Vietnam War Remnants Museum. Notre Dam. Ho Chi Minh City. #GGContest #MekongMinis

Now, i am visiting War Memorial Museum. It’s near to District 1, maybe 5 minutes by Grab (Taxi). and parking Fee is 3000 VND and the entry to the Open area is free so you can take all the photos with magnificent tanks and planes Now you can see the Biggest tank here and this tank can fire up to 32 KM Now you can see Blue 82C Bomb and this can hold up to 5000 KG of explosive it was used in 1970 Vietnam war. and this made serious damage up to 3 KM. Well the images behind me, maybe little disturbing. because of all you can see what a war can bring to a country Its really a tragic and sadful event because lot of pregnant women, old people, young babies were died so i hope world brings to a better place war usually gets over in a year but the consequences of the war … you can see in pictures and its really emotional to be honest and i dont have any words to you know tell the sad stories behind all these photos behind me, you can see some colorful paintings by childrens. but it actually tells the really sad stories about all the after-effects of the chemical weapons used in the war well i am not here to judge any country or person But i do hope that nobody in their life go through such traumatic events actually, i was really happy coming to this place because you know it gives you a real idea that what war can bring to a country and this war tanks and big machinery, there is a sad story behind it Hello, welcome to HoChiMinh city Today i am visiting to Notre Dam Cathedral The name is i think is inspired from Notre Dam Cathedral in Paris Where i visited 2 years back. and it looks, well not exactly same.

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