies are slowed and
restrained by it for a second and revealed for a short period of time. Cyber cage is a remote trap
that can be reactivated to create a cage that slows
enemies who pass through it. A single trap can be
detonated by looking at it, or you can hold a button
to detonate multiple traps. Spy Cam allows Cypher
to place a remote camera that you can then watch
a video feed through, and you can click while
looking through the camera to fire darts that track other players. Finally an ultimate Neural Theft lets you extract info from
the corpse of an enemy, showing you the location of
all of their living teammates. Seeing all of the enemy in
one go who are still alive on the map is very powerful indeed. Next up, Brimstone, a soldier commandery
looking chap from the USA. He has an orbital arsenal, and can deliver utility
as well as some support. He’s kind of a battlefield commander type. Incendiary will let him
fire an incendiary grenade that does a damaging field of fire. Stim Beacon is interesting, you can put a stim beacon down that gives all players near it rapid fire but including the enemy team apparently. So that has to be positioned carefully. Sky Smoke is an ability
that Bangalore players from Apex Legends might recognise. You can call in orbital
deployment smoke screens by clicking on the map and
then confirming to launch them to be able to smoke off areas. Finally, orbital strike is an ultimate, kind of like Gibraltar from Apex Legends. Target a location, and barrage
it with an orbital strike that does high damage
over several seconds, interesting damage and team
utility there from Brimstone. Next up, Jett from Korea. We have seen her in the initial Project A announcement trailer last year, and also in the name reveal trailer she is being chased by Phoenix, more on him later. Very much a Carly-esque
for you League fans, Jett is very much an
assassin, she’s evasive. Cloud Burst, her ability, lets a cloud of fog be cast that obscures vision when it hits. Tailwind lets her dash a short distance in the direction she is moving, meaning that she can move quickly. Updraft is shown off in several trailers, it lets her raise up in the air and then either fire with
one of her other abilities or simply navigate terrain. Last but not least, a blade storm. She gets several deadly throwing knives that deal reasonable damage but will kill on a headshot application. If you actually get a kill, it restores all of your daggers. Left click will throw one, and right click will throw all her daggers in a short ranged burst. You can imagine really,
really skilled players checking in kills together, get a headshot, get all your daggers back. Going to be a very very
interesting assassin damage hero. As I mentioned in the name reveal trailer, we saw Jett being chased by Phoenix. Now Phoenix hails from the UK, but this cheeky chappy has a
few fireballs up his sleeve. Apparently his star power shines through in his fighting style, igniting the battlefield
with flash and flare. Phoenix’s default or
signature ability Curve ball can throw a flare that will blind the enemy team who look at it. It can be curved left or right. Hot Hands will throw a fireball that either does damage after a delay, or on impact with the ground. And it will damage enemies and heal you depending on if you’re standing on it or if an enemy is hit by it. Blaze casts out a flame orb, blocking vision and damaging anyone who’s passing through it. As an ultimate, Phoenix has run it back. You can mock your location, and if you die during
the ability being active then you’ll be reborn
at the marked location phoenix-style from the
ashes with full health. Probably familiar to Revenant
players from Apex Legends. Next up, Viper from the USA, shown in some Warlock and also in the initial
Project A reveal trailer. Viper uses a bunch of
poisonous chemical devices all driven by aerosols coated in toxin. Crippling enemy vision,
controlling the battlefield, and causing mind games and directing players
in certain directions. Her signature ability, Toxic Screen, makes a long line of gas emitters that you can reactivate to create a big wall of toxic gas at the cost of your fuel resource. Snake Bite is a projectile that explodes into a pool of very
damaging acid on the floor that damages if enemies run through it. Poison Cloud throws a gas emitter that can be reactivated to create a big poisonous smoke cloud, again at the cost of fuel as a resource. It can be picked up and
thrown, again if you wish. Finally, Viper’s Pit emits a massive toxic cloud in a large area that lasts as long as Viper
stays inside the cloud, and enemies inside the cloud are highlighted and lose health. If you’re more of a hunter type, take a look at Sova, hailing from Russia. Like Cypher, a very very
vision-enabling character, Sova finds, tracks and eliminates enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision. His custom bow and scouting mean that even if you can run,
you can’t necessarily hide. Recon Bolt fires a bolt that
deploys a sonar-emitter, tagging nearby enemies
and making them visible. The bolt can be destroyed, sounds familiar if you played
Overwatch as well of course. Next up Shock Bolt,
fires an explosive bolt that does a damaging pulse upon impact as opposed to revealing people. Sova’s al drone which we
see in the gameplay reveal deploys a flyable drone
that can fire darts to reveal enemies who are hit by it, further enabling vision of the enemy. Finally, Hunted Fury fires up to three deadly big blasts of energy that go across the entire map, hitting enemies for damage and marking people when they are hit. Last but by no means
least, the mysterious Omen. Teleporting across the battlefield, rendering enemies blind and disorientated, and then striking from the shadows. Omen’s dark cover ability casts out a stealth ethereal orb
that bursts out into a sphere of shadow at its final location. Paranoia sends out a
shadow in a straight line, causing enemies that it touches to only be able to see near them. Shadow walk, after a delay, Omen will dematerialize and
teleport a short distance. Finally, from the shadows is an ultimate, you can teleport anywhere
on the map and reform there, but you’ll be a shade that will return to your original location if killed. Once the teleport is complete, you’ll become incorporeal
