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Hi I’m Lidia and I’m Philip and this is
our VAN TOUR! WELCOME TO MY VAN! We’re gonna start the tour with the
outside first! This is a 2006 Ford e350 with a six liter turbo diesel power
stroke engine. We just installed a U-Join off-road kit. We got a six inch lift
and did a four-wheel drive conversion and is sitting on thirty five inch tires. We’ll have
a van build series on how to do the four-wheel drive conversion soon coming
up. We’re sitting on Fox 2.0 shocks with Atlass custom suspension springs both the
front and rear drive shafts are custom from Woody’ Manual locking hubs we also have a manual shift transfer case we have the van sitting on
Toyo all-terrain tires 35 inch those are wrapped on a 20 inch wheel bi-fuel the
springs provide a six inch lift for higher clearance for when we go over
landing or off-roading. The front axle is a Dana 60 off of a f-350 Super Duty and
the rear axle that came original with the van is also a Dana 60 but it has the
true track LSD limited slip differential. We basically have the whole front end of
an f-350 Super Duty diesel truck. Here we have the onboard air system that we can
plug in our air hose to so we can air up our tires when we come back from going
offroad. Here we have our freshwater fill so we
can fill a thirty gallon freshwater tank. Up top here we have some 3-inch off-road
lights as well as our ARB awning that we can roll out when we’re camping. Here’s the door latches for the door that hold the door open. So these two areas of the
van were red like the ambulance look We really hated that so I thought it was
gonna be a good idea to use Herculiner for the bottom of the
van so it’s like more resistant when we’re going off-road and protecting a
little bit more in the van and then right here we cover the stripe with a
vinyl wrap that I design it. I’m so happy our friends at Viral Vinyl Works help us out
with the prints. We installed it but they printed it for us. I had this idea of like
creating like a safari type of look and the leopard print was like my type of
safari type of thing you know so we went for it it looks pretty wild and we loved
it and we are so proud to have the van with the leopard stripe. One of the first
few things we did was install the pop-out windows so that we could get air
flow into the van and they actually worked pretty good. So like I said earlier the van didn’t used to look like this right now we have this little
spotlights but previously it used to be these huge lights for the ambulance so I
did a lot of fiberglass repair here It took me like two to three months to be
done with it so I’m really happy with that I really think it looks so much
better than before and it was a lot of investment and a lot of time and I had
to learn from scratch to do fibreglass repair and bondo repair and it was
hideous but totally worth it for us. Alright let’s move around and we’ll show
you the other side. Alright so over here on this side we have another port hole
right here and also we have our battery box this came with the ambulance and we
just repurposed it for our house batteries as well as our shoreline
plug-in. and it’s on a slide so it’ll slide out and they just barely fit in
there. So here we have our battery bank we have four six volt 200 amp power AGM
batteries each battery has 200 amp hours giving us 800 but they’re wired in
series parallel so that cuts it in half so basically total for our 12-volt
system we have 400 amp hours of battery So here’s a quick rundown of our whole
electrical system. We have 400 amp hours of battery, 500 watts of solar, we’re
using a victor on energy charge controller which is great because we can
control it with an app through our phone via Wi-Fi we use as an Trax 3000 watt
sine wave inverter charger so we basically have a few options to charge
the batteries we have dual alternators from the engine that are connected with
a battery isolator so it doesn’t back feed to the engine batteries we have 500
watts of solar on the roof and we also have a plug to plug in shore line
through the inverter so the inverter will charge the batteries to be an
extension cord if you’d like to know more about our electrical setup leave a
comment below and we’ll get to it as soon as we can
we’re going to be making more videos in the future that go more in depth on this
topic. Alright now let’s move around to the
back and we’ll show you what we got in the back here. We got a nice little solid steel step
here. We have more door latches here to hold the doors open So back here we have our thirty gallon
freshwater tank as well as our skateboards. Because like you guys know
we love skating and yeah it’s a very big part of us so there is a lot of room for
skateboards. And on this side we have the air hose for the onboard air system as
well as some other miscellaneous tools that we need for the road in case you
have any type of issue and other fluids and cleaning supplies and we have our
beach umbrella and some other miscellaneous things. Also more
floodlights in the rear here that are wired in on the switches. And now we’re going to take you on a tour of the inside. Let’s see what we did! Let’s see the inside! So first thing you
would see in this van is this nice swivel seat that we got here these are not the
original seats that they came with the ambulance we got this chairs for a 1980s
dodge it was a random found in Craigslist we’re super comfy and we love
how they open up this space in the van because we live in a small space and
these chairs really help us so much to open up the van and like have different
spaces to sit down so if you’re gonna convert a van definitely recommend it to
get a swivel seat if you can totally worth it. Alright first let’s start with
the obvious the shifter in the floor for the transfer case that’s the shift in a
four wheel drive then we have our monitor over here a SCT livewire that
way we can monitor all the parameters of the engine and make sure we don’t have
any problems while we’re on the road. Up here we have our main switchboard which we can turn on headlight flashers we have some flashing red lights on the
