Vets On The River

I was part of 128 infantry out of Fort Riley Kansas with 1st Infantry Division my first deployment to Iraq was during the 07 surge in Baghdad and my second deployment to Balad was from 09 to 010 I’ve gone to a support group for Iraq veterans for PTSD. Renee Brown who was our Sawyer County veteran’s service officer. She called me up one day asked, “hey we’ve got a paddle coming up would you like to kayak the Namekagon river.” I’ve never really kayaked our paddle the Namekagon before and sure enough went on my first trip and absolutely fell in love with the river. That first trip it was so relaxing so, so peaceful. Vets on the River is an amazing program that provides a great opportunity for veterans suffering from PTSD an opportunity to gain another support group. Just being with nature and being outdoors, being on the relaxing river, it allows us to open up to each other which we so need. Before this program I mostly stayed at home playing video games, not going out in public very often. After I found out about this program, it’s opened me up to a lot more activities. It’s got me doing a lot more volunteering with the National Park Service. I’m more willing to go in public now from this program than I was without knowing what this program was.

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