for a short time. So, there is your initial Valorant cast. What do you think of these agents, of these heroes, potentially villains? I’d love to hear your thoughts
in the comments below. Would you like to play these? So, we have a world
fighting for its existence, and we have various
people ready to defend it, or perhaps be responsible
for its downfall, indeed. There have to be some antagonists, I’m sure we’re not all heroes. Now, for the announcement today various websites such
as Polygon and Eurogamer have had interviews with
the developer team at Riot and different things
have actually come out about the story, lore and world-building, as well as the character
design and aesthetic. The fashion sense and look
and feel of the agents has been a combination
of modern tech fashion, athleisure, and high
fashion reinterpreted, as you can see in some of the stylings of the agents that we will see. And in various interviews, David Nottingham, Valorant’s
creative director, has said various things about how the story’s actually going to be told as well as inspirations for that. One thing that Nottingham confirmed that will happen in Valorant is that characters will have quips that show off their personality and short conversations between them, hinting at their deeper associations, further relationships
between the characters, who knows who, who’s associated
with who, and more as well. So there we go, Valorant
pre-game interactions. And if you followed my channel you know I’ve loved having a look at that frame watch of the game, so I can’t wait to hopefully get stuck into that lore and the
origin story of Valorant too. Now in an interview with Eurogamer, Nottingham also mentioned that there is going to be a chunk of environmental storytelling in Valorant. Now, this is very much like, of course, Overwatch, with the work on Numbani before Doomfist and Orisa’s launch, as well as changes in other maps, such as Horizon Lunar colony
before Hammond’s launch, the Sombra ARG with the changes on Derado, and of course more besides. Now though Overwatch isn’t
cited in the actual interview as a comparison point, the Riot devs seem to
have mentioned Fortnight in various interviews as an environmental storytelling point in terms of changing the map and world to move the story in the narrative along. One example that Nottingham gave was that you’re playing a map, and oh, there’s a billboard up and it’s for a recruitment
poster for Kingdom. Now Kingdom is a faction that exists in the world of Valorant, and in fact there are
actually weapons named after, or used by or perhaps produced by Kingdom, we don’t know quite which yet. Nottingham then cites, “So for people who are paying attention,” “if you come back you might see” “that a poster’s been defaced or changed.” So looking in the levels in
the environments of Valorant is going to be apparently key for seeing how the story progresses, and there are apparently
going to be four maps or so at Valorant launch, or when
Valorant is first playable. So it’ll be good to
have a look around those and see what’s going on. Now also in the Eurogamer interview, Nottingham did say that they were probably going to tell more in terms in environmental storytelling rather than the incredible quote on quote CG trailers of games like Overwatch. Although Riot might do
something similar at some point. Now it’s interesting to see a focus on the environmental storytelling rather than talking about cinematics. These interviews might have
been done a while back, all of these ones coming out in press. Particularly interesting given that before all of the official art went live on the Valorant Twitter and
Twitch headers and similar, there was kind of a teaser piece of art. And in this teaser piece of art, some people thought that
if you looked closely you could see some obscured text, perhaps referring to
episode one of something for a character called Viper, who is actually one of the announced cast. So, it’ll be interesting to see if Viper does get an episode of something, hero, villain, origin stories. Agent origin stories could
very much be something in terms of storytelling
in the build up to or beyond launch. So maybe those cinematics, maybe those animations
popularised by Overwatch and also Apex Legends, amongst of course many other games, could be something that
is coming to Valorant. So let’s keep our eyes
firmly open for those. I think that given Riot have done many awesome cinematics
for League of Legends, not doing something for Valorant and of course the animation
they’ve done for KDA Popstars and True Damage in terms of
their music videos recently, doing something similar for Valorant feels like not an if to me,
but just a when and how. It will be fascinating
to see what comes up. So there you have it, that is all we know about Valorant so far. Do go and check out the gameplay reveal over on the Valorant YouTube channel, and watch out for my gameplay analysis that will be coming up in the coming days. What do you think of it all? Are you looking forward to Valorant, its potential lore, story, world-building? How about the game itself, do you think that you’d
fancy this kind of mode? Riot have said that they’re working on more fun and varied modes in addition to this main
mode that we’ve seen as well. I’d love to hear all of your
thoughts about the characters, the potential story, the look of the game, whether you might fancy playing it or not, in the comments below. Be great to hear from you. If you enjoyed this video,
throw a like and subscribe, and keep an eye out for more
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I’m going to be trying a bunch of different things but covering a bunch of lore
story and world-building as well as other games
that I enjoy as well, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Cheers for tuning in, I’m Hammy, and.

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  1. Valorant is now confirmed – what do you think of the look of the game, Valorant characters and more? Do comment and let me know – there's a chunk of gameplay, information on Valorant characters, a bit about Valorant lore and the world, and lots of goodness here – timecodes in description to skip!

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