fenders we have the backup alarm that we can toggle on and off we also have the
left rear and right flood lights we can also toggle off and on the dome lights
for the back and also the rear heat and a/c
and this switch is for the onboard air system which we also have the gauge here
that I installed that tells us how much pressure we have in the onboard air tank
and also this came with the switch board as part of the ambulance we just have a
regular voltmeter. So right here we have an emergency start switch which can use
our solar basically to jumpstart the engine also a great thing about the
ambulance is it came with the horns and sirens since this was an ambulance
before we got it there’s a lot of electrical fuses circuit breakers and
wiring that we were able to reuse I was able to reach out to the company that
built the ambulance and I talked directly to the electrical engineer and
he was able to email me copies of all the wiring diagrams for all the extra
systems and wiring that they to the van for the ambulance. So all of our electrical circuit breakers fuses the solar charge controller basically
all the wiring and electrical protection devices are up here and that’s kind of
how the ambulance was set up we just unbolt it and it all kind of hangs down
and we have access to all the electrical stuff right up here. So this is our
kitchen area. We have two burner stove and an oven. We went with this Camp Chef
combo that is the stove and the oven and so far it’s been working really good for
us I love to have an oven because I don’t want to have limitation about when
I’m cooking and it’s a really good way to keep the van warm in winter so we
took a lot of cinnamon rolls and a lot of meat and fish and it works with
propane and we have a propane can down here. We have all our pots and pans and
like cutting board and like bowls and utensils for cooking it’s all in here
tucked in we have some extra storage down here we put some bottle of water
and sometimes some shoes and we have a carbon monoxide detector back there so
if we have any leaks and the carbon monoxide detector will will let us know
right here we have this butcher block countertop that we got is really strong
and we love it. We used a food grade stain for the countertop because we know that
we’re gonna be cutting food and why not on it so that’s the option we went with for
the ceiling of the butcher block. So we used a leftovers of the countertop to
make this pullout table right here and it’s pretty handy for us we use it as an
extra space for the countertop when we’re cooking or for working on a
computer or to eat also we put the computer here to watch movies it’s just
like a nice little feature you know. And down here we have our Dometic
refrigerator with freezer we love to have a freezer it’s so nice to have ice
when you need it or like you know frozen meat or whatever we pack a lot of food in
here it’s pretty small but I I play the game of the Tetris and I just fit it
all in you know so it works really good for that it’s a 12 all refrigerator so
it drains super little power it’s running 24/7 even though we have a
freezer and it works like a champ we love you so much we’ll put a link down
below if you wanna check it out and then And then down here. We have just more storage for some dry goods and some beers that Philip likes to drink or some coconut
milk some seeds and that’s it We use every little corner here. So here is
where we have all of our plates or cups or silverware
we are very minimalist like you can tell we have two of each and it works perfect
for us makes it so much easier to do dishes and just to keep your space kind
of open we install this little bar right here so we’re driving off-road when we
open these doors stuff doesn’t fall and that’s a move much around here. And here
we have more food in jars and that kind of stuff like spices and flour, seeds…. some honey some herbs some mama to cha. And now let me show your sink. So right here that you can see we have a load of counter space
because we use another piece of the counter top to cover your sink so we
have our thing kind of hiding whenever we want it or use it as a countertop we
love that feature it looks more clean and more tidy and
more room I just use it when I cook and I clean the dishes you know and then
sometimes if I don’t want to clean the dishes I just hide this stuff here put
this on and forget about it for a couple hours And this is how these works you
know we just take it off and then this is the faucet that we picked and it has a
showerhead. And I use it all the time you know I wash my hair in this sink
all the time we have showers outdoor showers with our hot water heater that I
will show you in a second. Now over here we have the switches these are the on and off and dimmer for the dome lights that are LED lights that are in the
ceiling here and this is for the exterior lights so when we’re camping we
can turn on these floodlights from here and see the outside and then back here
is where the water pump switch is to turn the water pump on and off. By the same we just have another drawer we just put some some stuff. And then I’m here we
have my plan is Pancracia she’s growing so much she’s already growing
all of these I think she loves the van she’s like breathing all this co2 in
here getting a strong cleaning our air is actually growing so much and
definitely I would recommend to have a plan in your van. And underneath the
sink we have these two drawers so right here we have our electric water here
from Bosch it holds like around three gallons of hot water
so yeah you need a lot of solar power to run this but we’re set with 500
watts on the roof we have our fire extinguisher here this is a water filter
really necessary for having clean water when you don’t know the resource of your
water and then right here we have a five gallon water tank for a grey water and
this is how it works for us we just pretty much empty it every day
and we clean it every day and it works really good for us this way because we
can like pretty much find a place to dump an everyday really easily here we
