67 thoughts on “Vietnamese PIZZA! Mekong River Night Market in Can Tho VIETNAM

  1. Vietnamese people must be, on average, healthier than us westerners, even their street foods look healthy but delicious at the same time.

  2. Mike nuttd in the tour guys butt after this. But dont worry mike paid for the dinner.

  3. If I ever went to these types of places, I would have to know how to say, “No bag, please.” Everything they got, no matter if it was a cup, a styrofoam, or even skewers had a plastic bag.

  4. 2:23 Putting hot stuff directly from the stove into the POLYTHENE BAG is just sooo unhygienic. They could've used a paper napkin.

  5. that's not beef wrapped in basil leaf. the leaf is called "Wild Betal Leaf" – Lá Lốt

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your foods you eat around the world I love them all the foods you eat thank you for sharing Bless you all.

  7. Beijing has outlawed ALL street vending. Looking more like Pyongyang everyday.

  8. I wish I have the stomach like you Mike, you basically eat anything you see 🙂

  9. Điểm bán chuối nướng đường phố lọt top 5 món ăn vặt nổi tiếng – Guufood

  10. Did anyone notice the front wheels of the truck at 0:21 we’re not moving??

  11. I wonder where the vendors wash their hands or go to the bathroom…

  12. All cooked in front of you and the chicken and stinky rice plate costed a single dollar bill… never in America our food is crap….

  13. i dont think the sauce in 5:45 with hot sauce is soy sauce. it is black sauce btw =))))

  14. I sense a little bit of angry sass in the tone when Mikey said "Oh, YOU'RE gonna try the Octopus???" at 6:30. Then sarcasm in the "go for it." You don't touch Mikey's food!!!! He only asked you to try the betel leaf beef thing!! =)))))))))))))))

  15. Why do u use plastic to hold your food..later u have to throw the plastic and cause pollution

  16. i like how mike's new yawk accent only comes out when he says "good"

  17. I wear a waist bag and carry my own spoon, fork, and knife around, along with some salt and pepper and hot chilli powder.

  18. Very good food. Beautiful fresh fruits healthy foods thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods love your healthy fruits thanks

  19. @13:46 Mikey says "Im about to ditch this flimsy spoon & just shove my face in the box." OMG too funny! xD

  20. Try some nuoc cham and sambal with those summer rolls. Much better than the peanut sauce you typically get.

  21. Me: I live 20 minutes from Garden Grove
    Mike: Allow me to eat things you've never heard about and now you wish you would've

  22. Need to do another trip with the same tour guide, show all the eats and drinks in nightclubs, bars, casinos, the fun stuff…like Hangover 2

  23. What a easy job as a fixer, you show tourists where to eat and drink, and the tourist pays for all your meals, and maybe the restaurants works out a deal with the tourist company to promote them.

  24. This tour guide guy used the sewers as chopsticks during the mango food

  25. Lol the summer rolls, the wrappers are harder/thicker and not gelanious because it's been premade and left out to dry haha. When it's freshly made the wrappers is obviously gelanious.

  26. I also live in Can Tho and i can take you on a better foody tour than this onetrip guys.. this guys is know nothing about real local food in Can Tho.

  27. Nah that is not Vietnamese Pizza at all, just some rice paper with fancy toppings.. true Vietnamese Pizza comes much ealier via overseas Vietnamese and that is Duck Blood Jelly. known in Vietnamese as " Tiet canh Vit" an authentic head turning, stomach turning Vietnamese dish that pack quite a punch that even Vietnamese born myself can't handle it. that's what you call Vietnamese Pizza.. not some rural rice paper with topping dish

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