start at your trash can I made this trash can by myself I could
stop maybe the trash can so it could like be like flexible enough to kind of
squeeze in here when we closed the doors and we can feel a big amount of trash
but not too much so it works really good and I’m happy with it and then we just
have some cleaning supplies and right here I put like a paper towel rag so we
have the paper towels right here inside the door and a trash can right here with
the cleaning products and I’m also holding here
my pee bottle because guys I pee in a bottle and I use this pee funnel I put
it here and you can imagine how I do it I dump this every day and I clean it
every day so it doesn’t smell and that’s why I do it so I just show you when I go
pee and now I’m gonna show you when I go poop when I have to cuz I try to go poop
in public restrooms and restaurants and stuff like that so I have this I have
this truck or porta potty and let me tell you this leave my life a couple
times and make feelings like hell for a couple times but so yeah I use open the
legs and then yeah this is where your poop sometimes. We store these under the
bed under the bed we also have or dirty clothes right here and pretty much that
see and this is our bed is pretty much a queen-size bed so I think the dimensions
for the bed is a 58 by 17 inches I’m not too sure but I think that’s the
mansions and yeah I can sleep here comfortably in Philip – we both like
snuggle here and I telling you the truth I sleep better in this bed that when I
had an apartment. Moving over here we got my surfboard which we just attached
with bungee cords. Luckily it’s a short board it’s only five six so it fits
pretty good in here also here we have our vent fan which is a fantastic fan
the fan works really good with the pop-out windows to create a good airflow
through here. We also have it pop up windows here So we have the dome lights
here down the middle these are LED lights and we also have LED strips under
the accidents here those can be controlled with Wi-Fi we
have a Wi-Fi controller and also we have a remote – we got the LED strips from
Amazon we’ll put the link in the description below
they were pretty cheap honestly and they work really good so I just wired them
straight into the 12-volt system from the van and with the controller we can
set it up with music or a microphone and they’ll actually go with the sound and
they’ll change colors they’re basically some party lights that we can turn on
and off if we want it’s a really good accent light around the van. Also we have
we have a USB strip here that’s 12 volt and we have the 110 outlet with USBs
right on the bed we usually sleep this way as well as over here we have another
plug also with USBs and then in the bottom of this we have a plug – I also
have another plug that I’m gonna wire in back there I just have to do that
that’ll be on the next van tour and up And up here we have or charging a station with
like we call it we like to have this plug in here cuz that way we can just
plug our electric color stuff and just like close this door and we can just
keep on driving and everything is gonna be safe so I love that feature of this
drawer and then here just more in storage right here we just
decided to leave this open for several reasons we’re gonna put some more
servers and somewhere skateboards right And here and here we have toothbrushes some
of my makeup and like lotions and toilet paper it’s some wipes and q-tips I mean
this is all over toiletries kind of so that you can say with pretty minimal
ease with everything and that’s all about it. And I’m here on the doors we
are using the storage here for shoes and right there we have or shampoos and all
of that stuff to take showers down here we have access to our inverter
it’s an inverter charger it’s as an tracks 3000 pure sine wave inverter we
have a plug on the outside so we can actually plug in a shore power to charge
the batteries and we also have our house batteries connected to it
and that’s pretty much the main power supply that supplies the 110 outlets
that we have hooked up around and that’s where the inverter goes so here we have
our other control panel as well as the remote for our inverter so we can scroll
through we can see the voltage of the batteries we can see how many amps were
pulling and we can get some other information off there and change any
settings we need to set these these are close it guys we have two big mirrors
right here yeah this this is Phillips side and that’s my side we both share
the closet and yeah this is pretty much what we have right here we have a little
bit more storage in these nets and here these are towels and right here I have a
pretty good system to hang a more than one item in one go hangers yeah we have these nifty coal hangers I
would put the link down below if you wanna check them out so yeah I have one
go hangar and I can have five t-shirts so it saves a little bit space for
living in a veil I just didn’t live in 11 it’s very important to have a good
closet where your clothes are not getting wrinkled and you have some
full-length mirrors to check how you’re looking and just you know I look good
feel good you know. and yeah that’s what being closet Alright guys that’s the end of the van
tour hope you guys enjoyed what you saw it’s not officially done yet but stay
tuned and when we complete the van fully we’ll do a whole another van tour yeah
hey like he’s saying building a van sometimes it’s a never-ending process
and you’re gonna be ok with it and go with the flow and also we’re gonna put
all the links down below of everything we use in this bill and if you like this
video please subscribe to our YouTube channel please like the video and yeah
leave us a comment and tell us what you like or if you have any questions so if
you need any answers and yeah if you are deciding to build a van yourself we have
a lot more videos coming up on how we did everything in here stay tuned and
keep watching and subscribe if you want to catch the next one enter vlog
see you in the next vlog bye thanks for watching that’s a wrap

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